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  1. Totally impossible that a dude that had a scam university is screwing u again. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. I hope for people here's sake that Biden grants an economic stimuls for the American people. Ya'll will need it after donating all your money to this charade https://www.marketwatch.com/story/money-donated-to-trump-effort-to-overturn-election-loss-in-court-flowing-to-slush-fund-says-campaign-finance-pro-01605189813
  3. I think these shows star making potential ended when the demos changed. I think I remember seeing the median age of the audience now is 60. TBh I dont even think "minivan" is an accurate description of the demos. Minivan would be mom in her 30s or 40s and on average there is quite a bit of difference between that audience and the semi retired audience. I remember I was in middle/high school during the first half of Idol. There was a decent amount of enthusiasm in the show from kids then but somewhere along the line that clearly changed. Contestants now probably have to go the CCM
  4. Yeah I cant feel too bad for Marisa. This sounds like sour grapes. In the battles she defintely had the upper hand in song choice, key choice, parts. Her high notes are great but maybe my ears are off but a lot of the verses in her knockout sounded shaky and off. I also dont like country at all but Tanner sounded pretty solid for a male country singer. Yes his song was easy but even on songs like that I've seen many male country singers in the business sound like s--t. I can see why he won the battle.
  5. Trump is probably paying her an extraordinary amount. Plus she is no spring chicken she probably wants to retire soon and go out with a bang.
  6. Why do you type like you work for the sleazy tabloid sold at the cash register?
  7. I love Alanis but in what world is that song right for Kelsie's voice. I'm disappointed in Kelly that she would let that happen too. Also the line :Are you thinking of me when you f---her probably wouldnt fly
  8. Blake would at least make blood bath. Country guy good song writer , charisma. That said from what I've heard of his live singing it seems to lack nuance or a nice tone. I think he might take a path like Gyth Kelly would be interesting. She went through Idol as an old school r and b singer and honestly I think she actually prefers to sing R and b or Jazz. I'm not sure if the current voice demo would really get behind a white girl singing Aretha and Dionne Warrick. However, she's pretty driven for success and fame so she would probably go country, country/pop and win Jo
  9. A lot of the audience probably couldnt wrap their head around John doing opera. Though I dont follow that closely, does he actually want to do opera?
  10. I present to you. World. Class. Lawyer. Rudolph Guiliani
  11. I listened to one of her previous clips you posted. Makes Biden sound like a Rhodes Scholar
  12. Unfortunately with America moving at least surface level fo the right the Democrats dont really speak to true liberals or Progressives. Most progressives voted for Biden to spite Trump. Democrats are a lot about surface level appearance. Think of BLM or LGBT flags at work. Think of the brand names like Land o lakes and cream of wheat ( which ironically what they are doing is actually erasure) Yet most long standing Democrats dont really lobby for real social change ( ie: they dont lobby much against for profit prisons, they are often against marijuana legalization etc)
  13. I dont get the point of "Worth the Wait." They have no chance to win as they completely contradict the show (The Voice). If you wanted to put a group in for ratings why not put through One up a couple years back? Either of those two on their own could have turned a chair or two. None of these three would be able to turn a chair on their own.
  14. I dont agree with Biden's call for unity. What's the point of me being unified and friendly with these 2/5 of Republicans. I know who's in my corner and I dont need people like that to like me.
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