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  1. left Blastoise Bulbasaur Mew Moltres Snorlax Venasaur
  2. Top 10 Flying Pokemon Charizard Butterfree Moltres Dragonite Crobat Tropius Salamence Noivern Yveltal Corviknight
  3. I can't believe that Moltres is gonna be the top legendary bird
  4. another of my Top 10 gone just like that smh
  5. Blastoise Bulbasaur Ditto*** Mew*** Moltres Snorlax Venasaur Zapdos
  6. @Solarisis up next with his nominations! He nominations must include 12 Pokemon! Everybody will be cutting/saving! @NGM @1234567890 @FrogLenzen @hayden98 @totes4totes @Steven_
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