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Best Top 2?


Favorite Top 2  

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  1. 1. Which season had the best top 2?

    • S5 - Tessanne & Jacquie
    • S13 - Chloe & Addison
    • S21 - GNT & Wendy
    • Other (comment)

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This poll is certainly missing Alisan/Adam, and in the greater scheme Sundance/Billy and Chris/Lauren in terms of talent. Jordan/Emily is probably not valid at all lol


1. Tessanne/Jacquie

2. Chloe/Addison

3. Alisan/Adam

4. Wendy/GNT


GNT had a great run but for me they're much less compelling than what other Top 2 placements have done in the past. I would sooner ride for a lot of these finalists and Wendy before them. Lucky that we got such an exceptional Top 2 though.


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