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  1. 7 ET is the latest i can do so if is not posible before that time I would prefer them to be posted tomorrow
  2. I love how I’m Mario Kart 64 biggest fan which means that I better start preparing my write-up for next round
  3. and just like Ruby/Sapphire I'm just waiting for the inevitable moment when Dee assigns me the Age of Empires tribute
  4. exactly. even without they tanking it I don't think Banjo stood a chance at winning this
  5. Gigi & Damien were by far my favorites. So many great moments and you're right about being the more realistic. Cameron & Lauren were great too but I guess Cameron was a little too intense for my taste but I really liked them nonetheless. I love too that they are still together Mark and Kenny were the other two persons I really enjoyed Jessica on the other hand
  6. I wasn't so sad about them tbh.. in the end I found them to be a really boring couple and she was clearly not into him by the end. this on the other hand gave me life!!!!
  7. I actually went through all the safety requests I've received so far and didn't see Carnival Row in any of them so it wasn't on purpose
  8. It sucks that I'm not able to watch Survivor where I am at the moment I guess I'll wait until the season is done and then use the 1 free week from CBS All Access
  9. Carnival Row First of al,l thanks to all the people that didn't cut Bron/Broen or changed their cut. I think I've saved the show like six times and people keep nominating it, could you please stop? TYVM Now onto Carnival Row, a show that I've never heard of, probably because is on Amazon Prime and I only use Netflix. Carnival Row is a web fantasy series the premiered on August last year and it has aired just one season with 8 episodes. According to Wikipedia, Carnival Row revolves around mythical creatures who have migrated from their homelands into the city and tensions arise with the citizens and the immigrant population. So I guess this is a reflection on what's happening pretty much in every part of the world. The series also revolves around unsolved murders, madness of power, unresolved love and social adjustments. Kinda sounds interesting but is not on Netflix so I'll probably never watch it. The cast includes Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Simon McBurney, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi, Karla Crome and many more. The show has received mixed reactions by the critics mostly because the stories are not cohesive enough, but I guess the show was well received by the audience cause it was renewed for a second season. Anyway, sorry to any fans out there but a cut needed to be done and I'm hoping Atypical gets saved even though I don't think it will. Saving for the millionth time: Bron/Broen
  10. Refresh Working on this now
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