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  1. Wendy SLAYED , she went ballistic vocally. Props to manny too , both were wonderful but Wendy is just in a league of her own
  2. Has any artist that had been leaked in the blinds or battles were montaged in the KO?
  3. I am gonna be so sad if Wendy doesnโ€™t get to perform Whitney, preferably I will always love you or I have nothing , maybe she might get the chance to do both which if that happens Iโ€™ll cry tears of joy .
  4. I am happy that Samara didnโ€™t pick Kelly , because If she did Hailey Mia would have been eliminated in the Battles . Hailey Mia has one of the best chances of winning the voice this season .
  5. I doubt they are gonna montage a battle between two 4 chair turns. Maybe itโ€™s Holly vs Wyatt on team Kelly or Sabrina vs Jack/Shadale vs Janora on Team legend .
  6. Holly might make it far , she is an amazing singer who minivan wonโ€™t mind voting for but there are other artists similar to Holly in the sense that they are amazing and minivan wonโ€™t mind voting for them (given they deliver) like GNT , Peedy, Wendy, Hailey Mia, Jeremy, Samuel , and Gymani , difference is that for example Peedy and Hailey Mia are pretty like able and are very minivan material that have coaches minivan would love to or donโ€™t mind voting for . Holly on the other hand is like able and is minivan material for the most part but has a coach that minivan hates and there was a comment on FB that I think stated โ€œI wonโ€™t vote for anyone on Arianaโ€™s teamโ€ . If Holly makes it past the PO, her biggest obstacle is if minivan will vote for Holly even or especially till the end regardless of coach like ability.
  7. Honestly I can actually see then do really well with it, with some minor changes to the key and having more of an R&B/soul arrangement, because there is room in the song itself to go really big and hit high notes .
  8. Have sources ever really exaggerated a contestantโ€™s performance or exaggerated how good a contestantโ€™s performance was and have sources ever said a performance was average even tho it wasnโ€™t?( if that makes sense)
  9. Well It is too early to tell, Kelly stated that she felt she was turning around for a 24 year old.
  10. Well no , I am pretty sure you were so mesmerized by their outstanding harmonies and how Bekah SNAPPED that you didnโ€™t realize the standing O.
  11. It seemed like Gymani really delivered and Kinsey underperformed, this is what I personally infer based on the sources comments but i wonโ€™t ULTIMATELY judge until I see the actual KO
  12. If sources said they expected more from her then they must have seen her battle . That or Kinsey completely played it safe and had a somewhat weak and generic performance.
  13. I think he/she meant that sources said they expected more from Kinsey especially after her battle, so we can infer that she underperformed in the KO and that her battle performance was better than her KO , but I wonโ€™t ultimately judge until I see the performance personally.
  14. I think Hailey Mia is on Monday too because Iโ€™m her story she put a countdown to that specific day which is Monday( if that makes sense).
  15. Kinsey is good but her ceiling regardless on any team would have been the KO plus sources did expect more from her especially after battle that leads me to believe that she underperformed in her KO .
  16. Tho according to sources Kinsey did underperform in the KO and sources expected more from Kinsey . Blake would have paired her with Wendy or Lana and given that both Lana and Wendy apparently delivered and Kinsey somewhat underperformed ,Blake wouldnโ€™t have picked Kinsey.
  17. The battle was spectacular, Kinseyโ€™s tone is just so great and it cuts through but GNT is just OUTSTANDING, the harmonies and Bekah went crazy . Loved both
  18. So they might montage his KO and buss him in the PO, tho bussing him might be a hard thing because Jeremy can sing nearly anything and put his R&B and Gospel twist to a song.
  19. OMG Jeremy just revealed he won his battle in Raquelโ€™s live on accident, he said and I quote โ€œI didnโ€™t know I was going to win my battle โ€œ
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