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  1. I guess ill be the last then can It be randomized so I get a chance?
  2. half of your nominations were favorites of mine
  3. me when I realize Elliott's noms are the best for me so far:
  4. is funny how much I love Parks and Rec but how I also really dislike Chris Pratt
  5. I like it but it was my least favorite from that bunch
  6. I'm taking no safety requests for next round
  7. Bron/Broen I tried my hardest but I guess is hard to keep a show alive when you're the only that has watched it and the rest can't stand that you have a show that you love around cause God Forbid!!! I have no idea how I came to watched Bron/Broen in the first time cause it is a Swedish/Danish show and not really one that you will find in any channel where I lived. Somehow I ended up downloading it and got hooked immediately. At first it looked like another detective drama from the bunch but soon enough you realize how amazing it is. And the reason for that is one and only. F*cking Saga Noren!!!! Simply one of the best female characters to ever be created!!! SEASON 1 Saga is the main character of the show and is introduced in the first season as a member of the Malmo County Police Department. We see Saga first when she gets called to a crime scene on the middle of the Øresund Bridge, which connects Coppenhagen with Malmo. Right in the middle of the bridge, two halves of a corpse are found exactly on the border between the two countries. The two halves turned out to not be from the same person, with the upper-half being from a female Swedish politician and the lower-half from a female Danish prostitute. The investigation falls under the jurisdiction of both the Danish and Swedish police agencies, which bring the two main characters from the first season together, Saga Noren from Sweden and Martin Rhode from Denmark, with both leading the investigation. Saga lives alone and has zero social skills (with the reasons for this being further expanded in the following seasons). She has problem having serious relationships and prefers to hook up with random men she meets in bars. Her lack of social awareness and her complete honesty in all aspects make Saga appear to be cold and insensitive. On the other hand, Martin is married to his second wife Mette, with whom he has three childrens and a set of twins on the way. Martin's son, August, from his first marriage also lives with them. Throughout the first season, Saga and Martin develop a close working relationship that eventually turn into a friendship. Saga's bluntness and her being oblivious to it, alienates everybody she works which causes her to be perceived as rude, insensitive and cold and also to be mocked by her colleagues behind her back. It is never established in the show, but it is suggested that Saga has Asperger's syndrome. Martin notices Saga's peculiar personality right away, and instead of following the same route of the other people around her, he starts to guide Saga though social scenarios with the help of Saga's boss Hans Petterson. Throughout the series, Saga is shown to care about those close to her, specially Martin and Hans. And Martin start to have Saga's back, with often calling the people out when they don't try to understand Saga. Saga and Martin's relationship is definitely the highlight of the two first seasons and while each season revolves around one case, it mostly serve as way to advance Saga and Martin's story. The rest of the first season deals with the two of them finding the killer responsible for the two corpses found on the bridge. The killer becomes a serial killer and is soon referred as the Truth Terrorist, who commits crime in order to draw attention to various social problems. After several more deaths, the realized the motivations of the killer are personal and they discover that the killer has been planning this over several years. Hide contents Spoilers At the end of the first season, it is revealed that Jens Hansen is in fact the serial killer. Jens Hansen is an old friend of Martin who swore to seek revenge after Jens's wife and son died in car accident many years before the events of the first season. It turned out that Martin and Jen's wife were having an affair, and when she decided to leave Jens and go with Martin, she ended up having the accident in the car with their son dying too. Jens had a mental breakdown and went into depression, causing him to not care anymore, lose his job and gave up on everything, until he became homeless. At rock bottom, he decided to moved on started working on his revenge against Martin. He did a plastic surgery on his face. faked his suicide and changed his name. Some years later, Jens would meet Mette, Martin's wife. He took advantage of Martin and Mette's relationship problems at the moment and started to get closer to Mette, with her starting to develop feelings from him. This is all part Jens's plan where in the end, he kidnaps Mette and the kids and locks them in a villa while making Mette hold a grenade. Later, he would kidnap August and bury him alive. Jens would call then Martin and lie to him, giving him instructions on what to do to save August. Their final meet is at a train to Sweden, where Jens is threatening to blow it up if Martin doesn't kill an innocent woman, and if he does it he will also reveal where August is (Martin is unaware that August is already dead). Martin accidentally fatally shoots the women, and Jens reveals that August was already dead. Saga arrives at the scene and tries to convince Martin that August is still alive to stop him from killing Jens out of hatred, but in the end Sara is forced to admit that August is in fact dead. Just as Martin is about to shoot Jens, Saga shoots them both non-fatally and both are arrested SEASON 2 The season starts 13 months later after the events of the first season. A new case is assigned to Saga, that revolves around a coaster that veers off course and rains into the Øresund Bridge. Saga arrives at the scene but there is no crew, just three Swedes and two Danish below deck and chained in poor condition. Martin is also assigned to the case, after having a nervous breakdown following his son's death. The victims of the coaster end up dying from pneumonic plague and a viral video appears in which four disguised eco-terrorists claim responsibility for the incident. Throughout the season, the terrorist cell make more attacks including blowing up a petrol tanker and distributing poisoned food. Saga and Martin work together to find out the responsible and stop the attacks. Meanwhile, Martin starts to visit Jens in the prison he is being held in an attempt to get over the death of his son August. They soon develop a relationship when Martin sees that Jens starts feeling remorse about his previous crimes. Martin and Mette move back in together and try to amend their relationship, however Mette admits that she doesn't love Martin anymore. Martin put the blame on Jens and all the rage starts to get back. On the other hand, Saga starts a relationship with a man named Jakob, who moves in with her. However, due to Saga's difficulty to share space and her lack of experience in relationships ultimately causes a strain and he ends up breaking up with her. Saga and Martin's relationship grows closer in the second season, with Saga checking up on Martin after his son death and Martin discovering that Saga's younger sister died years ago after she committed suicide. Hide contents Spoilers At the end of the season, Saga hears than Jens has died in prison after he committed suicide. But she soon realizes that Martin has in fact poisoned him and Saga is faced with the impossible choice of protecting her most important friend or do it the right thing and turn him to the police. In the end, Saga does turn Martin to the police leaving her devastated of the choice she had to make and feeling terrible for betraying her only real friend. SEASON 3 Season 3 starts again 13 months later after we are introduced to a new detective that takes Martin place after he got arrested the last season. Henrik Sabroe, is Saga's new partner for this season where they have to investigate a new serial killer that have committing murders and staging them to look like artworks from a collection owned by multi-millonaire Freddie Holst. During the pursuit of the killer Hans (Saga's boss and sort of father figure to Saga) gets kidnapped by the killer and dies after serious injuries which leaves Saga and Lillian (The police commissioner in Coppenhagen and Hans's wife) devastated with Saga losing again one of her closest friends. Saga's mother, Marie Louise, make an appearance in the series after Saga's father is on his deathbed and wishes to see Saga. Saga refuses due to their problematic relationship, after Saga insists that as a children she and her sister were both always getting sick as a result of her mother's Munchausen by Proxy. When Saga was able to live independently and support herself, she had their parents jailed on false sexual assaults charges so she could get her sister away from them. However, sometimes later, her fourteen year-old sister killed herself by jumping on an oncoming train. Saga's mother take a serious toll on Saga's well being during season 3 after her mom suggests that Saga's inability to connect with her sister was the reason that droved Jennifer to commit suicide. Things only gets worse after Marie-Louise commits suicide and frame her own daughter as the murder in the process. I wish I could find more gifs of Saga's scenes in this season cause is simply some of the best acting I've ever seen. In every scene you could say the pain and despair in Saga's face while dealing with doubt and the possibility that she is in fact the culprit of Jennifer committing suicide (This will eventually be settled the following season). On the other hand, Henrik gets a prominent role and replaces Martin. Martin is a drug addict police man that is dealing with his personal demons after his wife and two kids dissapeared six years ago leaving no trace. This drove Henrik to become addict and throughout the season we see how Henrik often see hallucinations of his wife and two daughters and talks to them as if they were there. Henrik and Saga also develop a close relationship, where at first only involves casual sex but then it grows deeper when Henrik starts seeking Saga's company to deal with his loneliness. Hide contents Spoilers At the end of the third season, Henrik's wife body is discovered but no trace of his daughters are found. Henrik falls into depression again and drugs that prompt him to overdose. However, Saga arrives on time and is able to save him. Saga is also notified about the opening of an investigation about the death of his mother which causes Saga to worry about the fact the she may lose everything and get incarcerated. Henrik decides to continue looking for his daughters and goes to Saga to ask her help. Unable to find her, Henrik realize where Saga is after being familiar with Saga's sister story. Henrik find Saga in the train links where Jennifer committed suicide preparing herself to follow the same path. Henrik tries desperately to talk Saga out of it, insisting that he needs her help to find her girls. Henrik is able to get through Saga and we see them at the end of the season embracing with Saga crying SEASON 4 Two years have past, with one of them with Saga in prison after being accused of her mother's death. After a retrial, she was released where they came to the conclusion there was reasonable doubt about her murdering her mother. In the meantime, Henrik is assigned the case of a woman that has been stoned to death when Saga joins him in the investigation. Saga moves in with Henrik when she starts having panic attacks that leads to start going to therapy. On the other hand, Henrik starts attending meetings for addicts. After two more victims are found, Saga realizes that each victim is killed using one method of executing prisoners sentenced to death which make the total number of victims to be seven. They also realized that the victims are selected because something their loved ones have done. In the end, Henrik realized the murders are associated with deceased police informed named Tommy that Henrik used to know. Henrik and Lillian were involved in that case several years before which make them one of potential victims for the next four murders that are yet to happen. During this season Saga comes to the realization that she is falling in love with Henrik when she unexpectedly gets pregnant. Saga expressed she didn't want to have a kids but agrees to go with the pregnancy, as long as Henrik is responsible for the baby. She eventually changed her mind after her love feelings for Henrik become clear and she decides to go with the abortion thinking that a child in the middle could made their relationship to not work. Henrik gets furious when he find out and throws Saga out of the house. Saga tries to make amends by working harder in finding Henrik daughters where she eventually find success. She is able to track one of Henrik's daughter, Astrid, who is leaving under the custody of another man in a closed community. When reunited with Henrik, Astrid tells him that her other daughter, Anna, died some years ago of untreated appendicitis. Hide contents Spoilers At the end of the season, the killer is revealed to be one of Henrik's friends, Brian, that he meet during his drug meetings. Brian visits Henrik one day, who is with his daughter Astrid at the moment, where he is able to tied them both up. Brian asks Henrik to watch as he shoots Astrid which he refuses to do, so Brian shoots her on the leg and tells him that he will continue to shoot her until Henrik opens his eyes. Soon later Saga arrives at the house and is able to shoot Brian, killing him. Saga visits Henrik and tells him she is leaving to explore doing the things she wants to do but promises to stay in touch. Returning to Malmö, she stops at the halfway point to throw her police badge into the sea. Her phone rings, and she answers just with her name, omitting her former job title. In this season is also confirmed, that Saga's mother was in fact responsible for Jennifers depression due to the medical abuse they suferred under their care. With her finally realizing that she didn't have any part whatsoever in her sister suicide, she finally comes at peace and leave her work with the police which was more of a reaction to her failure to prevent her sister's downfall. Anyways, I love Bron/Broen and I'm glad I was able to keep it alive as far as I could. I really tried my hardest to keep it alive but it was very difficult being the only one that have watched the series here. But I guess this gives me the liberty to start cutting everybody's else's #1 since everybody knew I love the show and most of you nominated in your rounds anyway. I love Saga and she will remains one of my favorite characters in TV ever. If anybody feels like watching it I urge to do so cause it is that good!
  8. the show is brilliant and by far the best Lisa Kudrow show.. i wish they would drop another season in the future
  9. As much as I wanted to save The Fosters I must save The Comeback so saving the comeback!!! parks homeland the fosters
  10. Jesus, what did I do to Chris??
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