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  1. Not surprising, and not undeserving. I don’t mind being that guy this season lololol. Kris doesn’t get to have the best average for our whole game after all the unnecessary Adam attacks
  2. Cycle 4 is here! Sign-ups are open until the end of Round 1. I'm tagging everyone from Cycle 3 below. Save a photo to join the cycle. The photo you save will be immune until Round 4. Click on a photo or zoom to see the full image. @FrogLenzen @.Rei @*Chris @Solaris @*Diana @rdhaley96 @goofycilla90 @taylorkat @Alex95 @1234567890 @*Lily @Gonzalo @Zoey @*Wallace @*Amanda @totes4totes @Deeee @JORDAN_FAN @jarmon
  3. Okay, well I think I found one way to get the makeover shots lolololol okay just have to upload everything to imgur and then compile the front page!
  4. Compiling Cycle 4 now... as always, if you are able to find a higher quality version than the one that I post please let me know! Also, let me know if anyone can find full body makeover shots for Cycle 4! I only have headshots and this: I don't think I'll include this as a group shot because it's just the individual pictures on top of each other.
  5. Mad world at #8 is the most embarrassing thing this site had done lol
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