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The Voice S24 - Team Gwen playoffs (Poll)


The Voice S24 - Team Gwen playoffs (Poll)  

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  1. 1. Favorite Team Gwen performance?

    • Stee- Shut Up and Dance
    • BIAS - When I find God
    • RUDI - My All
    • Tanner Massey - Impossible
    • Lennon VanderDoes - Falling Slowly
    • Kara Tenae - Rain
  2. 2. Regarding Gwen´s choice for Top 3

    • She chose the correct 3. No complaints.
    • I don´t really agree, but I get it
    • She f***ed up.

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Lennon was phenomenal

Stee did great albeit a bit karaoke 

Kara delivered 

Tanner did better than i expected but nothing to write home about 

I expected more from  Rudi but she did bad here . Though I wish Gwen still advanced her over bias and tanner taking into account her overall amazing performances prior to this

Bias performed good but boring


imo Gwen messed up and while I love kara, I think Gwen shoudlve  picked the other 3 than the 3 she did. No offense to any of the 6 though  





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I think Gwen really messed up here but she got Kara right. I don't mind Tanner being chosen as he's got a lot of potential and he's really improving. BIAS is a big giant no from me. I don't get him and I can't connect with him. I'm sorry but I dislike his performances but like him as a person. I wish he would sing non country songs and sing soulful type of songs. 


1. Kara

2. Rudi

3. Lennon

4. Tanner

5. Stee

6. BIAS 

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1. Kara Tenae - Rain
2. Lennon VanderDoes - Falling Slowly
3. Rudi - My All / Mi Todo
4. Stee - Shut Up and Dance
5. Tanner Massey - Impossible
6. Bias - Where I Find God


And since I only agreed with one of her choices, I voted for "She f***ed up." :giggle: Only agreed with Kara. I would have put through Lennon and Rudi for the other two spots. I'm not totally against Tanner but I did like Lennon/Rudi/Stee more. I just don't get it with BIAS.

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