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  1. Tocantins while not completely terrible is definitely not a good season. Mid tier imo
  2. Roma I always forget that it is in fact a Netflix film. My comments was more meant regarding Netflix teenage films that tend to be more miss than hit imo. But like I said I was surprised by how good The Half of it and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it!
  3. Just watched The Half of it which was surprisingly good but it needed to be a little gayer.. But for a Netflix film it was very solid!
  4. that's also what came to mind when I read his post
  5. this and while I love Cirie and think her game in Micronesia was flawless (just as Parv's) I'm not entirely sure she would have beaten Parvati in a F2.
  6. 1. Coura 2. Jeana 3. Khrystyana 4. Liberty 5. Kyla
  7. Have you all been watching this? Some interesting stuff in there
  8. The Paperboy Oh boi Well I haven't watched this movie but now because of that gif I want to see it The paperboy is a 2012 American drama film based on the 1995 novel of the same name. The films stars Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Joan Cusack and Matthew McCounaghey. The movie revolves around a Miami reporter who goes back to his hometown in Florida to investigate a racial murder case that involves a death row inmate. The movie received mixed to bad reviews and currently holds a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film didn't do any better with making money, in fact it was a box office bomb, making $3.8M against a budget of $12M, yikes. Nicole Kidman received a Golden Globe Nomination for her role in this though, which I suppose is a good thing. There are also some nice gifs on the internet, so there's also that. Saving The Iceman
  9. 1. Liberty 2. Coura 3. Jeana 4. Khrystyana 5. Maggie 6. Kyla
  10. I don't mind still voting for an eliminated contestant as long as she has great pictures. You just to need to vote for the right one, Coura for instance
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