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  1. Apparently he tested positive and his snl appearance is rescheduled for nov https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9650226/ed-sheeran-snl-musical-guest-kieran-culkin-host/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR0eW6rq2jigy6hXd2wR1EtDJawPTab22SzstXm1U5_V6BwFO4mwl2JD8Qk
  2. He started on the voice last night
  3. Wow no swap this season?!
  4. I love grease Amanda and kenya danced my favourite songs. wow, Mel didn’t deserve to leave early, I think we’re in for a shock elimination and mels was like a warmup
  5. Wow, and I thought Amanda or jojo would get the first 10. riker and Allison’s pirates is still my fav but the fight was creative they should’ve saved hocus pocus for Halloween night good Brian austin green left, he couldn’t dance, he wasn’t my fav on 90210 either
  6. Von and Whitney’s a dream is a wish your heart makes and Normani and vals Mulan are still my favs
  7. Its thanksgiving weekend over here
  8. I got rid of it. It was getting expensive
  9. Surprised that overprotective and me against the music were not chosen
  10. They should’ve done some ballads like sometimes shocked that none of the guys bottom 2’d
  11. He’ll be on the voice as the mega mentor this year
  12. I think this is his official site https://www.adamlambert.net and I think he is signed, I don’t know what his label is btw that mad world with demi
  13. What?! She has more albums out from 2015?
  14. Oh idk lol I thought afp was worth 75
  15. lol @ AFP being worth more than runner up. So Tiffany got more money than df
  16. So obvious that he won i think the pre jurors would be fun live, ugh stupid covid
  17. The girls are better this season. Not surprised Martin left
  18. Ahzah so played better than big d. Big d is nothing but a jury goat i was rooting for her in that hoh endurance
  19. Visiting hours in a way, it’s like a rendition of perfect
  20. Eep so close to halloween yeah hope he goes international
  21. Wow 25 years i was singing 2 become 1 today, i don’t know why
  22. So he has two new singles out. OMG I love shivers. And I’ve had bad habits in my head this week. Anyone else like his new stuff?
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