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  1. Lol for some reason I thought I was in the middle but actually I’m second to last. Moving up in the world. also me after this week. My gif representative has never been more appropriate
  2. Gaston On my new tablet (thx mom and dad) so I'll make this pretty later. I'm also tired. So goodbye Gaston who is an iconic Disney villain and probably the closest to a standard real porcelain in Disney. He's just a hardcore jerk mixed with a misogynist and a fear of what he doesn't know. But honestly the Beast sucked too and if not for the heel face turn maybe Gaston would be justified in trying to kill him. He has a great song but really the top 100 seems to be a good place for him to go. Especially after beautiful himbo David was cut. My high school did Beauty and the Beast my junior year and the guy who played Gaston was not very muscular. And pretty nice I guess. But everybody knew he'd be Gaston. (I was stage crew).
  3. Did I already post. Are there still choices.
  4. Lol normally I’d cut but I’m tired so save Eve
  5. Ah I’m between three songs. I’ll make my final decision later tonight after a video call!
  6. Thank you @Deeee for the kind post and everybody else for your kind words! It's so good to finally be done. And back on my computer for like 10 minutes before I (socially distance) celebrate with some friends and some champagne! IDF has helped keep me sane (as crazy as that is to say) for the last 7 years doing this so I'm glad to have always had you all! Even through the forum meltdown!
  7. crazy how like pre-2012 Kate Winslet was like THE actress. And then everything post has been kind of "eh" mostly because if you are a lady in Hollywood you got like 10 years in you before they focus on the next in their 20s woman. WHICH IS UNFORTUNATE.
  8. Thank you for all the well wishes! I am now totes4totes,PhD!!!
  9. I am now Dr totes4totes so in celebration Dee should let me advance two songs!!!!!
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