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  1. Jim is 57?? Now I really feel like a creep. I thought he is attractive but I literally thought he was 40. I thought Sasha was like a teen but maybe not
  2. So don't let them fool you the right loves cancel culture and tribalism too https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/trump-restaurant-anti-biden-posters-b1939292.html
  3. Because the idol contestants are less polarizing. I havent seen all seasons of the voice but the ones ive seen are all r and b and gospel singers which isn't as popular with middle America. Sam was a pop singer and Jordin was a straight up pop singer. Kelly was more r and b influenced than both of them. Candace was more jazz inspired which is a popular genre for older people because its easier to listen to. They also massively rigged her season. The only exception would be Fantasia but she's more unique in the gospel/r and b genre than the contestants on The Voice are
  4. I would presume American Idol and The Voice have similar viewship. In 2020 a black woman won Idol. She was also a lesbian with tattoos and from NYC. Not exactly minivan bait. Sam sang straight up pop and I think that plays better. Gospel and actual R and B music is too polarizing stylistically
  5. What do you think caused it? Biden isnt laying off people or sending workers home. The supply chain issue wasnt automatic because America has so much excess and now the excess is drying up
  6. Biden didnt cause supply chain issues. It started when factories were shut down for long periods during the peak of the panemic and this is the direct result.
  7. So Sad to hear about Aussie. I've been there and it was a wonderful country superior to America--at one time at least
  8. I think Hailey has the best chance to go far but I think 4th place is her ceiling. She has a good voice but as expected for a middle schooler doesnt seem to have a great connection to what she sings (based on what I heard). Brynn and Chevel both seemed to connect to their songs and both acted a little older than their age.
  9. Just sayin but sans CA and NY I wouldnt mind moving to any of those if circumstances were right. My neighbor Alabama? Not so much But Joe's numbers are pretty bad especially becuise majority of polls have a slight Democrat bias. But the Democratic party deserves it for their rigging the past five years)
  10. I'm obviously against breaking an entry or spying or whatever happened. But she does not give a shit what is best for America. She cares about her career and pocketbook just like Manchin as well as long standing figures on the right like McConnell. They are the reason for America's downfall. Her biggest donor is Goldman Sachs https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/kyrsten-sinema/summary?cid=N00033983
  11. I actually find this odd. I feel terrible for these caribbean island nations devastated by Hurricanes and poverty but how did all these Haitians manage to even make their way into Mexico in the first place? Mexico requires passports and other regulations just to enter
  12. The way it was presented was more so along the lines of it preventing covid rather than usually just lessening symptoms. I guess I feel like even though the vaccine is far from perfect its a net positive or at the worst neutral so I dont get the uproar about getting it. But i obviously dont think you can mandate the vaccine to the general public and I'm over masks.
  13. For the mandates I think they should be dropped for the most part. I'm not sure about kids since they cant be vaccinated but I see both sides as this could be hurting their mental health being masked every day for years. And for the government enforced vaccines I'm fine with that. I use the uno reverse card and if people dont like it then maybe other people didnt like getting fired over their sexual orientation
  14. Well looks like he is a bit of a nut. Anyone remotely associated with Stella"demon sex" Immanuel I wouldnt pick. From the Orlando Sentinel: For starters, the new surgeon general took part in a news conference in July 2020 — organized by a group called America’s Frontline Doctors — on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building to promote hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID (it’s not). Ladapo was among those doctors in their white lab coats, as was Dr. Stella Immanuel, she of the demon dream sex theory. Another participant was the group’s founder, Dr. Simone Gold, who also has been charged in connection with the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol by Donald Trump’s supporters.
  15. With the season winding down we are close to an AL East Title. I'm not too optimistic about a world series run with all the young pitchers and injuries but I'm proud of our little team that could. Only a fraction of the payroll of Boston and NEw york
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