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  1. Sent! I had a really tough time as I loved pretty much everything in my top 15. So I honestly won’t be surprised no matter what wins since a case could be made for a lot of them Excited to see how other people ranked these because I could have gone several different ways!
  2. Just got home from work. You will have this within the hour Pressure is on if it’s that close!
  3. Oops, I got stuck the other night and then forgot to finish I’ll send them after work tonight before the deadline
  4. Watching all these again tonight. Will have the rankings in this weekend!
  5. Tamyra Gray "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" - (2) Alex, Kaley Kelly Clarkson "Respect" - (4) Alex, Sola, Elliott, Kaley Tamyra Gray "Touch Me In The Morning" - (2) Sola, Kaley Justin Guarini "For Once In My Life" - Kelly Clarkson "You're All I Need To Get By" - Nikki McKibbin "Piece Of My Heart" - Tamyra Gray "If I Were Your Woman" - (2) Alex, Sola Christina Christian "The Glory Of Love" - (1) Alex Kelly Clarkson "Walk On By" - RJ Helton "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" - Nikki McKibbin "Mary Jane" - (3) Sola, Elliott, Kaley
  6. Sorry I didn’t think “Route 66” was too high on anyone’s radar! I haven’t thought about a lot of these performances since I was 13 and watching it air, so I’m going off of what’s deep in the memory banks (which is amazingly a lot of these!)
  7. I like most of these left, so I’m going to cut the one I remember least: Justin Guarini “Route 66”
  8. A big part of the reason I sent no comments. I couldn’t think of much to say for most of these
  9. Sent just rankings with no comments a few minutes ago on my lunch break.
  10. Happy Birthday, Chris!! Working on this now. You’ll have it tonight!
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