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  1. KIM'S FAVOURITE SONGS OF 2019! 28. Believe - Adam Lambert Now I don't believe he released this as a single, it's just a cover single promoting his new album, Velvet, Adam proves he can really sing with this. Yes, I linked his performance at the 42st Kennedy Center Honors. oOOh it looks like Cher was there too! I was excited that he was re releasing this, it's my favourite from the Idol Hollywood rounds, oh and I bought it to support him, I love his lower vocals. This is almost like "What do you want from me" . lol He sounds good on every line, it's just so crisp and clean, I couldn't pick a favourite part, I love it all, It's only here because there are other songs that I was literally addicted to, I wasn't as freaking out over this like I was with other songs I still love this though. Oh, he performed this on The Voice too with Katie Kadan here: 27. Lose You to Love Me - Selena Gomez I feel like this new era is a mature vibe from Selena, cause this song sure sounds mature. She looks mature in the video too. She sounds grown up in this too. I like how its in black and white; so authentic, lol. I read somewhere that this single was released after the break up, and it's for Justin Bieber, is that true? I like the pre chorus where she sing, "We'd always go into it blindly. I needed to lose you to find me". This song has been getting a lot of radio attention, it depends where I'm at with this song, it might make a comeback in 2020. 26. Good as Hell - Lizzo with Ariana Grande Another collaboration 2919 is the year for collaborations. I guess Lizzo re released this as a remix with Ariana. I'm gonna talk about this version because it's the one that I heard the most and it made me like the song.Yessss, I was strangely addicted to this when it came out. I think both girls sounds great on this. I love the lines, "cause he don't love you anymore". I also like when Ariana sings it then she is joined by Lizzo then the chorus kicks in. 25. 10,000 Hours - Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber Another collaboration! Yes, we are gonna talk about this one, since its the one that I became addicted to. The addiction of Justin just makes it sound too good and a bit less Country, I think. I don't know who Dan + Shay are but I was hooked on this song. The video looks so romantic and the song itself sounds very romantic. Unfortunatly, this is not my wedding song, I already found mine. It can be a song to dance to but not a first dance. 24. The Good Ones - Gabby Barrett I love that Youtube has the premiere dates. Anyways, I still don't think Gabby suits country or has a country voice but I love this song. It's cute, sweet and romantic. I wonder if Gabby was thinking of Cade when singing this. lol I love the bridge in this where she sings, "We should all find us one, they're out there, minus one, some of the good ones yeah I got a good one".
  2. I don't quite understand the video. lol
  3. Yessss, you did but I forget where you it. Yeah, I was laying in bed and browsing iTunes. lol I had a tumour removed from my head, now I'm stuck with this for years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracheotomy and stuck with a disability. The tumour affected a lot of y left side, my physio stuff, ability to breathe and swallow. lol @ you comparing your list to mine. Ooooh, this was his breakthrough? hhahahhaha n hackedo wonder. My twitter was hacked, so I haven't been on it. Yeah, didn't hear it too muchl only clips, so I'm not sick of it. I did control myself. I forget where I heard this from actually. haha, what does it sound like? It's at 30 because, this is way back when I like/love these songs. Obv, I don't like it now. Yeah, ' close to me" is catchier but it doesn't qualify to be on this list. What happened to Juice WRLD again? There are more songs that I like/love better. Wow now I'm shocked that you actually like this. I assumed he was given it because he doesn't write his own songs. lol Hmm, I should listen to it again to hear a Prince vibe. I'll post another set tomorrow.
  4. Ooooh I didn't know that. Yeah,, just the beat especially at the beginning. OOOhh, I should do my research. I love both Taylor songs on intermission 3 and 4. I would refer to SYGB as the song to me as well. I saw "Light My Candle" when I was watching the show. lol
  5. I watched the live feeds all last year. I'll be doing the same this year.
  6. You can see something else too but I forget. This IDF is more creepier. OH, you can see what device you recently used like, computer, phone, etc.
  7. I love the fact that Rob wants to work with Parvati, AND i love the Yul, Sophie, Wendell and Nick alliance. I have a feeling that alliance could go far, they all seem smart.
  8. Steph mess up her game. Judd and Cindy shouldn't have left. That was Rafe and Danni's doing, especially with Judd. Danni did whatever it took to stay in, Steph should've been more aggressive. I used too be all for Steph too but after re watching multiple times, I realized Danni deserved her win, Steph was really sloppy. _____________________ Ew can't believe Natalie left first. Now Danni played a messy game. And yay, Ethan didn't go ep 1 or 2! Yea... Ben was annoying in ep 2
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