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  1. It wouldn’t let me send you a new message, so I sent my immunity choices as a reply to my application
  2. Great write up for Cold Case! That’s another of those shows that I don’t watch regularly, but the episodes I’ve seen have all been great. I actually remember a good amount of the ones you detailed above. The So Little Time writeup was also great! It’s been so long, I had almost forgotten about the show... But younger-Kaley was also very into all things Mary Kate and Ashley (mostly the movies though). But going through the writeup, I definitely remember the show (and I know I had the books as well). Amazing job! I like now that we’re getting down to more of the shows people care about, so the write ups are getting more detailed and personal
  3. These were my first 2 save choices
  4. 1. Bre 2. Kyle 3. Nik 4. Lisa 5. Coryn 6. Cassandra 7. Diane 8. Jayla 9. Nicole 10. Kim
  5. 1. Nik 2. Bre 3. Cassandra 4. Coryn 5. Jayla 6. Lisa 7. Nicole 8. Kyle 9. Kim 10. Diane 11. Sarah
  6. Nip/Tuck Try this again, since my phone ate the first writeup I just tried to do for this show. I haven't seen much of this show, only scattered episodes here and there, but I've really enjoyed all the ones I've seen. I'm going to do my best to do a good write up for it, but if anyone who is a huge fan of the show wants to add anything feel free! I know I won't do it justice... The show aired on FX from 2003-2010 and is technically classified as a "medical drama." Honestly, I don't know if it can be contained in that box... While being a medical drama, the show definitely has aspects of comedy, occasionally thriller, and while the medical aspect is the thread that holds everything together the majority of the drama comes from the personal lives of the main characters. The main characters are Sean McNamara and Christian Troy, partners and doctors at the McNamara/Troy plastic surgery center. The men are portrayed as living very different lives. Sean is a family man, dealing with a rocky marriage with his wife Julia as they raise their two children. Christian on the other hand is a playboy who uses his surgical talents and his charms to bed lots of women. Since the show is about a plastic surgery center, many of the episodes focus on a specific patient's surgery. These cases are usually very unique, and the show features pretty graphic depictions of medical procedures. The show has some pretty crazy villains, and over-arching storylines that go much beyond a typical medical drama. In Season 1, our protagonists face off against a drug lord who blackmails them throughout the season. One of the biggest storylines spans season 2 and 3 and involves a serial rapist/slasher named "The Carver." Christian and Sean begin to do pro-bono work on some of "The Carver's" victims, which leads to them ultimately becoming targets. And I remember watching parts of Season 5 with stalker Colleen Rose and the crazy Build-a-Bear scene! Basically, the show drifts pretty far from what I imagine real plastic surgeon's lives are like, but it is super enjoyable to watch! At this point I've only seen a handful of episodes (mostly in seasons 1 and 5), but it's definitely a show I would like to try to watch again from the beginning!
  7. I’ll do Nip/Tuck as my 2nd one. Going to work on it now
  8. @*Diana, I love that we picked the same two! What are the odds? I’ll pick a different one to replace the Total Bella’s one for me. Just going to go look at the list...
  9. I literally posted it then saw yours!
  10. The Hills Since I cut Laguna Beach earlier, it seems only right that I cut this one as well. I promise I have nothing against LC . In fact, I’m actually a little more familiar with this show because I actually watched some of it while it was airing. The Hills aired on MTV for six seasons from 2006-2010. The protagonist for most of that time was Lauren Conrad, with Kristin Cavallari filling that role for the 5th and 6th Seasons. Much like Laguna Beach, the show follows the lives of its primary characters. But instead of it being set in high school, the girls are now adults. It follows Lauren as she attempts to find footing in the fashion industry in LA. While there, she meets new friends Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Witney Port. She also continues her friendship with old Laguna Beach friend Lo Bosworth. The show follows their romantic relationships, friendships, and careers. Notable storylines include: Lauren deciding to turn down an internship in Paris to stay with on-again off-again boyfriend, Jason; the saga of Heidi and Spencer, and the destruction of Lauren and Heidi’s friendship that went along with it; and Audrina’s tumultuous relationship with Justin Bobby. The show obviously lands more on the side of scripted reality, and has been considered a guilty pleasure for most. At this point it’s probably most well-known for Heidi and Spencer and all of their tabloid antics. There was also a spin-off of this spin-off. The City followed Whitney as she attempted to take her career to New York. And even more recently, The Hills got itself a reboot. The Hills: New Beginnings aired its first season in 2019, and brings together a lot of the original cast (and some new faces like Mischa Barton and Brandon Thomas Lee). Noticeably missing are the original Laguna Beach girls: Kristin, Lauren, and Lo.
  11. Since all the remaining are cut, I’ll claim the cuts/writeups for The Hills and Total Bellas, since they are the ones I’m most familiar with to do write ups for
  12. That works for me... I really didn’t feel strongly about anything this group, so I figured I’d wait and see what everyone wanted saved first.
  13. Victoria has to do her nominations, then each of the nominators saves one... then it’s open for the rest of us to do our 2 cuts or 2 saves.
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