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  1. Corporate Liberalism. Big companies love this shit because it makes them appear woke. Easy to bash working class whites, keep people divided while flying your and rainbow flags while sucking up more profit. They dont give a shit about improving worker wages or conditions. I hate corporate democrats.
  2. Dems better got some ish done now after this waste of time. Many liberals know they survived an unqualified, clinical narcissist for 4 years. We wont be scared not to turn out again next time.
  3. Small business and the working class are drowning and our govt and media care about...Impeachment!! The silver lining is even the woke types on my Facebook aren't even caring about it anymore.
  4. Thank you, Joe. Puerto Rico has been massively screwed. That's a risky move from McConnell. I dont know the exact numbers but I would guess 35-50 percent of the GOP believes in some form of q anon, stolen election and the illuminati. He's losing a big chunk of his base.
  5. https://news.yahoo.com/publix-grocery-heiress-top-funder-165825190.html Ok I know Trump is over but this story is interesting. I get why a wealthy person would vote for Trump because, generally, when you are worth a certain amount that is the most important thing to you and you will vote in your interest to keep every penny even though you'll be insanely rich in any scenario. I also understand, though misguided, why someone who is poor or whose life feels unfullfilled or not how they planned it to be a Trump enthusist to a point of joining a cult like this. I dont understand how so
  6. Honestly Kelly is very talented and I think she started out as a nice, funny person. However, she's a big brand and you dont get two big deals with a network like NBC with out having a little bit of ice and "idgaf" in your veins.
  7. I'd rather just get everyone vaccinated asap. Problem is getting everything organized to do so We dont want every vulnerable person to get it because deaths will sky rocket.
  8. That's the thing people dont get. Im not for lockdowns or anything like that but this isnt just a cold. Its an actual disease with possible long term reprecussions https://health.ucdavis.edu/coronavirus/covid-19-information/covid-19-long-haulers.html https://www.geisinger.org/health-and-wellness/wellness-articles/2020/12/08/17/12/i-have-post-covid-myocarditis
  9. To play devil's advocate I do worry about kids in school. We dont know what the long term ramifications of the virus are. Remember the case of the basketball player that got covid, returned and collapsed on the court We adults have a choice on how much we want to risk and they dont. I'm excited that we're hosting the super bowl with 30% capacity. We'll see if this is a trainwreck lol
  10. Interesting because I believe the Super bowl is on CBS this year.
  11. Regardless of what you think about the nature of executive orders themselves what do you think of Biden's orders? I think its a mixed bag but overal pretty good.t I can get behind rejoining the Paris climate agreement, ending the keystone pipeline (because it wasnt our land to build on) and a path to citizenship for undocumented young people. Not so sure about ending the "Muslim ban". I think we do see evidence from Europe is many people who come from these countries have values at odds with ours.
  12. I appreciate him not escalating war as much as Obama in the middle east. That said all his lies, his lack of care with the pandemic and lack of him addressing structural issues in our country make him not worth it as president and possibly the worst president in my lifetime I do not give him credit for what conservatives tend to credit him with. For instance, conservatives credit him with keeping unemployment low pre covid and lowering minority un employment but that was already going down before Obama left he just had to not screw it up
  13. Off topic but looks like a couple people here are too crazy for even Alex Jones now. Congrats!
  14. Its bout the money and power. Twitter has a lot more and can afford to get away with it
  15. Maybe its not actually free speech Parler cares about..Seems they didnt care to moderate their own users https://abcnews.go.com/Business/amazon-reveals-violent-content-death-threats-led-parlers/story?id=75221495 https://www.geekwire.com/2021/amazon-responds-parlers-lawsuit-calls-meritless-cites-content-advocating-violence/
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