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  1. Bingo. Dude doesnt even believe in Science. That is pretty far right.
  2. She has a beautiful voice but it is quite glaringly obvious money is the main priority in her life. Hence why she marries a guy twice her age
  3. sneaky

    Baseball Thread

    Man I was feeling so good about our chances and now Austin Meadows looks to be gone :(. And the Yankees are looking like a buzzsaw the last couple weeks
  4. I may be a little biased but I think Republicans have been the agressor in this. Republicans and their voters were outright nasty to Obama pledging to block anything he did. Then, during the 2016 election the Republicans were more aggressive towards liberals calling them snowflakes and libtards. I think liberals finally got fed up and now are nasty as hell to conservatives. And now a lot of Dems have developed strong TDS. I will also say though, I am starting to see both parties tend to work for the same people. A lot of what is done is just political theatre. That is why Democrats voted to increase Trump's military budget even though he is "so dangerous and a facist",That is why most of them vote to approve his federal judge appointees, etc The McConnell's, Schumer's , Pelosi's, Murkowski's have been in so long all they care about is keeping the throne.
  5. America is going to become like 20th century Ireland. And that may be a best case scenario
  6. That turkey necked bastard is nothing if not a hypocrite.
  7. I agree with this. Anyone differ?
  8. Keep pushin it Joe. There's always that chance i just stay home or vote green party
  9. Unfortunately I dont think the establishment wing will let Biden do it. Its a shame because Rogan is actually more progressive than the CNN/MSNBC journalists.
  10. Meh. I didnt watch the video but Jimmy kinda says the same thing over and over so I can guess what he will say. I will agree Trump is arguably slightly less of a warmonger than Clinton/Bush/Obama. Still hasnt gotten the troops out of the middle east. Its really only huge factory farms that are benefitting and they are the ones that poison Americans. For healthcare he is actively trying to take healthcare from many and has no plans to expand medicare or anything like that. Supposedly allowing for Americans to buy Canadian pharmaceuticals isnt enough to make up for that.
  11. I'm leaning towards Trump losing FL. He only won by 1% last time and his lying about covid is really affecting him with older voters. Last I checked he is actually losing the 65 and over crowd. That should be enough to flip FL and if he loses FL he has to sweep the rest of the swing states. (Assuming mail votes dont mysteriously get lost)
  12. I'll be vague with the company but they say the customer's employment/line of work on the main screen. Plus, when you have a 5 year old vehicle but owe a few thousand more than the vehicle is worth its a pretty clear indication to me you bought above your means. Like if you dont make six figures a Toyota is a good bet. They are generally reliable and are easier to fix but I feel a lot of Americans like to think they are better off than they are.
  13. They could still be working class. Working in auto insurance I see a lot of customers with very average salaries buying beamers and Jags only putting a few hundred down then getting pissed off that their vehicle gets totaled and they are upside down on their loan
  14. In other words this country is totally rigged for the heartland. Not just politically but economically if you look at how much the govt subsidizes things like dairy farming.
  15. I think Democrats want to lose. That way when millions are evicted from their homes and the economy really busts they can blame Trump. Long-term, establishment dems like Pelosi or Schumer dont really care who wins the white house. As long as they keep their seats and power everything is fine and dandy
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