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  1. Yes, I will leave a spot open for her
  2. Noms: Hereditary Toy Story 4 Monsieur Lazhar I, Tonya Avengers: Endgame 10 Cloverfield Lane Thor: Ragnarok Midsommar It Winter’s Bone War Horse
  3. I would like to start this on the 9th or 10th, so here is your official application form. Application Form: Username: Name (how you'd like to be addressed): Top 3 Favorite Pokemon (in order): Top 3 Favorite Generations (in order): Your ideal Pokemon Team (6 Pokemon): Please PM this to me! I will cast a maximum of 8 rankers, I don't think there will be 8 applications though
  4. Just when im about to sleep saving shoplifters
  5. I assume this is just a way to get rid of Aja and Ginger Minj, cause who on earth doesn't like Shea and Peppermint
  6. I remember i nearly cried that time. It was heartbreaking
  7. great! we will do like last year and just include Regional Forms
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