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  1. OneRepublic 1. Sola 2. Steven 3. Wally 4. Derek 5. Tom
  3. oh wow. now wallace remembers this thread exists. i see how it is.
  4. how is it that now, this minute, is when i learned that brenda song and macauley culkin were an item and having a child.
  5. YES because if we had it my way the final song ranking would be set at 500
  6. TBH @*Amanda has it the easiest because I already know all of Taylor Swift's discography and don't need to ask her for it.
  7. Now taking sign-ups for OneRepublic: 1. @Solaris Please send me the discography Sola or I will go through Spotify I suppose. LOL.
  8. The Top 25 The First Time Album Xo Peter Pan Love Me Like You Mean It First Time Secondhand Smoke Dibs Stilletos Unapologetically Graveyard Miss Me More Get Over Yourself Roses In Between I Hate Love Songs Unapologetically Legends kelsea overshare club homecoming queen? the other girl (with Halsey) love me like a girl love and hate la ballerini homecoming queen - ballerini album version needy - ballerini album version
  9. All right, #1 is staying, so threw these into the Randomizer before the number was picked and: "Secondhand Smoke" is staying and "Underage" is eliminated! If this isn't what you wanted blame @*Wallace for not voting!!!!!!!
  10. Wally never voted so randomizer. I need somebody to pick 1 or 2.
  11. @*Wallace is active in other threads but won’t vote here! I see how it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. @*Wallace has the deciding vote. If he doesn't then I'm putting the two choices into the randomizer!
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