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  1. i was in grad school for 7 years and the worst time i had was the one semester i ta'd a 100 person class.
  2. Thank you whichever mod moved this to the appropriate place. I KNEW I MADE ONE BEFORE.
  3. tom holland as nathan drake is a woeful miscast. glad to see we are all devoted to making sure video game movies are never good.
  4. i try to forget artie exists. because i'm still made he and tina end up together.
  5. Glee: "Sugar is too bad at singing to join the New Directions and therefore has to start her own better Glee club." Also Glee: "Finn is our lead singer despite the fact that Blaine and Kurt and Sam are all better vocalists. Also Mike Chang canonically has a song where he sings about how he's bad at singing. " WHAT'S THE TRUTH GLEE.
  6. Can't wait for Santana to win in Finn's round
  7. This should have been included in Santana's round. It's the best duet Will Schuester has ever had.
  8. I forget if Ricky Martin was supposed to replace Schu as the Spanish teacher in this episode, but IDK if you showed this to a school board he'd immediately be fired.
  9. never 4get these are supposed to be high schoolers.
  10. Elliott the only one who wants me to achieve my dream of cutting DKR
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