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  1. Yeah it's like Grease: Live, I've got to see Rent now. Ooooh, I can see that since she was Rizzo in Grease. I Wass, 'causa she was in the new Power Rangers
  2. huh? Where did this comment come? Anyways why are you not surprised? Maybe I'll just do it in your thread. Oooh 5 grammys? I don't count on how many everyone gets... I did listen to it! I had found the short version when waving the long. lol Why did you decide not use it? This is "Salt" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EfE0vhxt1o I found it from Amazon Music lol. And OTY is not an album track, it's from, Miss Americana. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJU-S1t2r1M it's like a 2min song lol btw since i don't know where my reply went, I orged Ellie in a Big Brother one Came in 3rd. lol Surprised to see Ava AND The Jonas Brothers in your top 3... I like all those songs especially #2 and 3. Yay thanks for the shout out! I knew, if not " Señorita" then "Truth Hurts" has to be #1. Oooh comparing Ava to GaGa? I read a youtube comment comparing those two. Yeah now that I look at it, she is similar to GaGa's old days.
  3. Whoaaa, they did a Rent Live?! Let m4 guesss, Vanessa is Mimi??? And yay for " Speechless", That song was written for the live movie but it's a nice soft ballad, I didn't know Naomi sings?!
  4. I can't help it, once I like a song, I have a habit of playing its over and over again. It's happening with '"Intentions". Yeah, I don't think Billie cares either, she's got that old school Avril Lavigne attitude. lol Same to me as ewell, there are some songs that I can love from those types of artists. m Really? Only the 3 of us on here like that song?! Oh i would re watch the video, Yeah, never heard it before. Whoaaaaa, there's a video for "Intentions"?! i feel like "No Good" is a 2018-2019 song. Yay for 'The Man' being included. You should used this one though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbEekLA7J3Y boo @ no "Salt" by Ava Max And "Only the Young" by Taylor Swift. I'm surprised that Ava is pretty high.
  5. And Sandra replied to it on Facebook. lol
  6. 6. Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - “I Don't Care:” I don't care if anyone else doesn't like this, I do. This is a catchy collaboration. Bieber is like a guilty pleasure of mine And I love Ed so the two of them together is like.... heaven. Yes, the video is cheesy but it don't bother me, I like cheese I only can remember the pool scene. 5. Ariana Grande - “7 rings:” I took a break with this song. I liked it at first, then I thought it was lame now I like it all over again. Fun, huh? 4. Sam Smith & Normani - “Dancing With A Stranger:” I didn't hear this.... until now. It's a nice slow collaboration between the two
  7. I don't remember no face, no seriously, I don't. You are sillier. mmmmcmm. I love 'Love Me Like You Do' too but kinda sick of it since I overplayed it. I guess because Señorita took a long time to show up hence why I predicted to be #1. Yeah, you're almost done. Yeah.. I overplayed this too Billie isn't popular on here, which is a shame. She's growing on me a bit, she's like Lorde, it takes time for to like those types.
  8. That's like Russell thinking she won't get votes.
  9. Video for Adore You!
  10. 62. Normani - Motivation: don't care for this 61. Sunset City - Forget It All (featuring Samantha Jade): nht but ooh, Samantha Jade is on it. Maybe, I'll give this a listen. 60. Kelly Clarkson - Broken & Beautiful: I remember seeing this on Wally's honourable mentions lol anyways, this is a cute song for Kelly, not something she would put on her album, lol 59. Harry Styles - Adore You: He made a video for this already?! anyways, this just started blowing up me. I love this, it's my fav Harry song. 58. Matt Stell - Prayed For You: nht 57. Dove Cameron - Out of Touch: nht
  11. 68. Maren Morris - The Bones: don't care 67. Jordan Fisher - Be Okay: nht 66. Grey - Grey Area (featuring Sofia Carson): nht 65. Luke Combs - Even Though I'm Leaving: don't care 64. Niall Horan - Nice To Meet Ya: I don't really like this. 63. Lizzo - Good as Hell: Yay Lizzo! lol @ this song has been everywhere on your list. ugh I lovee the Ariana version. I love when celebs collaborate together.
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