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Favorite Performance (Episode 2)


Favorite Performance (Episode 2)  

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  1. 1. Choose

    • Reina Ley - Cielito Lindo
    • Bryce Leatherwood - Goodbye Time
    • Alyssa Witrado - Don't Speak
    • Devix - Hear Waves
    • Chello - Just the Two of Us
    • Kevin Hawkins - Isnt She Lovely
    • Sadie Bass - Stupid Boy
    • Brayden Lape - This Town
    • Peyton Aldridge - Can't You See
  2. 2. Grade Episode 2

    • A (amazing)
    • B (good)
    • C (ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (fail)

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9. Sadie Bass - I can't help but compare this to Cassadee Pope. 
8. Chello - I can't help but compare this to Michael Sanchez 💔 .

7. Reina Ley - not my thing musically, but I enjoyed it.
6. Brayden Lape - little too laidback, but he has a nice tone.
5. Alyssa Witrado - girl was nervous, but I love her tone and personality.
4. Bryce Leatherwood - solid country voice, no frills. 

3. Kevin Hawkins - solid vocalist, song held him back, but you can tell he's an entertainer.

2. Devix - I am intrigued. He kinda make the weird song choice work. Here for indie artists on this show!

1. Peyton Aldridge - love me a crossover country-rock act. I'm looking forward to more performances.

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1. Bryce - Loved it. Great, classic country voice and sincere delivery. And we're bound to see him for a while.


2. Kevin - Insane opening, it regressed slightly when the song went upbeat, but overall really good.


3. Peyton - Well placed growls, and he is clearly a performer, but I would have liked more dynamics. But that John duet proves he does have them, so hopefully he incorporates them more in future ones.


4. Reyna - Enjoyable performance. Good proyection, but she is pretty raw. She is with the right coach though.


5. Devix - Not gonna lie, it was a slight letdown, I wasnt a fan of the song choice and the start was shaky, but his tone came through, especially on the high notes. I'm intrigued though. I think he indeed could spice up the show.


6. Brayden - Nice tone, but you can tell he is very raw. We'll see how he grows through the show, there is definitely something to work with.


7. Alyssa - Strong start, it fell off after that. Still, potential.


8. Sadie - Pretty tone, but she was nervous as hell. Time to fix that.


9. Chello - Seems like a nice guy, but the whole thing just didnt work for me.


I give this Episode a B, as opposed to the B- I have the premiere. I enjoyed it more.

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1. Peyton - Love me a good country vocal that’s clearly country yet also has a number of different layers to it (blues, soul, and rock, in his case). Smart use of the block, too.


2. Kevin - could’ve used a slightly better song choice, but this was very pleasant all around and he’s clearly got chops that’ll carry him far if he gets decent songs. Not surprised he got four chairs, though blocking John was brutal.

3. Bryce - pretty good considering I wasn’t sure about him going off spoilers, and a gutsy move to tackle one of Blake’s better known covers in front of him.


4. Reina - I liked her tone and it was enjoyable, I just wish I still remembered my Spanish classes in high school so I could understand the lyrics. 


5. Alyssa - pretty tone and has potential, but it was shaky despite the strong start. Love her energy though.


6. Sadie - if she can get over the stage fright, she’ll do well. Seems like that’s going to be a big if, unfortunately.


7. Brayden - pleasant, but a bit mumbled in a couple of spots and not showing off much range, though he’s decent for someone who’s only really been singing for a couple of years.


8. Devix - cool tone, I’m just burnt out on the song.


9. Chello - I don’t think this was a good match of song to voice. Nice guy though + his buddies’ reactions were sweet.

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Seems like my ranking differs a bit from everyone else here so far.


Great auditions

1. Kevin Hawkins - Oozing with charisma and stage presence. I thought the vocals were killer and the runs were well placed as well.

2. Devix - I am flabbergasted with this performance. Man I really don't like this song but I loved Devix's version. The way he slowly opened up his voice then just let out that note near the end... one of the most exciting contestants yet imo

3. Peyton Aldridge - Enjoyed this way more than I thought I would, the growls were excellent and not overdone. Liked the song choice as well.

4. Bryce Leatherwood - Solid country performance. A tad plain imo but I really enjoyed it.


Impossible to hate

5/6. Chello, Reina Ley - I'm just going to put these two together because these two performances were just so adorable and filled with joy. Not perfect but I can't bring myself to dislike them.



7. Alyssa Witrado - Great start, sort of fell apart but not so hard for me to deem it a flop. She has potential for sure.

8/9. Brayden Lape, Sadie Bass - I thought these two were just as good. They didn't really make me feel anything, but solid showings.

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Tonight was so damn good. A for me.


1. Kevin Hawkins (9/10) - What a voice! From the beginning to end, really solid. The song's a lot harder than it appears to be and I feel like he nailed it.

2. Reina Ley (9/10) - I don't think she's getting enough hype. The control she has for age is insaaaane. That comes with singing mariachi and she's very strong, especially for her age.

3. Chello (8.5/10) - Love the tone, love the vibe, everything about this was great and he has potential to be even better. When he said he was a Jon Bellion guy, it all fell into place. Like I 100% get it and am rooting for him.

4. Devix (8.5/10) - Just like Chello above, he mentioned the bands he listens to and I'm 100% into him. The song choice is a bit of a weird one for the show, but he did an excellent job with it and I can only imagine how much better he performs in the coming rounds. Can't wait!

5. Bryce Leatherwood (8.5/10) - What can I say, I liked this one. Dude is GOOD and I'm terrified for my faves officially.

6. Alyssa Witrado (8/10) - Really liked this one. It's been said a lot today but it's obvious she got a bit shaky in the middle, but she recovered super well and the beginning was phenomenal. I think this is one that will definitely grow. She picked a hard song for sure.

7. Peyton Aldridge (8/10) - I like it! Most country guys don't do anything for me but the two from tonight caught my attention.

8. Brayden Lape (8/10) - He can't possibly do it all, can he? Teen guys are the hardest ones for me to get interested in, but he was very pleasant to listen to. Just waiting on a stronger song choice to fully make a decision on how I feel.

9. Sadie Bass (7.5/10) - I enjoyed her but it was a relatively sleepier version compared to the other versions of this song. Waiting for hte bigger moments.

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Wow! This episode was really, really great. Both the chair turners and non-chair turners were strong.


1. Bryce Leatherwood - his voice is so smooth. I really look forward to seeing more of him singing on the show.

2. Reina Ley - she has a powerful voice! I think I could’ve considered ranking her first if I had heard perhaps a softer part of her voice as well?

3. Devix - at first, I wasn’t sure if I was ok board with the texture of his voice, but he won me over with his falsetto notes (?) and the bigger note he hit.

3. Kevin - he was great! It was a catchy song, but I would really love to hear him on a ballad. Also, that outfit looked really cool lol.

5. Chello - super fun song choice! I agree that he sounded great even without runs and stuff, but he showed he could do those too.

6. Brayden - although I think he sounded good, it seemed there were parts that weren’t perfectly executed.

7. Peyton - I would’ve loved to hear some more range. He sounded amazing on “All of Me,” though. I am excited to hear him on a different song in the future.

8. Alyssa - I think she sounded a bit shaky and her enunciation wasn’t 100% on-point, but I loved her energy and dancing! I look forward to seeing how she does in the future, perhaps when nerves could have less of affect, if that was what was causing the shakiness.

9. Sadie - just as with Peyton, I would’ve liked to hear more range. Like others have said, it’s easy to compare this cover to other great versions on the show.

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Potential favorites
1. Kevin - I was a bit skeptical about the song choice pre-show (didn’t think it would work well on The Voice) but boy did he prove me wrong! He’s a pro and it shows.


2. Devix - @FloorWax perfectly summed up my thoughts. What a cool tone. He also has taste for days which is always a plus.

Pleasant surprises

3a. Peyton - He’s the type of country guy I actually enjoy (CWB, Adam W, Adam C…), and while some dynamics would have been nice, overall it was a great audition (the ending was excellent)


3b. Bryce - I knew he was good but I didn’t think he would be this good. He’s placing 2nd at the very least.


5. Reina - Mariachi music isn’t my thing but I really enjoyed her performance! Surprisingly polished for a 13 year old.



6. Alyssa - I didn’t like this audition at all when it first leaked but it’s growing on me the more I watch it. My main source of enjoyment is the song but her tone is pretty nice.

7. Brayden - Interesting tone. The audition as a whole wasn’t very memorable though.


8. Chello - Clear case of wrong song choice. 

9. Sadie - I like her tone but that’s about it.

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1. Kevin: Perfect vocal. Love the colors of his voice and tone. Also loved his vocal choices.

2. Devix: Maybe a high ranking, but I love how he changed the song. There’s also something about his tone that I just love.


Really Good

3. Bryce: I’ve got to admit that I actually enjoy classic, heartfelt country, and he captured that genre perfectly. In particular, I love the richness of his lower register.

4. Peyton: I love his country-rock sounding voice, and the song he sang fit him like a glove. He just wasn’t as special as those mentioned above.


Good/There’s Potential

5. Brayden: I love the heartache his voice, and he also picked a great song. He’s a bit raw but I’m intrigued.

6. Chello: While I wasn’t a huge fan of the song, I love how he added his own spin to the song.

7. Reina: She gave a very stellar vocal, although I had a bit of difficulty connecting (could be that I’m not a huge fan of the genre or don’t speak Spanish).

8. Alyssa: I loved the first verse, where she displayed the soft yet edgy parts of her voice. I also liked her melodic touches, but about halfway through, it went downhill. She’s talented though!

9. Sadie: She is clearly made for country music, but she was a bit nervous, which made some parts of the performance not as enjoyable. She’s also a bit raw.


Almost Chair-Turn Worthy

10. KoKo: When I listened to her, I almost pushed the button (in my head). That being said, there were a few rough moments, and the song wasn’t easy. She can sing though!


Not Ready Yet

11. SHEj: She clearly has a lot a range, but she’ll need to work on her technique so she can hit the notes more precisely. Also, she’ll need to work on projecting more.

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Lots of good but not great performances this night. Also some really bad ones. It was really hard to pick a singular favorite audition, since so many of them kinda sat at that "7/10 pretty good" benchmark. 


The Good:

1. Devix: Devix won me over because he somehow took the most annoying song in existence and made it listenable, which was honestly a really impressive feat. I like how he had some really cool moments without going completely over the top like someone like Andrew Igbokidi. 

2. Reina Ley: Probably the most memorable audition of the night, mostly by virtue of her unique genre. I don't see her really dominating the competition this season, but her voice is really pleasant.

3. Kevin Hawkins: He was probably really great, but I couldn't hear half the performance because of how loud the coaches and sound effects were...


The Aggressively Okay:

4. Chello: His performance was clean, good fun. Nothing outstanding, nothing bad. I probably would've turned for him if I was there.

5. Brayden Lape: Annoying and boring song, but a good voice. If he makes it to the lives (which, to be fair, I don't see him doing), he'll probably end up being a snowflake killer.

6. Peyton Aldridge: Didn't really know the song and I don't really like male country singers, but he has a nice voice for sure. I can see why he got 3 chairs despite the fact that he isn't my cup of tea.

7. Sadie Bass: I didn't think her voice was that interesting, but her song choice was 10/10. 2 chairs were definitely appropriate for the pretty good performance she gave.


The Bad:

8. Bryce Leatherwood: Sleepy song, sleepy voice. This audition just didn't do anything for me.

9. Alyssa Witrano: She took a really good and interesting song and just... shit on it... It was almost offensive... Definitely one of the worst chair-turning auditions ever, but with that being said, I actually think she has potential and a really cool voice and I WANT to see her do really well, but this performance just wasn't it.


Bonus points to SHEj for giving Ayanne Joni a run for her money for the messiest performance in the Voice history. She also has a lot of potential and definitely interests me, but damn, that was rough.

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