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  1. I’m only about 30 minutes in. Damn, hearing what happened makes me sad and mad. This is clearly a systemic work problem as none of the employees at The Voice of Holland came forward. It’s sad that people don’t come forward due to fear of retaliation and being made a fool of.
  2. Really good!: 1. TCS vs. Parker 2. GNT vs. Kinsey 3. Jeremy vs. Jershika Okay: 4. Gymani vs. Aaron Both montages sounded really good, especially “Sunny.” I keep listening to it because of Wyatt’s voice.
  3. My favorites/person winners bolded, actual winners on the left Amazing: 1. Paris vs. Jonathan 2. BrittanyBree vs. Samara Very good: 3. Sabrina vs. Jack (Sabrina has a great tone but her interpretation of the song did not match the lyrics imo) Pretty good: 4. Samuel vs. KJ Didn’t enjoy: 5. Joshua vs. Keilah (this battle has grown a bit on me but it still sounds a bit like a screaming match)
  4. My favorites/person winners bolded, actual winners on the left
  5. My favorites/person winners bolded, actual winners on the left Excellent: 1. Wendy vs. Manny Solid: 2. Hailey vs. Lana 3. Carson vs. Clint Okay: 4. Peedy vs. TJR (not sure)
  6. Amazing: 1. Katie vs. Bella (even) Great: 2. David vs. Chavon Not bad: 3. Raquel vs. Hailey 4. Ryleigh vs. KCK3 Mediocre (due to song choice): 5. Katherine vs. Vaughn
  7. What types of contestants do you all think will be on this season? What type of artist(s) do you think NBC will try to push to win?
  8. As bad as this performance is, I sometimes rewatch it because of how off the rails it went. Note: Yes, this is TVOH, which I know has faced controversy due to accusations of sexual harassment. I don’t and will never support sexual harassment or assault.
  9. Their accents surprised me at first. But yeah, the person in the middle carried vocally nonetheless.
  10. Not me just clicking on this thread to find out the season was cancelled.
  11. Good for them! Although slight error: John turned first for Peedy. Blake turned shortly after.
  12. I’d be fine with Blake leaving. Sure, he’s a great coach, but I want someone new.
  13. Honestly, I don’t think that’s a bad idea except how would the contestants be shown rehearsing. We know that the vocal coaches do most of the rehearsing, but the show makes it seem like the actual coaches do the vocal work (some of them prob do help significantly though like Ariana). How would that be replaced?
  14. I didn’t watch that season too religiously, but three country males in the finale sounds like a lot. I also loved what I heard from Maelyn. That being said, whether he was the best country male is the less funny part. The fact that that commenter thought that “My Neck, My Back” would be a good choice for Desz is like … what?!! “My Neck, My Back” is like the 2000s version of WAP btw.
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