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  1. I have a feeling that May 24 caused it
  2. btw I have been tested for this and I'm negative.
  3. Things are opening up over here but our government said if numbers keep on rising (like it has been the past few days), we're gonna be locked down again. I knew opening things up would cause trouble. And now a 3rd employee has gotten it, at the same place that the first two works at Did anyone hear about Toronto last weekend?
  4. Anyone heard this yet? It's Got Me f/Shane&Shane
  5. I also like her on I've always thought she'd make a good Meg lol
  6. Ahhh, at last the video for "Watermelon Sugar" He must've just released it as an official single. but this is one song that won't make my next years list as I still don't like it that much.
  7. The video with Lady GaGa is out?! And I'm loving "Stuck with You"
  8. I haven't caught up with her since her first album. lol
  9. Ooooh, I meant the video that explains it all. oopsss I don't care.It's too fun Everyone has been dueting with the biebs lately, now it's Ariana's turn. Yessss, "Stuck with You" is a new favorite song, I usually don't listen to charity singles that mush but this one is too catchy! Southbound is so summery though.
  10. How many did you play? lol Now school's are closed for the rest of the year and 0 new cases today in my areaYeah, I hear it's way worst over there; I don't think you're ready to re open just yet. From Facebook, Oooh, like a Disney Mania CD? Thanks for this! Yeah, I like her on "I Won't Say I'm In Love" better, Keke Palmer sounds better on "Zero to Hero" Ohhh, I'm doing Radiation treatment. Already done a week and 2 days!
  11. Makayla's "Sorry Not Sorry" Olivia's "Proud Mary" Francisoco's "Teenage Dream" Grace's "Natural Women" Julia's "New York State of Mind" Lauren's "Momma Knows Best" Sam's "Stronger" Sam's "Rise Up" Jonny's "What a Wonderful World" Makayla's "Greedy" (I liked it ok! )
  12. Don't want to spoil. Aww, it felt so short.
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