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  1. these singers might audition Arabella Ruizz nathan zini grace kyler Itzel fernandez reasons are that it’s a hunch and Gihanna Zoë follows them. I think I might be over analyzing.
  2. Ok so I searched up Arabella and Arabellaruizz came up , Gihanna Zoë follows her like the ACTUAL Gihanna, and other voice season 20 contestants fan pages.This can just be a coincidence and might not mean anything but maybe an Arabella will be auditioning for either season 21.
  3. Kelly and Ariana have to sing something together,they will SLAY. IDK if I am prepared for that vocal SLAYAGE.
  4. I feel like John might not get all the AA powerhouses because logically Kelly would do great/better with them honestly. Kelly will get the more adult powerhouses like Marisa corvo, kelsie watts , Jackie foster , and Grace kinstler , maybe even an AA powerhouse and maybe some teen pop singers and teen AA pop-soul singers, and maybe female country artists. Ariana will get all the pop teen singers and maybe some might be powerhouses . Blake will get Country and maybe other genres but mostly country. John will get the R&B/soul singers and maybe even Indie - pop singers. Kelly will most likely have the most diverse team.
  5. I was personally rooting for Queen Rachel and Kenzie , but I gotta admit cam showed up in the finale and gave one of the best performances of the season if not on the show. Am I upset that Cam won and my faves lost? Yes and No. Honestly it’s bittersweet and actually I wanted a Kelly win so bad but hey there is always next season but cam’s talent is undeniable and slayed. APPLAUSE . Congrats to the top 5 and Rachel just proved what an ICON she is. See y’all next season.
  6. Yeah I think so too, because if cam was on team Kelly and Kenzie was in team Blake then the results might have been different, but oh well cam slayed .
  7. I am not so sure because Blake did promise to keep an entire LANE open for cam , I’d even go as far as saying if John wasn’t blocked and Blake said what he said to cam then I think cam would have most likely picked Blake.
  8. The finale placements will be 5th: Queen Carolina Rial 4th:Queen Ryleigh Modig 3rd:QueenLindsay Joan 2nd:Queen Rachel Mac 1st: Queen Gihanna Zoë
  9. When will the contestants spoilers for season 21 coming out
  10. The queen will place 1st
  11. I’m team Kelly all the way but if there is a singer worthy of winning then I’d make an exception. Okay, cam slayed his stand up performance.This is the cam that I wanted to see , I needed to hear that range and power especially his high notes ,this is the first performance that I felt connected emotionally to from him .Amazing job .His dead or alive was good too. Kenzie was really great especially in his ballad like I think that’s enough to seal the deal but we’ll have to wait and see Rachel is a queen , an icon , and a legend she slayed both of her performances like a boss . Victor SNAPPED in his freedom performance Jordan was good. if any of them wins , then I’ll be okay with it everyone was really good , if I would pick who I would want to win it would be rachel or Kenzie but like ummmmmmmmmmmm if any of them then so be it everyone slayed. Tho not trying to be mean just truthful Jordan would underwhelming winner if that makes sense. AND Kenzie need to work on extending his vowels more (if that makes sense) , stage presence, and emotional connection but I feel like his voice does that for him (Again,If that makes sense) Cam needs to work on making his falsetto stronger especially live and needs to work on breath control even tho he is decent at them especially his breath control it’s good-Great overall , he can be SOOOOO much better. Tho something about that falsetto at the end of stand up made like the performance even more , it’s like I am on the verge of crying like hold up if he wins then let’s goooooo he was great and deserves it (all of them do) Rachel is still young I actually believe if she auditioned at 19 or 20 she’d be the best in the finale or up there with cam. Victor needs to stop holding back ( I guess that’s because of the song choices) Jordan is good nothing to improve I think.
  12. Queen Rachel is coming and snatching the PV. She will snatch everybody’s wigs including Jordan’s long hair, Cam’s unique and versatile hair, and Kenzie’s Mullet.Queen Rae will slay.
  13. Okay Victor has a chance of winning , country votes might split and victor might win. This might be countered if Kenzie DELIVERS plus he is the only true 100% country in the finale.
  14. So this is gonna be so close, everyone is coming for the country votes except victor I think.
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