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Single Dumbest Decision from each coach


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In IDF we love to hate on the coaches decisions¬†ūüėā, what do you think has been THE single dumbest mistake a coach did, that could have or actually has cost them a season.


Adam- Dropping Josh Kaufman in S6, who went on to win the season.

Blake- Dropping Corey Jackson in S17, who could have given Hoot a run for his money.

Pharrell- The direction he made Luke Wade take in S7, those song choices ugh.

Alicia- Dropping Michael Sanchez in S11, who definitely would have been better recieved that Sara'yah.

Gwen- keeping Ryan Sill for as long as she did.

Christina- The direction she made Matthew Schuler take. "When a Man loves a Woman" really?

Miley- The infamous elimination of both Addison and Chloe from her team in S13, who went to be the Top 2.

Usher- His song choices for Bria Kelly.

Ceelo- Keeping Erin Martin.

Jennifer- The diva direction she made Davon Fleming take.

Kelly- Dropping Mikaela Astiel and Jackson Marlow in the battles.( I know that's 2 but both of them could have been vote magnets)

Shakira- All of her song choices in S6.

John- Dropping Thunderstorm in S18.












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Adam- Season 15's Robegate. Any shot he had at getting someone in the finale (via the Instant Save) was gone the minute he threw DeAndre under the bus.

Blake- Picking Cali over Gracee for the coach save last season; being country/country-pop with the most popular coach could've gotten her at least through the top 11. 

Pharrell- Luke Wade's entire live show run.

Alicia- Sa'Rayah winning the KO was a mistake, but tbh that's the only really dumb thing I remember her doing.

Gwen- Braiden Sunshine over Lyndsey Elm (or Ryan Sill over Beth Spangler/Bryana Salaz).

Christina- Picking Nick Hagelin for her coach comeback in Season 10. 

Miley- Ashland over Chloe and Moriah.

Usher- The Bria Kelly fiasco; he bribed her with a Grammy but he had no idea what to do with her.

Ceelo- Keeping Erin Martin.

Jennifer- Keeping Davon away from the gospel lane.

Kelly- Dropping Mikaela Astel and Rizzi Myers in Season 16.

Shakira- Season 6 (Kristen is the only artist she didn't completely screw up song choices for, and it showed).

John- Letting his ego get in the way of keeping Thunderstorm.

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Adam- is this even a question though? ūüėā. Obviously, bussing Deandre for that robe-y dovey teen girl. That really ended him. (S15)


Blake- dropping Gracee for Cali (who had a terrible performance). Then Cali flopped hard in the next round. (S17) ūü§Ę


Kelly- dropping Rizzi, who I think would've fared better than Presley. And Mikaela also, she's got that teen girl aura going and she's pretty popular because of her blinds. (S16)


John- dropping Thunderstorm (S18), now it'll haunt him forever, when TStorm wins (if only) ūüėā


Pharrell- I have expected Luke (S7) to be good in the Lives, but the way Pharrell had molded him in the Lives? Nah.


Christina- the path that he chose for Bryan (S10) and Matthew (S5) in the Lives didn't worked out for both of them. 


Alicia- dropping Felicia over Quizz (S12). Seriously bruh? ūüėā


Gwen- dropping Bryana Salaz, Beth Spangler, and more for Ryan Sill (S7)? ūü§Ę


Jennifer- choosing Shi'Ann Jones over Hannah and Chris. (S13)


Ceelo- obviously, keeping Erin Martin. (S2)


Miley- choosing Ashland over Chloe and Karli over Addison lol, she would've had amazing 3 finalists: Addison, Chloe, and Brooke, but I guess, you really can't have it all ūüėā. (S13)


Usher- man, the choices of Usher for Bria in the pre-lives and lives was bad. He really didn't know what to do with rockers. (S4)


Shakira- for being a very weak coach (jk). She screws up the song choices for her artists.

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Gwen picking Taylor John Williams over Troy Ritchie, and Adam picking Damien over Toia, both in S7.


These aren’t technically bad decisions, (Damien made finale and TJW made semifinals) but after watching Toia and Troy’s performances again, I still can’t believe their coaches eliminated them at that moment.


An actual dumb decision would be Xtina bringing back Nick Hagelin as her comeback. Idk if it was her or the producers’ idea, but it was horrible either way to bring back the worst singer to ever be on the Voice.

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8 minutes ago, Daillon said:

An actual dumb decision would be Xtina bringing back Nick Hagelin as her comeback. Idk if it was her or the producers’ idea, but it was horrible either way to bring back the worst singer to ever be on the Voice.

It's been said that Christina actually wanted to bring back Kristen Marie, who imo was underrated and deserved to win her battle. But the producers made her bring back Nick instead.

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