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  1. I gotta say I dont really like the below, specifically this paragraph. If they monitor this what else are they gonna monitor? Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages. The goal is to ensure that people who may have difficulty getting a vaccination because of issues like transportation see those barriers lessened or removed entirely. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/07/12/biden-covid-vaccination-campaign-499278
  2. I think both Biden and Trump both say a lot of cringey things. They're men that lived through segregation so their worldview is never going to align with people under 50. Although I agree with some of Biden's goals I hate the whole fear mongering about white supremacy. Since he's lived so long he knows the history He knows they have little power in society anymore.
  3. I still am liberal in terms of better wages, better access to education better healthcare, equal rights, enviornmentalism etc. But I hate the way the Democrats and liberals has been trying to divide by identity increasingly often. Even Joe Biden saying that white supremacy is the largest threat to America today. Like...really?? I know one whole racist person and he's a poor old white man with cancer that lives in a trailer. I live in a mixed neighborhood myself. Minorities are not"hunted in the streets" like the rhetoric says
  4. W/o giving too much info, Crist is my local rep. He's had good numbers in my area but my area is bluer than 90% of Florida. He hasn't really done much one way or another. I dont think he could beat Desantis
  5. Facts. Adam is the most talented vocalist the show ever had besides possibly Kelly
  6. Tim Urban's apologize and Jim Verraros season 1 were pretty bad. But Paige's against all odds and Lazaros close to you were so shockingly off key
  7. Based on American Idol Runs 1). David Cook 2). Candace 3) Fantasia 4) Caleb 5) Kelly- *The first few seasons were karaoke and she wasnt very experienced in performance and artistry. If it were today she'd be at the top 6) Jordin 7)Trent Ruben 9) Carrie- as a pro she'd be top 5 but she was inexperinced 10) Taylor 11) Maddie 12) Kris 13) Scotty 14) Lee 15)Nick 16) Laine 17) Philli 18) Chayce 19) Sam
  8. I've watched Seasons 13-20 and I think this might be the second weakest final behind Season 16. I kind feel Cam is the only one who showed they deserved to be there and in Season 16 I thought only Maelyn showed she was deserving. At least this time the rest of the cast were not just country singers.
  9. I imagine they get paid a little and its still an oppurtunity to have a little vacation and sing on national tv. If you can afford to leave home for a few weeks, why not?
  10. If minivan isnt familiar with Ariana's music I think they'll be turned off by lyrics like "break up with your girl friend you can hit it in the morning" I'm no puritan and even I feel a little iffy about that
  11. I had felt bad for what Arthur went through but I shouldnt have. What a douhce. And to think he thinks Sheryl should sing with him another time.
  12. Actually come to think of it I dont think I've ever seen a really (subjectively) cute or handsome guy win the voice. And on American Idol there's really only been 2 really good looking guys win in 20 seasons
  13. I think there is a bit of a biological/evolutionary instinct that leads to women forming rivalries with other women. The other part is that the guys on Team Blake tend voters (mainly boomer aged women) perceive as being more similar to their type of guy and having their values and experiences. Guys like Kenzie and the WGWG on Team Blake are never above average looking but the voters identify with them culturally
  14. And the irony is the audience is probably about 85% female...
  15. To my ear both of Pia's live performances were flat and her save song did not fit her voice (I'm sure she didnt pick it) Gihanna is talented for her age but she still needs to mature into her voice because it sounds kinda shaky to me. I do agree on Dana though. She's really only showed one trick but She deserves to make it to the finale
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