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  1. That's so cool and it airs tomorrow on that site!
  2. Saved by the bell is coming!
  3. BBCan9 starts next year, their holding auditions already!
  4. ew. Enzo was always a bonehead anyways
  5. Thank god Cody cut Nicole. Yea despite how predictable it is, he deserved that win lol @ Nicole crying infront of Julie
  6. THANK GOD, Jeannie was saved. Derek, WTFF??!!! I think she might be the shock boot though, I don't think she has a lot of fans... I think Kaitlyn had a Skai moment where her fans pulled through and Jeannie ended up in the bottom How is Disturbia a paso song? Justina is growing on me i don't like some of the villains, they were creepy
  7. It's official, positions has grown on me lol
  8. Aw, I wanted to see how Janelle, Kaysar and Keesha did, now that their older and playing with a bunch of youngins'
  9. Nicole calling herself the best player
  10. He had the chance to evict her. He’s a bonehead
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