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  1. Apparently, they got a visit from Zingbot this week. Nicole was crying, AGAIN because Zingbot got her good. I guess Zingbot got Christmas good too
  2. ahhhh and Tyler could've been out last week
  3. Of course, I never say I'll stop watching when it comes to BB, Survivor and Idol. --- That DaVonne and Memphis convo was cringe, we know they're both lying to each other
  4. Now Christmas, Nicole, Cody and Tyler are playing a clapping game. It's pretty embarrassing Dani and Memphis joins
  5. A second wave is here! but mostly in Toronto, Peel, Halton, Ottawa region. I wouldn't count London out yet, since we another case in a Wal Mart, Northwest of the city
  6. POV must be early since BB is getting them up super early
  7. Watch this If you help me get to a new page, I could post my last one ....
  8. The Charlie version of 'I Hope' is #10 on the overall Canadian iTunes!
  9. The "Nicole, you have just as many showmances as Dani has nominated" was probably Enzo's best Zingbot
  10. This is why you keep Jaysar around, Kevin and DaVonne! smh
  11. Kevin: "So over this season" Yeah.. us to, Kevin, us too
  12. Did Memphis ever mentioned what he really has in mind?
  13. I don't even know who to be mad at more, Kevin and DaVonne for believing a lie or Nicole for being dumb
  14. They should've still tied it. Nicole sucks
  15. There's a Hotel 4?! The first 3 are on netflix, I saw the 3rd in theatres though.. the one where they're on vacation?
  16. oh yea, I liked Tyler's "don't be a clown keep Ty around", I laughed lol
  17. ugh this alliance is boring. and I didn't like level 6 in BB20
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