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  1. Some of the stuff people are giving him credit for they never credited Trump. Like yeah we got a small stimulus check even Trump gave that. I wouldnt say he's been terrible but he totally folded on the 15 dollar minimum wage, has done nothing about healthcare, nothing has really been done about the border situation and is even spending more on the military than Trump! I'm also not a fan of Critical Race Theory which he backs. Its not a common topic but if you look into it its basically racism rebranded for 2021. Of course if its him vs Desantis he still has my vote lol
  2. I dont think Arthur will win though. He couldnt beat Sam who is not as good as Casey or Grace and Sam is not even Idol's target audience.
  3. All of a sudden I have an inkling to watch "Sausage Party{ again https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1700841/
  4. Hunter singing a Keith Urban sounding version of this. He knows what he's doing
  5. I love Michael Bolton... I dont think she can pull this off
  6. So I prefer more versatile singers but that guy has a great tone and vibe. Best of the night
  7. Lol ABC is gonna hate him admitting he didnt watch the movie.
  8. That low tone was so pretty and then the growling kicked in. She sounds like Toni Braxton on the lower notes
  9. She sings with more maturity at 16 than any contestant I've seen besides Allision Iraheta. Just needs to work on the head voice a little.
  10. For some reason I was hoping Cassandra would do Pinnochio. I think it would sound really nice with her voice
  11. Willie doing the Lion King? Im proud of Alyssa-not picking the most obvious song
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