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  1. Advancing Crip Camp and Miss Juneteenth
  2. Alex, Chris and I are cutting: Aaron Kelly "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Aaron Kelly "Ain't No Sunshine" Lacey Brown "Ruby Tuesday" Tim Urban "Better Days"
  3. Advancing: The Boys in The Band The Lovebirds I'm open to suggestions for my other advances, since all the movies I've watched have been already moved on.
  4. Funny you mentioned it cause that is actually what I was planning to watch next
  5. So the ones I disagree the most are Qk and the sisters... And I'm on green with Megan and Amanda??? I'm clearly one of Taylor biggest fans
  6. Lol I realized I've only watched like 5 movies from 2020 so I went to Netflix and watched the first two films that I found from the list which ended being The Boys in the Band and Eurovision. .......and
  7. I don't think anyone believes a Folklore song will win Would hate to see one of the Fearless song winning though
  8. I don't know how y'all keep track with who you have worked. meanwhile I literally don't remember who was my group in the previous round
  9. https://www.queerty.com/matt-damon-says-stopped-using-anti-gay-f-slur-recently-daughter-asked-stop-20210802
  10. 1. Brittani 2. Lacey 3. Yaya 4. Khrystyana 5. Anya 6. Melrose 7. April 8. Courtney 9. Matthew 10. Alexandra 11. Brittany 12. Laura 13. Fatima
  11. in a different se of news, I finally watched the Joker and....
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