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  1. My saviour is just in time for easter
  2. Wow at the drama this season unfortunately no feeds this year julie and latoya could’ve brought fierce to the show
  3. She’s performing at the inauguration ceremony tonight! https://twitter.com/ddlovato/status/1349363014080802818
  4. Drivers license has like exploded lol
  5. So after tons of listens, I think evermore is better than folklore, even willow is a better leading single than cardigan, though, Betty and exile are still my favourites. Honourable mentions to, mirror ball, seven, august and the last great American dynasty
  6. If Ontario had a curfew, you would be allowed to go out at night for work. Apparently the new virus is more contagious
  7. What? yeah I think that’s dumb, not everything happens at night
  8. Now Ontario’s in a second state of emergency and people with smart phones got an alert that a stay home was ordered i guess it seems to be working , cases were under 3000 tody
  9. Her bonus tracks are out Right where you left me It’s time to go
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