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  1. ASHER!!!! I’ve got to say I’m super happy to see him win. Not only was he the best vocalist of the season and one of the best vocalists for a few seasons, but seeing a queer POC win makes me happy
  2. I love cheesecake, so Nathan and I would be great company for each other. Doesn’t hurt he’s pretty fine
  3. Just started watching - so far this finale is better than the last one i watched (season 21). That finale had Walker Hayes sing Fancy Like plus HNT was leaked as the winner.
  4. I think Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé will bring some fans to the tapings so we’ll probably get more spoilers. Also Reba and Snoop’s dynamic will be funny. I’m excited for this panel!
  5. I looked at Hozier’s tour schedule and it has some interesting gaps that could possibly coincide with filming for The Voice. I actually would LOVE him to be a coach, I feel like he’s “big enough” to be a coach while not being too expensive and would bring a unique “flavor” to the panel.
  6. I really hope Dan + Shay advances Anya to the lives. I’m in love with her KO performance and I feel like she has a clear sense of artistry that a lot of others her age lack. If I were to pick three from Dan + Shay’s team to advance to the lives, I’d choose Karen, Tae, and Anya.
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