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15 hours ago, *Diana said:

Not witney not even thanking Wayne or giving him the time of day on IG 👀 

I love Witney but it’s not that unusual for her. 💀 For whatever reason, she doesn’t usually remain friends with her partner after the season’s over.

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20 hours ago, *Wallace said:

Ooh wow I was not expecting that. 😮 But aww congrats to Daniel & Britt. I wish them all the best and happiness. ❤️ 

The way they looked at each other during the season sort of gave it away. Britt (33) is in the cast of Dancing with the Stars Live 2023, and Daniel has been appearing on tour as a special guest. So they've had time to get even closer since the season ended.

Britt's message for Daniel's 33rd birthday on 12/24/22 - https://www.instagram.com/p/Cmk2Ag8rCqs



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