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  1. 1.Nastasia 2.Allyssa 3.Laura 4.Leila 5.Brittany 6.Kristin
  2. 1.Laura 2.Leila 3.Nastasia 4.Kristin 5.Brittany 6.Allyssa 7.Victoria
  3. 1.Nastasia 2.Leila 3.Kristin 4.Brittany 5.Victoria 6.Kiara 7.Allyssa 8.Laura
  4. 1.Laura 2.Allyssa 3.Nastasia 4.Brittany 5.Leila 6.Victoria 7.Kiara 8.Yvonne 9.Kristin
  5. 1.Nastasia 2.Yvonne 3.Allyssa 4.Leila 5.Laura 6.Kristin 7.Kiara 8.Darian 9.Victoria 10.Brittany
  6. 1.Nastasia 2.Laura 3.Leila 4.Allyssa 5.Kiara 6.Brittany 7.Darian 8.Kristin 9.Victoria 10.Yvonne 11.Destiny
  7. 1.Leila 2.Victoria 3.Nastasia 4.Kristin 5.Alyssa 6.Darian 7.Laura 8.Brittany 9.Yvonne 10.Kiara 11.Destiny 12.Maria
  8. 1.Nastasia 2.Leila 3.Kristin 4.Laura 5.Victoria 6.Yvonne 7.Kiara 8.Brittany 9.Destiny 10.Darian 11.Alyssa 12.Maria 13.Jessie
  9. I think you meant Elyse But yeah glad Elyse is back since she's one of my favorites
  10. I think the girl at 1:01 is Elishia.
  11. Week 1:YayaWeek 2:YayaWeek 3:Yaya Week 4:Yaya Week 5:Eva Week 6:EvaWeek 7:Yaya Week 8:Yaya Week 9:Eva Week 10:Eva Week 11:EvaFinal Runway:YayaWinner Pick:Yaya
  12. 1.Eva 2.Amanda 3.Yaya 4.Toccara 5.Nicole
  13. 1.Yaya 2.Eva 3.Toccara 4.Amanda 5.Nicole 6.Norelle
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