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  1. Replace all the men in Hunger Games with Johanna Mason!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. SHOCKINGLY. Two characters can suck AT THE SAME TIME.
  3. What in my statement would DISAGREE with Gale existing??????????????????????????
  4. can't wait to put my postdoc search on hold while i write my second graduate thesis titled "Why Katniss and Peeta are bad and why Peeta should have died in the first Hunger Games"
  5. For anybody in the US, the govt finally launched their site to request free rapid COVID tests: https://special.usps.com/testkits
  6. LOL Completely forgot about the routine that injured her.
  7. Ashley Galvan I have been watching Yellowjackets since Thanksgiving and it now consumes like 90% of my brainspace. So this write-up is gonna be a little weird. Like Jackie from Yellowjackets, Ashley Galvan didn't really bring anything to the table in Season 7 of SYTYCD. Off the top of my head I cannot think of one routine she did, much like I can't think of one thing Jackie brings to surviving in the Canadian wilderness. When we think about it, isn't Season 7 almost like Yellowjackets. Where we have the young teens competing against each other to become Antler Queen America's Favorite Dancer and the older former contestants as All-Stars almost like future versions of Season 7 players. Some of Season 7 major players would then appear in later seasons as All-Stars of their own. And while there are no power couple lesbians either in the youth cast or the All-Star elders, there are PLENTY of closeted gay men! THE PARALLELS ARE THERE (and you know with Sasha in Season 8, maybe that would be a MUCH MORE APT comparison but you know). Anyway, Ashley Galvan, the Jackie of Season 7, inexplicably well-liked for no discernible reason. In an INJURY plagued season 7 (much like the CONSTANT injuries characters face while surviving the wilderness in Yellowjackets), Ashley was one of the ones who fell perhaps earlier than her time. Anyway, her most memorable routine was a vaguely "ninja" inspired hip-hop with Dominic which landed her in the bottom 2 the week before she was eliminated. Like Yellowjackets where the characters constantly wonder what their lives would be like if their plane had never crashed, we the audience in this forum are left to wonder what Season 7 would have been like if there hadn't been so many injuries. Saving: Melanie Moore
  8. save melanie moore cut ashley galvan i'll let jc choose between MEN. it is ONLY FAIR.
  9. (3) Elina - Voting: Derek, Diana, Megan (0) Elina - Hot Air Balloon: (3) Joslyn - Hot Air Balloon: Victoria, Akshar, Megan (2) Lio - Hot Air Balloon: Alex, Priscilla (2) Marjorie - Hot Air Balloon: Rei, Wallace (0) McKey - Malibu: (2) Sheena - Malibu: Priscilla, Gigi (0) Marjorie - Malibu: (0) Marjorie - Fiercee Awards: (0) Lauren Brie - Eyes: (2) Marjorie - Eyes: Richard, Wallace (1) Sheena - Eyes: Victoria (2) Sheena - LA Disaster: Gonzalo, Akshar (0) Lio - Ship: (0) McKey - Ship: (0) Sam - Ship: (1) Elina - Natural: Alex (0) Lio - Glam: (0) McKey - Glam: (0) Sam - Glam: (2) McKey - Windmill: Richard, Chris
  10. And I really appreciate it! I like Adele! Late 2021 was just me listening to A LOT of Julien Baker.
  11. Bring Dee back from war so that he can fix this mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Omg thank you. My Google search was brief and fruitless
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