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  1. What game will come first: Shin Megami Tensei V Persona 6 The real answer is probably Etrian Odyssey Switch. Lol. And the dream answer is Trauma Center Switch Collection
  2. Eliminate all my faves next round so I get 16 more distractions while writing my thesis.
  3. Even my mom knew The Mouse was Dionne Warwick. My wild guess for Kitty is Mila Kunis. Who is both famously pretty short and has two different color eyes and a Bachelor fan. But I’ve never heard her sing. Bow Wow for frog. And I’m between Tom Bergeron and Bob Saget. The singing voice sounds like Tom singing (or rather what I imagine Tom sounds like singing) but the clues fit Bob Saget more.
  4. Dee let this ranking stand and push Wind Waker through!
  5. To be fair I don’t remember my immunities. After Joe that is.
  6. Don't forget Steven! Everybody else is a flop!
  7. somehow rei and i overlapped with only one gif. also dee's shortest write-up because rei and i put in work. lol.
  8. will bargain with all of my wildcard powers to whichever ranker gives janel the win for s19
  9. The Phantom Hourglass would like to speak with you.
  10. Janel Parrish at the public when they voted Sadie higher:
  11. wow i forgot to say that i'm mad that sadie robertson got 2nd over janel parrish. mostly because in my head i rewrote her to 3rd place.
  12. I just added it in. Sadie's write-up doesn't deserve me looking into how to use a function.
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