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  1. I'll send now. The time will probably be fine, I wish I could say one way or the other. If it works for everyone else then I'm fine with it
  2. Looking forward to seeing what we all ended up with in our top rankings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides JC who already lost 2 of his top 5, whoops
  3. holy wow, half nominated and a third cut
  4. me refreshing waiting to see the last cut and the results of the cycle
  5. shhhhh the promise of a Taylor minirankdown was the only thing that enticed Megan enough to continue this thread!!! Now she's going to quit and just start her own rankdown hahaha
  6. 1. Bre 2. Brittany 3. Lisa 4. Allison 5. Dominique 6. Angelea 7. Shannon 8. Bianca
  7. I forgot to mention after Dragonair died that Ivysaur is the winner of the middle evolution rankdown! No surprise there.
  8. Alex, is this worse than Belle winning Disney or...?
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