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The Voice 23 ● Premiere - Blind Auditions 1 ● Discussion


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59 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

I guess I can see why IDF doesn't like the premiere too much, it’s both male heavy and country heavy.

Pretty much, not IDF bait, but I´ve been enjoying it. (Note that I do like country and a good male voice on the genre , though). 


I´ve enjoyed their song choices too, Hank Williams Sr, and Sammi Smith, awesome. 

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2 minutes ago, seak05 said:

It's basically the anti-IDF premiere, but all the contestants have actually been very good

Yeah, I don’t think it’s that bad actually, it just went into a slump after a few really good auditions. Even with the auditions I didn’t like much, the contestants have potential, but they sang the wrong songs.

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Neil: A- [really cool yodel-type notes] — [n/a]

Sorelle: B+ [strong harmonies at the beginning] — [the times when they were layering different lyrics sounded odd to me]

Holly: A- [really great, powerful belts] — [the beginning wasn't very strong to me]

Tasha: B+ [really pretty tone and some big notes at the end] — [a few moments felt quite uneven]

Ross: C [powerful voice on a great song] — [honestly, thought it was a little boring at times]

Michael: C- [he had some good runs] — [also felt this was a bit boring]

D. Smooth: D+ [n/a] — [didn't like his vocal texture or the song]

Alex: A- [really impressive big notes there] — [n/a]

NOIVAS: A- [really powerful voice — [some messy parts]

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