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Weeks 1 and 2 of S21 : Top 5 Auditions.


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Now that Week 2 has aired, I'm interested to see your Top 5 auditions thus far from both Weeks 1 and 2 of S21's blind auditions. 


Is your list still the same as last week? Or some people from this week managed to sneak there?


For me, my Top 2 is still the same, but Holly snuck in. After giving it yet another listen, I fell in love with it even as I realized she overdid it a bit at some points, and she was back to my fave of the night.


Peedy is still consistent for me.8


David and Jeremy are tied with Wendy as of now for my level of enjoyment.


1. Samuel

2. GNT

3. Holly

4. Peedy

5. Wendy/David/Jeremy


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6 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

Based on my rankings thread results:

  1. Wendy/Holly
  2. GNT
  3. Gymani/Samuel
  4. Jeremy/Samara

HMs to Bella, Raquel, Kinsey, and Jack.

That’s a good order. All of my Top 8 auditions are represented, and in a pretty similar order

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There's a reason why these four are the ones I'm supporting:


4. Samuel

3. Wendy

2. Hailey

1.  Holly


Their auditions DIDN'T disappoint and I'm glad to have them in my Top 4, vocally Hailey would be below Wendy, but that song choice and arrangement brought her down. Sorry sis, but I expect only improvement from everyone and am excited to see them progress as the show goes on(imagine this as the actual Finale, S13/S5 who?, jk but still)


for a 5th audition....


Bella surprised me and gave a worthy performance to finish out my list, so Bella gets 5th place.

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