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  1. From what I've seen its a lot of upper middle class white women (and some men too). I feel like money and success makes people more fearful because they have more to be taken. Trump's rhetoric doesn't help but I think most of them would have been that way without Trump. Its crazy how fast just a little bit of money and success changes some people. I live in a working class neighborhood in a largely working class city. I actually know someone from Columbia in a prestigious part of town who moved to America as a teen because of crime issues. He actually feels my neighborhood is sketchy even in light of what he experienced as a kid.
  2. This is not good https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/coronavirus/2020/07/03/daily-coronavirus-coverage
  3. I think it speaks to how far right Republicans actually are. Vast majority of the time when a politician has left a party it has been the Republican party. This even started before Trump. American Republicans would be extremists in most other countries.
  4. All three of the main hospitals in my city are booked with covid patients and new patients go to the neigboring towns. But at least everyone is wearing a mask in stores/at work. People are taking it more seriously now
  5. I really dont want to live as long as my grandparents. We are screwed
  6. Right but I really dont think Minneapolis is going to eliminate the Pd. Just probably restructure. Looking at the demographics of the city I dont think they would ever fo for that
  7. I've been pleasantly surprised at the supreme court rulings this week on LGBT civil rights and DACA. One of the main reasons I thought I would swallow and vote for Biden is the court becoming too lopsided. Maybe it will be ok if I just sit this one out or vote third party again...
  8. To play devil's advocate https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/06/12/camden-policing-reforms-313750 Also, pretty much every mid to large size city is run by Democrats. It stands to reason the larger the city the more crime
  9. Well Im back to the office as of this week but its not over in Florida. Im actually one of the guinea pigs to go back first. But cases in my demographic (millenials) are spiking big time due to bars being open again. Not deadly at all for milennials but its still worrisome passing it on to older folks not to mention what i can do to your lungs
  10. At this point really wondering who the f--- trains cops and how they are trained. WAy too often that they shoot people running away.
  11. I mean there are always going to be trolls. There was a guy several years ago that went around having white people pay him money and prostrate and worship him.
  12. I'm fairly confident Trump is screwed. The economy is shot so he needs to rely on new voters which he is not capable of getting. Unfortunately, I think Biden winning will be the worst thing that could happen for the Democrats. They will believe they can elect the worst, inept, most status quo candidate and win.
  13. Oh no, I was hoping she could break the cycle of family dysfunction. I hope the huge career is worth it
  14. This is why we cant assume every incident is motivated by race. Sounds like Floyd's murder was personal for Chauvin. STill needs to be locked up for life but just sayin...
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