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Have you ever regretted joining a fan thread?


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6 minutes ago, B-B said:

Taryn :stealth:

Yeah :stealth: I don’t necessarily regret it, because her blind and battle were great, but everything else was incredibly disappointing.

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i once accidentally got myself added to a fan thread... i commented something nice on a contestant’s fan thread, not knowing that the OP adds anyone who comments something nice! what am i supposed to do after that? how cruel would it be to say “please remove me from this fan thread.” 💀

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I first joined IDF like 2 weeks before Season 21 Blind spoilers came out and when they did come out i kept asking to be added to random fan threads because i didn't read the OP all the way through and kept wondering why everyone kept saying "Add me"💀. But there's really only one I regret

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