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  1. Advance: Si Te Vas Dia de Enero Despedida
  2. My daughter is obsessed with the Sesame Street songs compilation videos on YouTube, and I’m always amazed at all of the different musicians/actors they get for it. May need to add this to Usher’s discography for his round:
  3. I’m going to advance “Whenever, Wherever” to the penultimate just because i don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle. *But if anyone wants to advance it straight to finals I will happily change!!*
  4. these were both on my short list for penultimate.
  5. I will advance “La Tortura” to the finals Still debating on my penultimate pick!
  6. Oooh new round starting soon!! I was happy with the ending of the Kacey round, though I would have liked “Somebody to Love” and “Rainbow” (though it did very well and I can’t complain too much ) to place a little higher. She has so many great songs though, so it’s hard to go wrong with any in the top 25.
  7. 1. Shandi 2. April 3. Yoanna 4. Jenascia 5. Mercedes 6. Sara 7. Catie 8. Camille 9. Xiomara 10. Bethany
  8. Literally my husband every time he gets in my car when we’re doing a new round of music rankdown and I have someone’s discography on repeat. But he’s getting exposed to lots of new artists for him
  9. 20) This Town (I ranked 3 )— Whoop! Here’s my first big hit of the rankdown . I love the sound of this song so much, and I think the lyrics are very fun. To me it always stood out among all her other songs. 19) Miserable (I ranked 10)— Boo, this is not a good set for me. I love the simplicity of this song. The guitar is beautiful, and it accompanies her voice so well. This is one I always come back to for a second listen. 18) It Is What It Is (I ranked 25)— I really don’t dislike this song either, even though I ranked it last. It just grabbed me the least out of all 25.
  10. Excited to see this starting! 25) Cup of Tea (I ranked 19)— Surprised to see this turn up last. Not too disappointed as it’s not one of my big favorites, but it’s cute and I do enjoy it! 24) I Miss You (I ranked 23)— Fine with this placement too. Lovely song, but as I listened to all the others it kept sliding further down the list. 23) Waves (I ranked 15)— I hoped this one would do a little better, but I’m not surprised since it’s not an original and all of her originals are so strong (it slid a few spots in my ranking for that reason). I’m glad I could bri
  11. 1. Camille 2. Jenascia 3. Sara 4. April 5. Mercedes 6. Shandi 7. Yoanna 8. Catie 9. Bethany 10. Xiomara 11. Heather
  12. My friend and I are drinking wine and Zoom-watching the Taylor Swift special on Disney+ together and I’m going to have a really hard time with her round because I love so much of the Folklore album
  13. I love this shoot (and this season)! 1. Mercedes 2. Camille 3. April 4. Shandi 5. Yoanna 6. Heather 7. Sara 8. Jenascia 9. Xiomara 10. Catie 11. Bethany 12. Anna
  14. You guys came out with an AMAZING top 20! So excited to see how this turns out:
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