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  1. I’ll have mine in a little bit later tonight!
  2. Maybe save “Not As We” too if possible I always liked that one.
  3. Whoops, I got lost in all the lists Ill cut Madness instead? That appears to still be available.
  4. thinking probably these (as long as there’s no repeats, I’m gonna double check)... if anyone has any objections let me know! That Particular Time You Owe Me Nothing In Return So Pure ‘Til You Empathy Spiral Receive Precious Illusions Edge of Evolution Torch
  5. Pain & Panic (Hercules) Ugh, and now IDF ate my writeup, so let’s try this again! It’s been a bit since I’ve seen Hercules, so this was a fairly easy cut to make for me. Besides, the other option was a cute baby turtle, so odds are I wasn’t going to choose that one! Visually, Pain is the red imp that is shorter and chubbier, and Panic is the bluish one that is taller and thinner. Anyways, Pain & Panic are seen in Hercules as sidekicks to the main villain, Hades. Like many of Disney’s villainous sidekicks, their failings and exploits are also played up for comic relief. When we meet the characters, they are on a mission to kidnap baby Hercules and feed him the poison that will turn him mortal and kill him. Unfortunately for them, they are interrupted before Hercules is able to finish the entire potion... So while he does become mortal, he retains his super-strength. The duo is self-aware enough to know that it would be beneficial to keep Hades in the dark about this development. Of course, Hades winds up finding out, and the pair are punished. We see them at various points throughout the rest of the movie using their shape-shifting abilities to help spy on Hercules. Saving: Squirt
  6. Sorry! One minute you’re on the couch listening to Alanis Morissette songs, and next thing you know you’ve dozed off and it’s 3am . No worries about the wild-card cut. With so many good animated characters left, I had a feeling Clarisse wasn’t much longer for this world. At least your writeup did the fabulous Julie Andrews justice Save: Squirt Cut: Pain & Panic
  7. I had thought about possibly advancing this one too! Oh my, 10 songs is a lot! I’ll definitely have to think about it. I’ll probably make my decision tomorrow morning.
  8. Yesss, this was one of the other ones I was considering
  9. yours is so much better than mine though
  10. I was going to wait and see a few more choices first, but I don’t want to forget and hold up the game I will advance “Uninvited”
  11. Have a few things to do, but I will get this up before I go to bed!
  12. 1. 5. 6. 8. 9. 12. That reveal wasn’t good for me
  13. I think I’ve got: 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 11. 12. Love everything left and can’t wait to see how it turns out!
  14. Love that someone said this. I think I said something similar in my writeup for Partition. This one was the biggest hit to my top 10 so far, but definitely a fair placement for it.
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