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  1. 1.Hannah 2.Brittani 3.Monique 4.Mikaela 5.Dominique 6.Molly 7.Jaclyn 8.Ondrei 9.Alexandria 10.Dalya 11.Angelia 12.Kasia 13.Nicole
  2. 1.Molly 2.Mikaela 3.Hannah 4.Alexandria 5.Brittani 6.Jaclyn 7.Ondrei 8.Dominique 9.Monique 10.Dalya 11.Kasia 12.Angelia 13.Nicole 14.Sara
  3. Week 1:JasleneWeek 2:JasleneWeek 3:Natasha Week 4:Natasha Week 5:Natasha Week 6:NatashaWeek 7:Natasha Week 8:Natasha Week 9.1:Natasha Week 9.2:Natasha Week 10:Jaslene Week 11.1:Jaslene Week 11.2:JasleneFinal Runway:JasleneWinner Pick:Natasha
  4. 1.Renee 2.Jaslene 3.Natasha 4.Brittany
  5. Womens: 1.Renee 2.Natasha 3.Jaslene 4.Dionne 5.Brittany Mens: 1.Natasha 2.Brittany 3.Renee 4.Jaslene 5.Dionne
  6. 1.Natasha 2.Brittany 3.Dionne 4.Felicia 5.Renee 6.Jaslene 7.Jael
  7. 1.Jael 2.Natasha 3.Felicia 4.Dionne 5.Brittany 6.Samantha 7.Renee 8.Jaslene
  8. 1.Natasha 2.Renee 3.Samantha 4.Jaslene 5.Felicia 6.Dionne 7.Sarah 8.Brittany 9.Jael
  9. 1.Natasha 2.Renee 3.Dionne 4.Brittany 5.Sarah 6.Felicia 7.Jaslene 8.Samantha 9.Jael 10.Cassandra
  10. 1.Brittany 2.Felicia 3.Jael 4.Natasha 5.Jaslene 6.Sarah 7.Cassandra 8.Dionne 9.Samantha 10.Renee 11.Diana
  11. 1.Felicia 2.Jaslene 3.Jael 4.Dionne 5.Cassandra 6.Diana 7.Brittany 8.Samantha 9.Renee 10.Sarah 11.Natasha 12.Kathleen
  12. 1.Jaslene 2.Felicia 3.Renee 4.Dionne 5.Brittany 6.Jael 7.Samantha 8.Sarah 9.Cassandra 10.Natasha 11.Kathleen 12.Whitney 13.Diana
  13. Week 1: RainaWeek 2: RainaWeek 3: Raina Week 4: Raina Week 5: Alexandra Week 6: RainaWeek 7: Alexandra Week 8: Raina Week 9: Alexandra Week 10: Alexandra Week 11.1: Alexandra Week 11.2: RainaFinal Runway: RainaWinner Pick: Raina
  14. Ad: 1.Alexandra 2.Raina 3.Krista Commercial: 1.Krista 2.Raina 3.Alexandra
  15. 1.Krista 2.Alexandra 3.Raina 4.Alasia
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