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  1. Amanda has: Cameron Mathison (???) vs. Brant Daugherty
  2. Okay so Do You Hear What I Hear is now stuck in my head please send help
  3. Cameron Mathison Katherine Jenkins Maria Menounos Brant Daugherty For Amanda and Diana
  4. Sasha Pieterse Sasha is an actress best known for her role on Pretty Little Liars. Apparently she was only 12 when they first filmed this pilot, and she would have been cast differently if she was older and could legally work more hours on set at a time. She was on Season 25 of DWTS and was paired with Gleb. They had a pretty safe run together, scoring between 6 and 8 every week. Weeks 4 and 5 look pretty consistent based on the scores, she got straight 8s. Foxtrot and Rumba. She was the lowest scoring dancer in Week 3 of that season, but there was no elimination (due t
  5. First you vote for Jolteon to win and then you do write-ups for Primeape, Natu and Marill
  6. Not to be a broken record, but Jazz/Contemporary should only be allowed for freestyle rounds. I've already died and been buried on that hill, RIP me
  7. 1. Anchal 2. Amanda 3. Michelle 4. Melrose 5. AJ 6. Megan 7. Christian 8. Brooke 9. CariDee 10. Eugena 11. Megg
  8. Skiddo Skiddo is cute, but Gogoat is better and we don't need both. Skiddo is a grass type Pokemon and it evolves into Gogoat at level 32. It's actually shocking to me that the Skiddo line is pure grass and doesn't have a lame dual Normal type attached to it as well. We all know that Gamefreak thinks mammal=normal. But let's just be thankful for that here. Skiddo is one of the first domesticated Pokemon according to the Pokedex. There are other sheep Pokemon, but for some reason the Skiddo line feels pretty fresh. Its horns are shaped like handlebars and you can ride it
  9. Herdier Okay so I thought people would vote for Herdier to win the contest, but that's fine. One less middle-evolution to keep track of in this game. Swadloon should have outlasted this one too. Ugh I should have used a revive on Swadloon. Herdier is a normal type Pokemon from Gen V. Its base form, Lillipup, is available at the beginning of the game, so this guy is like a fancy Rattata you can use for your whole run if you feel like it. Lillipup evolves into Herdier at level 16, and then it evolves again at level 32. Herdier is cute, but like I mentioned in one of my ca
  10. Mudbray Idk what's going on in that gif lol. Mudbray is a little ground type donkey. It's fairly cute, but it evolves into Mudsdale at level 30, and I think Mudsdale is just all around superior and Mudbray doesn't have enough cuteness or meme power to warrant lasting longer. Mudsdale can do just fine representing this line. Mudbray eats dirt, plays in mud, and can carry a lot of weight on its back. The Mudbray line has a signature ability that I just learned about lol. When it is hit by an attack, its defense rises. Pretty baller. Wait, this thing has a signature abilit
  11. ”God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” - Derek “Do You Hear What I Hear?” - “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” - Derek “Jingle Bell Rock” - “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” - Derek
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