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  1. I just want the voting system to change. They need to make it that it's 10 votes TOTAL per account where you can divide your points. The team Blake supporters spamming ruins the entire show.
  2. Well the order changed but glad my top 10 made it. I would say my new top 3 are : Timothy, Mark and Stellar.
  3. Voice UK is terrible, I haven't been able to watch any season. The coaches seem bland, the interactions are bland, they turn at the last minute, boring boring boring. 1- Voice US. As far as entertaining TV show with most genuine LOL moments from me. Kelly, Blake, Nick, Gwen, John..All good chemistry. 2- Voice Aus. As far as talent, although I would say there is a big gap between top tier talent, and some random talents get 3-4 chairs but they shouldn't even go in. 3- Voice Germany Kids. Great talent usually there. 4- Voice Holland. Another show with usually all talent being really good.
  4. that's honestly the last season I'll watch if Guy is coaching. Every week I say he's horrible, but he just keeps getting worse. Wtf are those song choices? Adam and Johnny were handpicked by him beforehand to win, and he still couldn't chose good songs for them to shine. He's shit and horrible. I really hope they never bring him back next season.
  5. lmao I'm so happy people aren't afraid to call out Guy's crap. He screwed Elyse over as well and he knows it.
  6. What the f? Anyone with two functioning brain cells could tell Mason wasn't rude but Guy just wanted attention and was rude. Horrible coach. Cheater. Arrogant and terrible arrangements and song choices for his artists.
  7. No one should sing a Michael Jackson song on the voice anymore. This guy blew everyone's minds. Max Boyle put that song to rest and no one will come close to doing any Billie Eilish as good as he did here. What a breakout moment He released his studio version recently Does anyone how she's able to do that vocally? Holy shit that's impressive. Not sure her best one though. This was impressive as hell ^
  8. He's also quite rude, I didn't like what he said to Mason Lloyde. What an arrogant mess of a coach. I hope Johnny gets stolen before the lives cause i see Guy not making the finals again.
  9. Guy is a trash coach lmao. He's a mess. What terrible song choices and terrible coach. He shouldn't make the finals again.
  10. My favorites so far 1- Adam Ludewig - Team Guy 2- Stellar Perry - Team Delta 3- Timothy Bowen - Team Guy 4- Jesse Teinaki - Team Delta 5- Matt Gresham - Team Delta 6- Masha Mnjoyan - Team Kelly 7- Alex Weybury - Team Kelly 8- Angela Fabian - Team George 9- Johnny Manuel - Team Guy 10- Mark Furze - Team Kelly My absolute top 3: Alex Weybury, Johnny Manuel and Adam Ludewig. Can't pick my 1-3 ranking yet. lol reading all about the potential drama concerning Guy is interesting. Why does TV Aus always bend the rules? Delta's been mostly guilty of this, now Guy. I someties hope a lot of stuff is scripted into the show by TPTB and the coaches aren't being stupid. Like getting upset over someone calling her "beautiful" was cringe.
  11. Max really slayed that song. He won that KO vs Katie IMO. Arguably the biggest break-out performance in The Voice history. he went from a 6 to a 9 real quick. Kennedy recently released this, not sure if I saw it here, but loved it.
  12. they don't seem to be using the block feature much despite having 2 blocks each.
  13. 1- Adam Ludewig. Awesome job. 2- Stellar Perry. Seems similar to Diana from last season so far. Didn't really feel the rest, Roxane had good vocals as well but nothing special.
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