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  1. Watched the Schitt’s Creek finale and the little retrospective they aired after it and now I’m sad all over again that it got eliminated
  2. This one will be fun. I’ve never seen the season before, so I have nothing to go off but the actual pictures. 1. Matthew 2. Denzel 3. Mirjana 4. Keith 5. Lenox 6. Ivy 7. Ben 8. Shei 9. Chantelle 10. Raelia 11. Adam 12. Kari 13. Will 14. Romeo Votes seem all over the place so far, so this should be an interesting one!
  3. Voted! Didn’t have time to do any comments, but I did get the votes in
  4. I lied. I’ll vote tonight I wanted to watch a few clips from AS 3 and 4 and UK before I voted, and I ran out of time last night.
  5. That’s great! It’s so nice to hear good news these days. Wishing her a nice and speedy recovery!
  6. Just remembered I still had a write up to do. Oops! Weeds Sorry for anyone who’s a big fan, but it’s really getting hard as we’re getting down to it. This is also going to be a pretty vague write-up since I may still watch the show at some point so I don’t want to delve too deep into the plot specifics for this Weeds is a show that aired on Showtime for 8 seasons from 2005-2012 and starred Mary Louise Parker, Justin Kirk, Hunter Parrish, Alexander Gould , and Kevin Nealon. It focuses on Nancy, who is a single mother to two boys (Silas and Shane) after her husband dies of a heart attack. In order to maintain the financial lifestyle they were used to, Nancy turns to selling marijuana. In the beginning, she runs a small operation, only selling to friends and neighbors. As the show goes on and her business expands, she winds up getting entangled with some pretty dangerous people. The show follows her as she tries to stay ahead of the game protecting herself, her business, and her children. She has run ins with a Mexican cartel, and various members of law enforcement throughout the show’s run. Apparently, Starz is working on a reboot that would take place 10 years after the events of the finale. So far the only info I found was that it was in the works, and Mary Louise Parker is on board. So that’s a possibility in the future. Mary Louise Parker has been praised for her work on the show (and I believe won a few awards for it). Reviews for the show overall are also quite good. Like most shows, the ratings seemed to peak in the early seasons then drop off slightly as time went on. It does look like reviews were overall favorable for the entire run. This does look like a show I would be interested in, and it seems to have a similar feel to Breaking Bad which I love. Again, sorry to anyone who’s a super huge fan. And feel free to expand upon this write up if you’d like
  7. This!! Going to check out the few runs I am not familiar with, then vote But Tati and Alyssa would have been near my top
  8. Fleabag - Tom, Kaley House, M.D. - Alex, Sola Avatar: The Last Airbender - Rei voting Fleabag for now since House is the one I would want to save and Avatar appears to have more of a following between the two so far
  9. Week 1: GiselleWeek 2: GiselleWeek 3: AdrianneWeek 4: GiselleWeek 5: AdrianneWeek 6: Giselle Week 7.1: Adrianne Week 7.2: AdrianneFinal Runway: AdrianneWinner Pick: Adrianne
  10. And may wind up having to break the first tie!
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