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  1. me improving Snow White's placement in this game by 200 ranks
  2. so close to the top 100, guys...
  3. Maybe they purposely put a movie not eligible for nomination and will "accidentally" have to do a round reset and then they will post a completely different list of movies
  4. 1. Simone - robbed on the show, we shall see here 2. Brenda 3. Raina - I feel like maybe she should have tried to cover herself more considering that all the other girls did, but still great 4. Alasia - I un-ironically love this photo. If she had popped up a heel and/or turned a foot out, it'd be divine 5. Ren 6. Jessica - like the barbie feet 7. Tatianna 8. Alexandra 9. Anslee 10. Krista - she chose the dress. Why isn't she wearing the dress. Was she not allowed? Why not at least pretend to put it on or something? I don't understand. 11. Gabrielle 12. Naduah - nah 13. Angelea - a legendary personality who I love love love, but I hate this picture so much
  5. After we do the show’s all stars and before winners we have to invent our own all stars with girls who didn’t win IDF’s cycles
  6. Everyone get ready to put these photos in your SA-LON
  7. Save: You Da One, Skin Cut: Cry, Run This Town Remaining: A GIRL LIKE ME SOS GOOD GIRL GONE BAD/RELOADED Lemme Get That Rehab RATED R Stupid In Love Russian Roulette Te Amo LOUD Cheers (Drink to That) Complicated Love the Way You Lie (Part II) TALK THAT TALK Talk That Talk Cockiness (Love It) (Remix) UNAPOLOGETIC Diamonds Pour It Up What Now ANTI Needed Me Higher NON-ALBUM SINGLES Lemon SINGLES AS FEATURED ARTIST Live Your Life This Is What You Came For Too Good
  8. i·con·ic /īˈkänik/ Learn to pronounce adjective adjective: iconic relating to or of the nature of an icon. Reviving Snow White. And I'll go 2nd.
  9. As I do not believe any of the bring backs will last very long, instead of a personal favorite I will be bringing back the character whose placement I think was the most offensive objectively, just to get their rank higher. Many apologies to Steven..... but......
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