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  1. Kelly LOVES AA powerhouses , she literally called her previous AA powerhouse (Desz) that she was her fave contestant she has ever worked with . As much as Kelly loves GNT , she could never deny a vocal powerhouse especially if they DELIVER plus if GNT doesn’t get PV or CS I can actually see them winning the WC .We’ll have to wait and see.
  2. I think Brittany, and she will be a 4 chair turn in ep 4 and most likely the leak on Tuesday this week , because according to sources Blake and Ariana did say they would turn for jershika had their teams not been full so I feel like they are gonna add that in , so jershika could be ep 6
  3. If Bella isn’t on tomorrow then I really want both David and Bella to be on Tuesday(Episode 4)
  4. Has a stolen artist that was stolen in the battles ever been montages in the KO.
  5. He would slay You are the reason and Dancing on my own by Calum Scott, Perfect by Ed sheeran would suit him perfectly, and he would even do well with When we were young by Adele.
  6. There BA is at 3M wow had there been any artists who got that much views and likes/loves on Facebook for their BA.
  7. Wait the battle taping on July 28 was done on her birthday.
  8. Sources did call that KO Legendary, so it’s safe to say that both were PHENOMENAL. It will all come down to preference, this KO might be similar to GihAnna last season and season 19 with Desz vs Sid in terms of it coming down to preference. GNT vs Holly might be one of the most subjective Knockouts ever on the voice .
  9. Plus her current coach is Kelly , and yes I have repeated this multiple times before but Kelly knows how to work with teens best , like 99% of the teen singers she has worked on the show have improved In someway or another.
  10. I want a Raquel and Samuel duet in the it would be AMAZING and iconic
  11. So I think this will be the artists on ep 3 B:Carson(opener) A:Hailey Mia K:Jeremy J:Samara A:Raquel B:The Joy Reunion J:Shadale/Sabrina K:Holly (closer) the 9th artist will be either team Kelly or Blake , so Either Kelly or Blake will have 3 artists on ep 3 instead of 2 if that’s the case then , Blake’s 3rd artist would be either LiBianca or Manny , and for Kelly Wyatt or Xavier.
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