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  1. S6 Definitely my favorite season so far. This season felt for me less drama filled where the queens seemed to be more real. No made up storylines, no over the top verging-on-fake personalities. Queens seemed to behave more real and less fake most of the time and it was really refreshing to see. Also some of the best queens run I've ever seen and there were many queens to root for that it really made me feel like the show peaked with this season. Rankings: 1. Bianca del Rio - The best run from any queen that I've seen so far. Flawless in all aspects. Queen of slaying the competition with only one outfit. Queen of reading everybody else and not being mean or disrespectful. Queen of performing flawlessly in every challenge. The perfect contestant. Definitely in my top contestants ever. 2. Adore Delano - One of my favorite journeys from a contestant. Adore went from performing poorly the first weeks to slaying the competition towards the end. Awesome personality, humor and iconic moments without trying hard. Some of the most iconic performances in challenges like her rapping. For sure one of my favorite contestants ever. 3. Trinity K. Bonet - Ugh I was rooting for Trinity so much and wanted her to lasted way longer that she did. I love how she would always seem so unsure while preparing for the challenge and then out of nowhere came and slay. Trinity's relationship with Bianca was definitely a highlight for the season and I love how she took the help and improved so much by the time she left. Hopefully I get to see her in one of the All-Stars seasons. Also queen of slaying in the Lip-Syncs. 4. Ben DelaCreme - Ben had sort of the same run as Detox did in the previous season. Both early frontrunners with mad talent that in the end sort of lost steam and whose eliminations seemed right when they happened. Having said that, I loved Ben DelaCreme's look and personality and really wished she had shown more. Her Maggie Smith impersonation was also flawless. 5. Joslyn Fox - Joslyn Fox is the kind of trainwreck that I love. Clueless and hilarious. Delusional but still fun. During the whole Joslyn/Courtney drama I was always team Joslyn as she was actually a really nice person while Courtney was just cocky and full of herself. While Joslyn wasn't the greatest queen, her run was still fun and her wearing the practically just stripes and threads for two weeks in a row even though the judges criticized her for this was kinda hilarious. Her split during the Lip-Sync at the same time as Laganja was unbelievable!!! I don't know if it was planned or not but it was one of my favorite moments in a Lip-Sync. I just loved her! 6. Courtney Act - Well here is the unpopular opinion I was talking about before. While Courtney didn't take a step wrong in the competition, she also didn't do anything remotely outstanding to me. Yes, she had some sicks outfits but for me is more creative to sew an impressive outfit than use an expensive outfit with wings that you brought from outside. I won't say she wasn't terrible but she didn't excite me and I was rooting for the likes of least polished queens like Adore and Joslyn instead of her. Her performance in the Rumusical was of course outstanding but then I preferred Adore. I also think I don't really like her type of drag, I guess. I prefer the over the top make-up and over the top act and for me most of the time she was just relying on pretty. Overall, a solid queen but a one that wasn't one of my favorites. 7. Milk - I really like what I saw of Milk. Milk didn't compromise by changing her style and she just gave her what she felt like it. While her run wasn't omgaw amazing, I wish Milk had lasted longer cause I saw a lot of potential there. Milk is also pretty hot out of drag and that is always a plus. 8. Darienne Lake - How did Darienne make it top 4th place I would never know. I guess her Lip-Syncs abilities were really great. She had some really great looks. 9. April Carrion - Robbed!! Would have loved to see more from her. She had some really great runways looks and I was rooting for her. 10. Vivacious - I felt kinda bad for Vivacious cause I was rooting for her to make it far given all her experience in the drag world. Unfortunalely for her, her style was perceived as outdated for the judges and contestants which is what ultimately sent her home IMO. Having said that Vivacious and Ornacia's entrance was iconic and hilarious and I kinda enjoyed her last runway look which I've already seen in Cailtin/Jason's jazz routine in SYTYCD season 5 From that bottom 3 I would have saved April over her cause I liked her more but tbh I would have cut Adore Delano over those two during that week as she was noticeably worst. Having said that I enjoyed Vivacious the little I saw her. 11. Laganja Estranja - Oh I guess I have two unpopular opinions. The only thing that Laganja contributed to the season with was her I feel attacked gif. Well she had like two great runways outfits. But she was annoying, whining and I was massively disappointed because she was one of the queens I knew before watching the show (thanks to SYTYCD). 12. Gia Gunn - Annoying. I wasn't buying the whole fishy drag queen act and most of the time she was just rude. I wasn't a fan. 13. Kelly Mantle - To be honest I don't believe she was that bad and would have probably placed Adore Delano in the bottom 2 instead of her but in the end she was not that memorable and I really only remember her for the bacon she wore in her TV Show Look. I do believe there was potential though but again I would have also saved Vivacious over her so I wasn't really bothered by her elimination. 14. Magnolia Crawford - Awful runway look and she came off as delusional at the end so I'm glad she was among the first queen eliminated from her group. Seasons Rankings: 1- Season 6 2 - Season 4 3 - Season 5 4 - Season 1 5 - Season 2 6 - Season 3 7 - All-Stars Season 1 Top 15 Queens so far Bebe Zahrara Bennet Nina Flowers Raven Jujubee Alexis Mateo Yara Sofia Chad Michaels Phi Phi O'Hara Latrice Royale Willam Jinkx Monsoon Roxxxy Andrews Detox Bianca del Rio Adore Delano
  2. 140. Vivienne Pinay — such a dissapoinment given her looks 139. Phi Phi O'Hara — hate her or love her, phi phi is part of Drag Race royalty 138. Robbie Turner — don't know yet 137. The Princess — don't really remember much of her which means she was unmemorable 136. Sasha Belle — don't know yet 135. Milan — ugh 134. Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams — don't know yet 133. April Carrión — was rooting for her and I wish she would have lasted longer 132. Monica Beverly Hillz — stunning but underwheelming run 131. Alisa Summers — don't know yet
  3. 150. Kimora Blac — Don't know yet 149. Kandy Ho — Don't know yet 148. Serena ChaCha — Her first runway is a lolzy moment for me. this a generous placement for her 147. Violet Chachki — Don't know yet 146. Gia Gunn — Wasn't a fan of her on S6. let's see if my mind change in her next season 145. Milk — I enjoyed Milk well enough and would have her lasting longer on S6. arguably the hottest queen out of drag 144. Laganja Estranja — Annoying. Outside for a few looks, a very underwhelming run 143. Farrah Moan — Don't know yet 142. Derrick Barry — Don't know yet 141. Kennedy Davenport — Don't know yet
  4. 161. Sharon Needles — Terrible human being. Such a shame that she is the winner of arguably the greatest season ever 160. Mimi Imfurst — Eww 159. Tyra Sanchez — Terrible human being. She still demolished everybody else in S2, I can't still support her after all her post-show antics 158. Silky Nutmeg Ganache — don't know yet 157. Eureka O'Hara — don't know yet 156. Rebecca Glasscock — queen of doing the bare minimum and still making top 3 155. Tammie Brown — not really a fan 154. Baga Chipz — don't know yet 153. Naomi Smalls — don't know yet 152. Yara Sofia — Flawless queen 151. Alexis Mateo — 7 seasons in and still in my top 5 queens
  5. 1. Raina 2. Brenda 3. Anslee 4. Alexandra 5. Simone 6. Naduah 7. Ren 8. Alasia 9. Jessica 10. Krista 11. Tatianna 12. Angelea
  6. Lol you did to me.. I didn’t nominate/cut several times Cause I thought it was your favorite and then you came and cut it
  7. But seriously Break it off was so robbed
  8. If they involve Shakira or Sean Paul then the answer is yes
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