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  1. I assumed that each power ranger version was just one season (except for the original)
  2. Evan survived Melanie survived?
  3. Jacque LeWarne Jacque's instagram account is private so this picture from his long forgotten twitter account will have to do. To the surprise of no one, Jacque is clearly not one of my favorite dancers and one that I find extremely overrated here on IDF. Except for her final routine in the competition, Jacque's run was really mediocre. I mean I at least can understand Tiffany's appeal and will give her credit when she deserves i. But Jacque???? Seriously???? Jacque started her journey with a Ballet routine with Jourdan that I don't really care about but it wasn't terrible I guess. For the next four weeks, she would dance with Top 4 Racist Zack where they did together a total of 4 routines. None of the routines were good and their Paso Doble was one of the worst routines of the season. She will then be paired with Chehon for a Travis Contemporary Ballet that I've never fully watched cause it always put me to sleep. During top 8, she danced a hip hop with tWitch that was again bad and where Jacque showed that she was not versatile at all. For her final week, she would danced a foxtrot with Zack where they again delivered one of the worst routines of the season. That same night Jacque would danced her best routine of the competition that I actually really like but take William out of the routine and I probably wouldn't love it as much. In the end, Jacque got cut and placed in the top 6 robbing many more capable females along the way like Tanisha, Carly, Emily, Jourdan and Malene. Post show I have no idea what Jacque has been up to and her presence in social media seems to be non-existent with a twitter account not updated since 2016 and a blocked instagram account. I guess she wanted to destroy all evidence of her and Zack dating after the show, but Gurl I remember
  4. Nico Greetham Nico Greetham is a contemporary dancer that appeared on S10 of the show. Season 10 is widely known for the strenght of its cast but Nico is one of the few dancers (the only being Tucker) that more than outlasted his welcome. I would have much preferred BluPrint, Alan and Carlos to make it further than Nico and Tucker but well oh well what can you do. While I don't dislike Nico by any means he is a dancer that really have no standouts in a season that were full of them. My favorite Nico routine would be his hip hop with Comfort because: A. Comfort Fedoke and B. Missy Elliott, but in reality Aaron, Fik-Shun, Paul, Carlos, BluPrint could have done a better job than him. Nico was originally paired with Alexis Juliano in a partnership that was mediocre at best. Their best routine would be their first contemporary to Old Skin while their hip hop and jive would be two of the worst routines of the season. After Alexis departure, Nico would be paired with Hayley in an overrated broadway routine with a much better version on SYTYCD Canada. For his final week on the competition, Nico would dance the hip hop with Comfort that I already talked about and would be cut against the likes of Tucker of all people. Nico has been extremely busy after the shown with dancing and tv gits and even was in a season of Power Rangers as the Yellow Ranger. Another thing about Nico is that dude doesn't age and still looks like a 16 year old.
  5. They’re definitely the ones that I think are the most likely to actually get married. I love Mark, Kelly & Kenny and Lauren!
  6. Am I the only one watching Love is Blind????
  7. After Benji and JJ, I wonder which of my other top 10 dancers will be cut next in this round
  8. @Steven_ always with the taste
  9. JJ’s elimination and Megz nomination says otherwise
  10. We haven’t finished speaking about how amazing is The Wind Waker and how everybody else but Megan and me just flopped in their rankings
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