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  1. @Steven_, out of curiosity, how many public rankers were there?
  2. Awesome writeup, @Deeee! Makes me want to watch the movie again soon
  3. Aww, I had a feeling Jack wouldn’t fair well but I didn’t think he’d be first out! Agreed... based on some of the writeups I don’t have much hope for a few of my favs
  4. omg I know. My husband was laughing at me last night when I was telling him why I had to stay up so late. He thought it was work-related. I was like, no the real reason is way more embarrassing. That’s actually how we met in college. We were in the same biology class and we both wound up pulling an all-nighter at the library finishing some end of semester lab writeups.
  5. 3rd song will be: Going to have to listen to a couple before I pick my last 2. Most of the ones I would have chosen seem to have already moved on.
  6. All sent, Steven! Sorry it's so late. By the end my eyelids were super heavy, so a few of my bottom 5/6 have literally a sentence or two. I may add a little bit tomorrow morning if I have time before things get started, but I wanted to make sure you had everything before I collapse!
  7. Ugh I feel bad because I wanted to say more about all of them and time just got away from me this week, so now they are all pretty short and to the point.
  8. Yes! Sending them once I’m done... I had some that I typed on my phone so I’m putting them all together on my computer before I send. I’ll probably send you 1-10 soon (just so I don’t lose them), and then send you the rest in a little bit.
  9. I’m about 2/3 of the way done! started with my #1, so the write ups are getting less and less detailed as I go
  10. I still get chills at how emotional she was, and how everyone sings with her at the end Such a moment.
  11. Song Pick #2: Irvine Now I’m going to work on some Disney writeups before I make any more picks
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