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  1. I don't think he will, but Wendy's song choice for tomorrow night will be critical.
  2. I like Lana, but she does get complaints about her tone. The criticism might partly stem from defeating Carson Peters in the knockout round, too.
  3. This is basically a reprint of the TVLine prediction article. Only a few words were changed. The bizarre substitution is Woman Named Tom for Girl Named Tom. https://www.cnnradio.news/2021/12/04/the-voice-season-21-final-five-predictions-jim-sasha-allen-more The final five prediction poll on TVLine's post currently has GNT on top with 18.83% of the vote and then Wendy with 16.59%, Paris with 13.83%, Hailey with 12.22%, Jershika with 11.86%, Lana with 10.45%, Joshua with 9.97%, and Jim/Sasha last with 6.24%. https://tvline.com/2021/12/04/the-voice-season-21-final-five-predictions-jim-sasha-allen Two comments: M spite - 23 minutes ago Wendy, Paris & Joshua at the best in that order Girl named Tom is great too but i don’t want to see a group win so they will never get my vote The absolute worst is Jim & Sasha Tyler Johnston - 1 hour ago Please make sure you are giving less votes to Wendy molten from her not moving on cause she all ready has a music record deal. Please * Wendy has said she no longer has a "music record deal." Eligibility requirements for The Voice auditions: https://www.nbcthevoice.com/auditions/eligibility
  4. That too. American Idol's first season averaged over 12 million viewers per episode.
  5. https://tvline.com/2021/12/04/the-voice-season-21-final-five-predictions-jim-sasha-allen by Charlie Mason: Though likely technically the best singer of Season 21, this veteran vocalist, who had a Billboard Hot 100 hit in the early 1990s, comes off as being as invested in her numbers as I am in a glass that doesn’t have wine in it. But coach Blake Shelton has done such a hard sell for her that she’s never even had to fight for the Wildcard Instant Save. In other words, her place in the finals is about as assured as tomorrow’s sunrise.
  6. It might be different if the audience ever became truly invested in a winner, but The Voice doesn't really let us get to know them. We get a brief bio and little bits of information during the season. The Voice doesn't even show us much of the interesting interactions between an artist and their coach(es), vocal coaches, and fellow contestants. Most casual viewers don't look for the details like IDF does. So they don't feel a connection to the competitors and quickly forget about them once the season ends.
  7. Johan Bester, the founder of KariSma Performing Arts, also reacted to Wendy's top 11 performance. His description states: There are a number of top quality female vocalists left in this current season of the Voice USA, including four real powerhouse singers. Wendy Moten [is] certainly one of them, and a singer I fully enjoy watching and listening to. https://www.karismaperformingarts.com
  8. I enjoyed this video posted by Taobarb in the spoilers thread. Without ranking them, vocal coach Johan Bester gave a kind analysis of the top 10 performances of his favorite three (GNT, Wendy, and Lana) remaining in the competition. Wendy's segment begins at 8:47.
  9. Welcome! Thanks for posting this video. Without ranking them, he gave a kind analysis of the top 10 performances of his favorite three (GNT, Wendy, and Lana) remaining in the competition.
  10. by Jess Carter: If we’re to look beyond them [GNT], there’s a good case to be made for Wendy Moten. She’s got Blake Shelton as a coach, and we already know that Blake’s fans tend to come out and vote more than any other coach. Also, she got a lot of rave reviews early on this season and we think, on some level, people feel for her more than ever after that fall on stage a little over a week ago. She won’t win because of that, but it is an expression of vulnerability and perseverance. https://cartermatt.com/459799/the-voice-21-are-girl-named-tom-wendy-moten-the-favorites
  11. https://cartermatt.com/459799/the-voice-21-are-girl-named-tom-wendy-moten-the-favorites
  12. Mark Franklin posted his ranking today. https://idolchatteryd.com/ranking-the-top-8-on-the-voice-14
  13. Mark Franklin moved Wendy up from 5th to 4th place. https://idolchatteryd.com/ranking-the-top-8-on-the-voice-14
  14. MJ Santilli wrote: Wendy Moten and Girl Named Tom still hold the No. 2 and 1 spots respectively as I have ranked them all season. With all the crazy eliminations, every week, these two have remained the presumptive runner-up and winner. And when the confetti flies at the end of the Dec. 14 finale, I believe Kelly will be standing on stage with GNT soaking it all in as runner-up Wendy looks on. It’s too bad Girl Named Tom is destined to take the crown, because Wendy would be the feel good winner. Unlike Paris she has NOT been coasting all season. She fought her way into the finals, even harder than she needed to fight. A supremely gifted singer, Wendy knows the struggle, having lost a record deal early in her career. So even broken bones won't keep her from striving for the prize. Nevertheless, she has made her mark on The Voice. I expect Blake to be in her corner when the two reunite in Nashville. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-voice-21-power-list-rankings-live-semi-finals-top-8.htm
  15. https://www.goldderby.com/feature/who-will-win-the-voice-season-21-predictions-1204589169 by Marcus James Dixon: Ever since Gold Derby's predictions center for "The Voice" opened at the start of the Season 21 live shows, Wendy Moten of Team Blake Shelton has found herself on top. However, Girl Named Tom of Team Kelly Clarkson has now jumped up to first place, with only two weeks to go in the competition. The site has GNT first with 5/2 odds and Wendy second with 16/5 odds.
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