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  1. Oops sorry, I think I was looking at the front page and not the current list I’ll advance the Apolo/Julianne “Midnight Train to Georgia” Rumba instead!
  2. Michael Scott Dwight Schrute - Andy Jim Halpert Pam Beesly Angela Martin Stanley Hudson Phyllis Lapin - Steven, Diana, QK, Kaley Kevin Malone - Steven, Alex, Diana, Derek, Andy, Kaley Kelly Kapoor Meredith Palmer Jan Levinson Erin Hannon - Alex, QK, Derek
  3. My others will be: Apolo and Julianne “Push It” Cha-cha Joey and Kym “Last Dance” Freestyle Joey and Kym “The Way You Make Me Feel” Foxtrot Ian and Cheryl “Dance Like This” Samba
  4. I’m going to advance: Apolo and Julianne’s “Mr Pinstripe Suit” Quickstep to the penultimate. I’ll pick the rest soon!
  5. Ooh, sorry, almost forgot about this. I guess I’ll cut Jo and Pete.
  6. I need to stop waiting til the end to do these so there’s actually things I care about Round 2 Picks: Bucky — “The Thunder Rolls” Taylor— “You Are So Beautiful” Paris — “Conga” Will — “Lady” Ace— “In the Still of the Night”
  7. Yay, thanks! So Paris’ fever is my round 4 pick. I’m going to look at the front page now for my others.
  8. can I actually steal Paris’ “Fever”? I’ve been debating what I want to do, and I think I want that one
  9. Agreed! I loved both seasons. Lots of good female artists, but they were pretty much there for Dave Navarro to hit on since it was pretty obvious that wasn’t the direction either group was looking to go . I’m falling down the YouTube rabbit hole as we speak and now I’m sad that the show only went two seasons...
  10. I had totally forgotten about this until you mentioned it, but yes! Off to youtube to watch it now
  11. I’ll go with: Angela, Stanley, Oscar
  12. I think I’m at 1,2,8,2. Not too terrible, but Season 3 was too stacked for me.
  13. I’m between a few of the originals, but I’ll go with Dwight.
  14. Well that was a crazy bunch of pages to catch up on
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