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Have you had a snowflake, or at least someone you supported from their season that comes from a genre, style or demographic that you don´t typically support?


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Prefacing this to say that most of my snowflakes are powerhouses, soul, R&B, blues (i.e. Kyla Jade, Rose Short, Desz, Chris Blue, D. Smooth) - and I also tend to love rockers (i.e. Ricky Duran, Terry McDermott, Moriah Formica, Omar Jose Cardona).


I don't typically love country artists, but Dexter Roberts from S16 was my 3rd favorite artist on the show (after Shawn Sounds and Maelyn Jarmon). I'm not sure if I'd call him a snowflake, but I was very passionate about how underrated I thought he was.


You could also argue that Craig Wayne Boyd from S7 was kind-of a snowflake for me. I don't usually feel like that towards country singers, but he really had me.


And Kala Banham and Gina Miles from S23. I don't usually support any of those girls who are even remotely adjacent to indie, or sing with that "indie" tone and accent on these shows, and they tend to be some of my least favorite singers per season. But those two were exceptions, especially Kala.

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I usually lean towards rock, indie and powerhouse singers most of all. So basically everything except country.



but Adam Wakefield and Grace West are my top 2 favourite contestants from their seasons.


I liked Adam instantly cause he was more vocally flashy than your typical country singer (and had soul influence).


Grace is typically not my preference even style wise, and it took me until her KO to actually become invested in her. 


I'm really surprised how much I've come to like her by the end of her run, so much so that she would have been my pick for winner, and is in my top 3 contestants of S23


I even find myself humming to some of the songs she covered sometimes, Lol.


Edit: how could I forget Chevel, though I didn't fully appreciate her when the season first aired. Only revisiting a few years later.

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My snowflakes are typically in the indie pop or soulful powerhouse pop genres (clock the sig). When it comes to female country singers, I typically support and enjoy them but I wouldn't call them my #1 choice to win the season. Gracee was my #1 snowflake in season 17 tho (along with Rose) so that's the most distinct exception I can think of tbh. 


I also am not super drawn to male teenagers on the show, but I was fully rooting for Ryley Tate and he gave some of my favorite performances of the season with his blind and playoff performances

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I'm honestly struggling to think of an example :dead:


Was Holly maybe the first country snowflake I had? I really liked CWB but Chris J was there, same with Chevel and Kennedy, and even in S11 Sundance was good but I rooted for Wé. I don't count Morgan.


Brennley and Lana are the only other examples coming to mind of a country singer who I rooted for despite not being my top fave. There's some others like Audra too but that's getting too long ago for me to remember lol.

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Honestly, I wasn't that much of a fan of Chloe Kohanski during her audition because I don't typically support female rock artists. Also, it sucked that her battle was montaged. Then, "Landslide" happened and she automatically became my Season 13 snowflake and became my all time favorite Voice winner in the history of the show. 

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Vanessa Fergusson. I do not care much about EDM/electronica/hip-hop in particular, but she made these things interesting for me.


Also Michelle Chamuel in that case

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23 hours ago, TeamAudra said:

All the time. 


13 hours ago, Hamza Tufail said:

Literally every season.


I'm not even sure if I have type either. lol


tbh same with y’all. My favorites can very widely season to season, and even in each season. Like some of my favs consist of Madj Davis, Jeffery Austin, Lyndsey Elm, Cole Criske, The top 4 of season 10,  Shaylah Fearing, Sundance Head, Chris Blue, Aliyah Moulden, Chloe Kohanski (starting with thank you), Brooke Simpson, Red Marlow, Karli Webster, Joshua Vacanti, Jeremy Rosado, Girl Named Tom, and several contestants from season 22 and season 23. More favorites not listed 

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