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Knockout Breakout Performances?


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Is it just me, or does it seem like a ton of "sleeper" artists have their "breakout performance" during the Knockouts? Like, the performance that moves them from being just another contestant, to a serious contender for the finale?


Just a few off the top of my head:

  • Rose Short (17)
  • Kirk Jay (15)
  • Chevel Shepherd (15)
  • Brynn Cartelli (14)
  • Chloe Kohanski (13)
  • Vanessa Ferguson (12)
  • Hannah Huston (10)
  • Craig Wayne Boyd (7)


And DEFINITELY Madeline Consoer, who honestly wasn't even on my radar before tonight. But her KO was absolutely gorgeous.


Who else can you think of?

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11 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

Carter probably just won the show with his, so I think we can add him to the list. 


The reason I didn't is because I don't really think his was a "breakout" performance. He seems like he's quite popular (and deservedly so) from his audition and battle already.


But I guess by that logic, Kirk Jay wouldn't belong on this list either, because he was already pretty popular from his blind, too...

Ugh. Guess I'm inconsistent. 🤣

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2 minutes ago, MatthewPalermo said:

Koryn Hawthorne?

I'd argue Koryn's big moment didn't come til Make It Rain, since she still needed a Pharrell save to make it out of the playoffs, but she was definitely a pleasant surprise of the KOs in her season.


One more that I'd argue for the list up top: CammWess in S18. He went from "ehh" blind to battles-screwed-over to "oh, wow, he's actually really good" and wound up in the finale when if you'd asked me before his KO I'd have said his ceiling would've maybe been the playoffs.

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S19 => Carter(You Say), Jim Ranger(Humble And Kind), Payge Turner(Creep), Madeline has already been mentioned earlier by BK.

S18 => Cammwess(Say Something), Meagan Danielle(Piece By Piece)

S17 => Jake H(Cover Me Up), Max Boyle(When The Party's Over)

S15 => Chevel(Travelin' Soldier), Reagan Strange(DOMO), Chris Kroeze(Burning House)

S14 => Kyla(You Don't Own Me), I wanna say Brynn too but I think she was already one of the front-runners.

S13 => Chloe Kohanski(Landslide)

S11 => Sundance Head(The Climb)

S10 => Adam Wakefield(Bring It On Home To Me), Hannah Huston(HOTRS)

S9 => Madi Davis(A Case Of You), Emily Ann Roberts(Cowboy Take Me Away)

S8 => Meagan Linsey(A Natural Woman)

S7 => Craig Wayne Boyd(Can't You See), Bryana Salaz(Heartattack)

S5 => Will Champlin(When I Was Your Man), Jaquie Lee(Stompa)


That's what I think, one can disagree.


EDIT: LOL I put the breakout performances from others rounds as well, My bad.

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19 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

umm... I'm pretty sure he didn't sing that for his CB.


16 minutes ago, antikid said:

Several that he mentioned weren't knockouts, maybe he is a newer fan of the show and got confused

Lol I thought the thread asked for breakout performances in general not specifically knockouts because I didn't bother reading the Title. Thanks Lol I'm def gonna edit it.

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1 hour ago, Hamza Tufail said:

That was one heck of a performance and one of my fav KO performances ever but I think he was already a Front-runner since his audition(Cough Syrup)

He solidified his frontrunner status with that tho

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6 hours ago, Archanium said:

Kyla Jade's "You Don't Own Me"? 


YES!!!! YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! I can't believe I forgot about Kyla's KO; she's one of my biggest snowflakes of all time.


She was already my favorite from the auditions (look, I just really love Aretha), but that performance actually launched her to frontrunner status. It gave her a "personality" on the show. I don't really know how she would have done overall without it, but I can't see her getting PV in the Semifinals vs. Britton, Pryor, or Kaleb without that performance putting her on everyone's radar.


Also, powerfully seconding Max Boyle's "When the Party's Over." I personally didn't care for him until that performance. He won me over INSTANTLY. That performance was so pretty and artful, and I'm still sad that he didn't win that KO. Even if he was stolen, he deserved to win.


I'm not 100% sure if Brynn was a frontrunner from her audition. I think her battle was kinda underwhelming because of the song choice, too - but I do know that her KO made people realize just how good her voice/tone really was, though. I think Brynn counts, definitely.

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5 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

Not everyone's cup of tea, but I have to include Carter Rubin here. Previously I thought he was on his way to be eliminated in favor of Ben getting the PV and Payge the CS. Now I'm thinking he can win the show.

Yeah... even if I'm not a fan, there's no denying how much of a moment that was for him. 

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Loren Allred was a KO breakout. Of course, she was also a double montage, so even though we saw that she killed it, how would we have known it was a breakout peformance besides Adam saying it was? And being a double montage, she was toast in the playoffs.

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