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¿What do you think of the coaches´music?


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I was bored lol. ¿What do you think of the coaches´music in general? ¿Are you a fan , hate it, don´t care,etc ?


Adam - Big fan of "Songs about Jane", but I couldn´t care less about the poppy direction Maroon 5 has taken. 

Blake - I like "God´s Country" and "She´s Got a Way With Words", but overall not a fan of his music, especially his bro country stuff. Really like his cover of "She Talks To Angels" though. 

Christina- No denying her talent, don´t care for most of her music with the exception of some early tracks.

Kelly- Same as Christina.

Ceelo - Big fan of "Goodie Mob" and his Gnarles Barkley material, but not his newer stuff.

Gwen- Love her No Doubt era, along with several of her experimental tracks with reggae. Not a fan of her newer stuff though.

Pharrell- Great producer, not a fan of his music, with the exception being the track "California Roll"

Shakira- Big fan of her "Donde están los ladrones" era, and I love her experimentation. 

Usher- I like his music, but not his biggest fan.

Nick- I like his work with "The Administration" more than his Jonas Brothers material.

Alicia- Loved "Songs in A Minor" and "Diary", I like a lot of her music actually, particularly for it´s jazz influences.

Miley- Talented, but don´t like her music.

John- As much as I dislike him as a coach, I love his music, especially his early material showcases what a talented vocalist he is. 

JHud- Inmense talent, but don´t care for her music.


I´m mostly an old soul when it comes to music tbh 😂, and the more current artists that I like clearly are not part of this group.

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- The old Maroon 5 music is my favorite from all of these. 

- I like some of Blake covers, my favorites are 'She talks to Angels', 'Home' and 'More than Words' (last season's coaches cover). Not a fan of his own songs though 

- I love Kellyoke so much and few of her own songs.

- I liked some old stuff from Alicia, John, and Xtina. 

- I am not a fan of the other coaches music. 

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Blake and Usher: Pure garbage lmao.

Xtina and Kelly: slayage vocals and slayage music tbh.

Alicia, John, Pharrell: cool stuff, like a few of their songs, more radio friendly though.


CeeLo: meh.

Jennifer: Can't deny her talent, don't really listen unless if I want pure vocals though.

Miley and Shakira: underrated voices and their music are BOPS.

Nick: lmao.


So in short, I go for the Alt-Rock 90s/2000s music, I just can't resist lmao. Although love Xtina, Kelly, Shakira, Miley to an extent.

If we go to mentors though....

(Looks at Celine Dion with a huge grin)

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Favorite Songs from Each Coach:


Adam: Basically all of the Songs About Jane album, though there's a couple of newer songs that aren't too bad either

CeeLo: Forget You and Crazy are both excellent

Blake: Mine Would Be You is surprisingly good despite not being a massive country fan

Xtina: What a Girl Wants and the Lady Marmalade cover are straight 🔥 but Beautiful is #1 here

Shakira: Hips Don't Lie still shows up in my Spotify rotation regularly

Usher: Yeah! defined my childhood so it wins by default lmao

Pharrell: N.E.R.D. is stuff I'm not that familiar with, and I wouldn't mind Happy if not for the strong association with minions (I worked in a daycare where one of three DVDs we had was Despicable Me 2, so that's enough of a reason to be burnt out on the damn song)

Gwen: Sweet Esacpe, Don't Speak, Cool, Hollaback Girl... don't make me pick

Alicia: Fallin', Superwoman, and No One are all incredible

Miley: I grew up on Hannah Montana but she's got some good stuff (The Climb, 7 Things, Party in the USA, We Can't Stop, See You Again are all bops in equal parts)

Jennifer: The only thing I remember is anything from Dreamgirls but I Am Changing is a bop

Kelly: All of the everything, Stronger slaps the hardest though

John: All of Me and Preach are my personal favorites

Nick: Sucker is probably my favorite JoBros song, of his solo work Who I Am is one that I know I listen to a decent amount

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Adam- I do love some of their (Maroon 5) songs and I listened to it before 


Christina- I totally love her older songs since I'm fan of songs sung in competition (Hurt, Impossible, etc.) but now I like her more when she's covering other songs.


Kelly- I do love songs of Kelly, I mostly jam to it but for me, I don't like the pop-ish thing that she took idk. But just like Christina, I do love her even more when she sings cover. I love her new single I Dare You though!


Blake- Not a fan of country music tbh but I love his God's Country song

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Adam - "Songs about Jane" is a great album. I usually do like his other music, but in a "I'm enjoying crappy pop music and I know it" kind of way. 


Blake - No. 

Christina- Christina was basically the music to my adolence. "Stripped" is one of my all time favorite albums in a nostalgic way, and "Back To Basics" was fantastic. Haven't cared for her recent music as much. But I do want to give another listen to her most recent album. "Say Something" was also beautiful.


Kelly- Love Kelly. She was never in a "My favorite musician" kind of artist, but I always bought her stuff. 


Ceelo - I like "F You"


Gwen- Love her music. "No Doubt" is great, and her solo stuff in the early 2000s were jams. Her recent stuff is me. 


Pharrell- I know he's a great producer, but I don't listen to his own stuff.


Shakira- I like her big hits. I haven't listened to her as much as I should. Loved her Super Bowl show. 🙂 


Usher- Bae ❤️ Really though, Love his music. The only thing is....his music is not something I'd listen to with my parents. 


Nick- nah


Alicia- She has a few songs I like


Miley- Same as Alicia


John- I like "All of Me" but I don't know much else. 


JHud-great vocalist, but I don't like her original stuff. 

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I don't listen to most of them and for some I only listen to select tracks.


Adam - "Songs About Jane" is a great album, the newer stuff? Blergh...


John - I only listen to "Ordinary People"


Kelly - I love her earlier work, but her new stuff doesn't do it for me.


Blake - I love "God's Country" and "God Gave Me You" is a guilty pleasure. 


Miley - "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" is amazing but I don't listen to much else of her work.


Pharell - Whenever he produces for artists I listen to, it's usually a mixed bag, I'm not a big fan of his solo stuff or his work with N.E.R.D.



don't listen to the rest

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Adam - Hands All Over was Maroon 5's last good album. Songs About Jane is iconic but It Won't Be Soon Before Long is my favorite. Nothing since he's been on the show has been worth more than one listen.

Blake - I can't say I've listened to any of his songs more than once or twice out of interest. Mostly just the country aspect of everything.

Christina - Was too young when her debut came out, but Stripped and Back to Basics have some of the best songs of my childhood. Obviously one of the most powerful vocalists of our generation, but everything Bionic to now has been dreadful.

Cee Lo - I like Forget You and Crazy but I don't really need to hear from this person again.

Shakira - As a Colombian, I feel like it would be a sin to not love her. Even though I don't heavily anticipate her albums or anything, I always find several bops on each album. Love her! Every one of her singles has been fantastic in my book.

Usher - R&B king! It's never a bad time when an Usher song comes on, regardless of when it came out. I was playing a 2000s/Millennial throwback playlist and each time Usher came on you just had to take a second to remember how good he was at the start of the career and how consistent he's stayed up to now.

Gwen - Was too young for No Doubt in their prime but I consistently play their tracks. As a solo artist, LAMB is one of the best albums of the 2000s, fight me if you think otherwise. Sadly I think she peaked there but I still love hearing her.

Pharrell - Looking through his producer credits would probably irritate me but obviously he's qualified for the show. Regarding his own music, Frontin' is the only song that I genuinely enjoy.

Miley - Watching Hannah Miley from 2006 to know and riding that journey has been insane. She has some very high points from her Disney Days and post-Twerkgate, but she's equally capable of doing awful music as well. Singer/Songwriter Miley is fantastic and I think she's massively underrated because of her scandals.

Alicia - This woman dropped 5 albums of straight fire (didn't care too much for her last one) and she's still so underappreciated! If I Ain't Got You, as overdone as it is, is possibly one of my favorite songs of all time. We don't deserve her.

JHud - As a vocalist, this woman can do almost anything! Her discography isn't that impressive itself (I adore Spotlight though!), but hearing her voice on a cover or anything else is a treat.

Kelly - THIS WOMAN WAS MY CHILDHOOD. I memorized every word to the entire Breakaway album at age 7 and I'm positive I can still do like 90% of it if I was forced to sing it at gunpoint. All I Ever Wanted is another 10/10 album in my book. Just so, so, so great. Getting her on the show was such a gift.

John - A fantastically gifted guy that does great music that I honestly don't listen to unless it happens to come on.

Nick - As a guy growing up in the 2000s, I hated the Jonas Brothers with every fiber of my being. By like 2014 I think it was safe to publicly come out as a JoBros fan in retrospect and they consistently produced quality pop for us and they're part of the soundtrack to my childhood. I don't care for Nick's solo stuff, barring maybe one or two songs.




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12 hours ago, Someone648 said:


Usher - R&B king! It's never a bad time when an Usher song comes on, regardless of when it came out. I was playing a 2000s/Millennial throwback playlist and each time Usher came on you just had to take a second to remember how good he was at the start of the career and how consistent he's stayed up to now.




Did you see any of his live streamed show this week?


God, I forgot how good of a live singer he was..he's on the same level as Kelly and Xtina. 

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1 hour ago, mercfan3 said:


Did you see any of his live streamed show this week?


God, I forgot how good of a live singer he was..he's on the same level as Kelly and Xtina. 

I missed it sadly, but agree. People forget how good he is but let the first few seconds of U Got It Bad/Yeah/Love in This Club play and you have the entire room's attention.

I'm not convinced there's anyone else right now capable of coming out with proper baby making music as great as Usher. ;)


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On 5/22/2020 at 5:11 PM, TeamAudra said:

I don’t listen to any of their music. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s good....Just not my style. 

Mostly same as me as well, except for Kelly ad a FEW of the Jonas brothers songs, except I enjoy some of the other coaches  well known songs (If I Ain’t Got You, All Of Me, Don’t Speak, etc.) 

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Adam- I actually thought his halftime show was pretty good. Not a big fan of his tone but his old music was good. I dont like today's pop in general 


Ceelo- Maybe I'm ignorant but don't see how he is qualified to coach. One hit song though it was good

Christina- Haven't followed her lately but Beautiful is a classic as is Fighter and Candyman. Her singing can be a bit much and she should tone it down but she can do things with her voice no one pm the panel can

Blake- Dont really listen to new country 

Shakira- She is good

Pharell- dont kmow much on him honestly

Alicia -Love her vibe and her tone. Always glad to hear her voice. Own a couple albums

Usher- Was a big fan in high school but not so into the macho stuff / bro r and b anymore 

Jennifer- Great voice but prefer her covers and acting

John- Love his old stuff. Things like All of me and the newer stuff are kinda cheesy-

Kelly- was a huge fan growing up. In retrospect some of her old stuff was cheesy but Because of You and Since U been gone are integral parts of music history.  I actually like her third album and the current the most. Probably one of my top 5 favorite vocalists of all time

Nick- Eh he's ok

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