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The Voice 23 ● Premiere - Blind Auditions 1 ● Discussion


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10 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

And which performances did your dog like best?

I’m not sure. Hang on, I’ll go ask. :P

I actually didn’t see most of the episode. I watched all of the performances on Facebook, except for NOIVAS’s. 

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NOIVAS did great. I think Savion is a much better name, though. It was already unique and memorable. 

I liked Tasha also. Other than that, I was a little bored. Not a fan of Sorelle at all. The musical theater guy was bad too. I mean his voice sounds good, but he will never be able to get rid of that Broadway sound. And I was hoping the woman who sang Bob Marley would get a chair turn, even if she wasn’t perfect. 

I do love Niall and Chance’s addition to the show. Niall and Blake would’ve been fun to have around for multiple seasons. 😞

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Omg HOW is it The Voice season again?!? Legit only feels like Bryce just won. 


Might go back and catch up on these new eps soon! Auditions are a bit of a drag tho but I'm quite curious about this season.

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On 3/6/2023 at 8:43 PM, Ptones2010 said:

Wait, that was a dumb comment from Kelly "I would've hit my button if nobody else did, because your voice deserves to be here"...what nonsense is that??? She could've hit her button anyway.

What do you expect?  It's another of Kelly's poor excuses.

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