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  1. Pongo (101 Dalmations) I’m at my moms house picking up the baby so I’m going to try to get this out of the way. Pongo is a main character from 101 Dalmations, but of the four characters left he is definitely my least favorite. I feel like 101 Dalmations is one of those movies that I remember loving as a kid, but when I watched it recently with the baby it wasn’t as great as I remembered. Cruella is still an iconic villain, but I feel like the movie itself bored me a little bit (honestly, Aristocats was kind of the same But Marie is still also iconic so she stays for the time being). Pongo is tired of being a bachelor, so he goes on the hunt to find partners for both himself and his master, Roger. Both Pongo and Perdita and Anita and Roger fall in love. They have 15 puppies of their own, which wind up being kidnapped by Cruellas henchman. They go on a journey to rescue them. Along with their biological puppies they wind up adopting 84 others that were kidnapped by Cruella. They travel home with Pongo keeping count of the pups. They ultimately get home safely, and move to a larger home (Dalmation Plantation if you will). Save: Sebastian
  2. Refresh. writing this up now
  3. Saving: Sebastian (bc none of the others are responsible for jams such as “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl”) Cutting: Pongo (with a heavy heart)
  4. Someone double check me before I decide bc my brain is fried today: am I choosing between Pongo/Marie/Sebastian/Mushu??
  5. I’m at work for the next 3ish hours, so I’ll just see what’s left when I get home
  6. Also, I’m too lazy to go back and look through all the pages but to whoever advanced “Break It Off”, I had completely forgotten how fun that song is until I started relistening to the older stuff.
  7. I’ve been using the downtime to listen to the songs that have advanced so far and I officially have no idea how I’m going to rank these . Pretty much every song I listen to, I think “Oh, that’s top 5 for sure.” So far, I’ve thought that at least 20 times.
  8. Completely forgot to do this I’ll try to get it done tonight, but you should have it tomorrow at the latest
  9. Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) *will add pic* He was the last save (by me) 2 rounds ago, and he’s still here now... so this seems like as good a place as any to cut him. Dr Facilier is, on the surface, a charming smooth-talker with links to voodoo. Underneath he is a big time schemer, driven by greed, who uses his “friends on the other aids” to try to take over New Orleans. When he hears of Prince Naveen’s upcoming arrival and Charlotte LaBouff’s desire to marry him, Facilier comes up with a plan to use that to kill Daddy LaBouff and take their extensive fortune. To get the plan in motion, he first must manipulate Prince Naveen and his valet Lawrence so he has the access he needs. After some smooth talking (and a really fun musical number), he winds up turning Naveen into a frog and Lawrence into the Prince. His plot is for the Fake Naveen and Charlotte to marry and then once Big Daddy dies, Lawrence would get the fortune which the pair would split. Naturally things don’t go to plan, as frog-Naveen is able to escape. When things look like they might not go to plan, he strikes a deal with his “friends” bartering souls to get henchman that recapture Naveen. On the night of the wedding, Naveen is able to escape again, this time with the talisman in the hands of the good guys. After a chase through the streets, it ultimately winds up in Tiana’s possession. Facilier tries to entice her with dreams of riches, but she stands firm and destroys the talisman. This ultimately leads to the “friends” coming to collect their payment, Facilier’s soul! Overall, Facilier is a different type of creepy villain, with the voodoo aspect adding a new dimension. His charm and greed make him one of the most dangerous kinds of villain. I did enjoy the character a lot, but I feel like he falls lower than the others remaining for me, so I will eliminate him here. Saving: EVE
  10. Still not entirely confident this is the cut I want to make, but I want to do it before work/before someone else cuts my save, so: Save EVE Cut Dr. Facilier
  11. Not sure what to do with this group. I think I Know who I want to save, but I have to decide on a cut... the two I was leaning towards are already taken I’ll think for a bit and come back to this.
  12. So, for completeness-sake, my five are: — Rehab — Hard — Russian Roulette — Rockstar 101 – Diamonds And after much internal debate, I will be advancing Hard to the further round.
  13. Confusion aside I don’t think this one has been claimed.... so my last choice is: Rockstar 101 Now I just have to decide which one I’m pushing through. I’ll have that in a few minutes!
  14. Kristoff (Frozen) You guys are too quick lately, always leaving me with the last choice (or I’m just extra slow) . Kristoff wouldn’t have been my first choice to eliminate, but between him and Goofy I have to save one of the characters I think of when I hear the word “Disney”... and that is Goofy! Kristoff is a main character in the films Frozen and Frozen 2. He is an ice harvester who was orphaned at a young age, and was raised by trolls. He is often seen in the company of his reindeer, Sven. The pair are best friends and live their life traveling from place to place, selling their ice. Kristoff meets Anna at the trading post, while stopping to buy supplies. He gets into an altercation with the shopkeeper, and Anna helps him out by purchasing his supplies. In exchange she wants him to accompany her to find Elsa. He reluctantly agrees and the two set off. Naturally, they begin to grow closer on this trip. Though they are successful in reaching Elsa, they are unsuccessful in convincing her to come home. Instead she strikes Anna, causing her hair to begin to turn white, concerning the pair. Kristoff takes her to see his family of trolls, who are ecstatic that he has found himself “a girlfriend.” While they deny anything romantic, the feelings are obvious. As they are with the trolls, Anna starts to succumb to the cold and we are told only an act of true love will awaken her. Believing this to mean she needs a kiss from Hans, the pair set off to achieve that. He leaves her at the palace, even though Sven urges him not to deny his own feelings for her. Kristoff seems content on doing just that until he realizes she’s in danger! Little did they know that Hans didn’t really love her and was just using her for the throne. The climax occurs during the blizzard when all of our main characters are brought together. Kristoff looks on helplessly, unable to reach Anna as she sacrifices herself for her sister. Thankfully, she is unharmed, as this is the act of true love needed to break the spell on her. We see Kristoff get a job with the palace as an Ice Master, and the hints of a beginning of a relationship with him and Anna. I actually haven’t seen Frozen 2 yet, but apparently he is one of the main characters and is on a quest to propose to Anna. Another one for my to-watch list (which has shrunk significantly since this rankdown started!). Kristoff is a fun character that I like, and Frozen was a movie I enjoyed (though I personally don’t consider it one of the greats... I think I just never felt it lived up to the hype, but that’s another story for another day), but up against Goofy who actually personifies Disney in so many ways, I had to let him go at this point. Saving: Goofy
  15. Lies. Have to run to the store, so the writeup may be delayed, but it’s coming!
  16. Don’t worry, no one’s dying today my obvious save is Goofy. Save Goofy Cut Kristoff Ill get the writeup done within the hour
  17. I didn’t think so, but then I got excited for a minute thinking maybe I missed something and had another choice.
  18. So many amazing choices coming through So, I feel ok to use another pick... My fourth pick is: Russian Roulette Now I really need to think for my last one!
  19. You are my new hero! This was one of the ones on my short-list I was super torn about. Now I just need that to happen with like 3 more songs
  20. yesss!!! Love this song, and was convinced it wouldn’t get advanced
  21. The fact that 65 Rihanna songs are going to be eliminated after this round is giving me anxiety . I’m trying to predict in my head what other people will likely advance.
  22. Third choice... Diamonds Now I’m going to take a little break and see what others get advanced, because I’m left with 5-6 songs I absolutely love... so hopefully at least 1 or two will get chosen by someone else
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