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  1. Holly Madison Holly Madison is famously one of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends. And since this isn’t a write up on Hefner I won’t go into how much he sucks. But he sucks. I don’t blame Holly for that though. She appeared on Season 8 of the show in 2009 which would have been just after she broke up with Hefner. Originally her spot was supposed to go to Jewel who had to withdraw due to fracturing both her tibias before the show was supposed to begin. According to my scan of Wikipedia. Holly was eliminated 3rd. While she wasn’t the best, she was never the worst and arguably
  2. Save holly cut Kendra thanks Lily for putting that out there
  3. Sorry I’ve been in my bed agonizing over the football games today. Will make a cut on my phone and edit it later!
  4. People regretting they didn’t use their Safari Balls and I came into my set with 0 left. Ideal.
  5. use all your balls so i don't have to do write-ups
  6. wasn't sure if beldum or metang was left so i just went with what rei had
  7. Noms. 1. Ledian 2. Cleffa 3. Natu 4. Wooper 5. Kecleon 6. Duskull 7. Chimecho 8. Beldung 9. Happiny 10. Clawitzer 11. Toxapex 12. Gossifleur 13. Cufant
  8. Thanks! I’ll get them up probably in the next hour-90min!
  9. Can I get a couple hour extension? I had a busy work day yesterday and then I got drunk and have some errands to do today.
  10. Paulina Porizkova Paulina was the one who nobody said to save so I am eliminating her. And as I remembered Jacoby and as I watch the stupidest sport on the face of the planet (United States Football) I am saving Jacoby. Paulina was paired with Alec Mazo which means that this was WAY before my Dancing with the Stars time as I only started really watching in like season 10. Or season 11. I think it was season 11. She was on season 4 and eliminated first in week 2 after dancing a foxtrot that scored a 19 and a mambo that scored 21. Those actually seem like pretty decent first and seco
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