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  1. So after tons of listens, I think evermore is better than folklore, even willow is a better leading single than cardigan, though, Betty and exile are still my favourites. Honourable mentions to, mirror ball, seven, august and the last great American dynasty
  2. If Ontario had a curfew, you would be allowed to go out at night for work. Apparently the new virus is more contagious
  3. What? yeah I think that’s dumb, not everything happens at night
  4. Now Ontario’s in a second state of emergency and people with smart phones got an alert that a stay home was ordered i guess it seems to be working , cases were under 3000 tody
  5. Her bonus tracks are out Right where you left me It’s time to go
  6. Today was breaking news i think this whole thing is dumb. People are so bitter .
  7. It will be next year when the vaccine goes public, yet criminals get theirs on Friday https://globalnews.ca/news/7557842/coronavirus-vaccine-inmates-begin/?utm_medium=Facebook&utm_source=AM980London&fbclid=IwAR0DEWLaQnP8e6m72Kst0xEO3ooXpoDd9Sg8cFSTg464wjCEaXGpZZ5eWBw
  8. The saved by the bell reboot is actually better then the new class
  9. Yeah it’s pretty good. It got cheesy when they included the original cast like in the time capsule episode. But I like cheese.
  10. I think mood will be this years song. Like wap is so 2020
  11. Crap, im tired already You know when you’re getting old when...
  12. Whose ready to peace with this year?!
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