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  1. Still love Chloe, I just don't like her new musical direction. I hope she finds success because her talent deserves it.
  2. It didn't appeal to her fans from.the show. I ran several of her fan boards and it wasn't well received. She basically had to start almost all over with fans and got no label support.
  3. Omg the fan wars between soul patrol and mcfans, .
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Katharine McPhee Stuff Like That There Kelly Clarkson Don't Cry Out loud Diana DeGarmo Alone Carrie Underwood House of the Rising Sun Haley Reinhart
  5. Still my favorite from Idol ever. Also how is my name not on the fan list from the old board? This was one of my biggest posting threads. Lol. Remember when we all sent roses to Katharine for the finale?
  6. I stan the rock queen. TEOTH and Landslide for me, but her Wish I Didn't Love You studio is so good.
  7. The EP wasn't good and got really Bad promotion but I guess it was a little better then some others. She had to produce her own video for the single. She didn't do herself favors changing genres but sounds like the label was pressuring her to go in a direction she didn't want to.
  8. Alisan Blue Bayou vocal perfection and slayage Christina Grimmie Wrecking Ball that high note and her stage presence Christina Grimmie Hold on Were Going Home showed her artistic instincts Koryn Hawthorne Oh Mary don't you weep loved this Chloe Kohanski landslide first time a song on the voice made me cry Chloe Kohanski TEOTH my favorite performance ever on The Voice Maelyn Jarmon The Scientist vocally perfect
  9. Alisan her Blue Bayou remains my favorite audition ever. Adam their season was just more interesting.
  10. As a fan of Alisan, Chloe, and Maelyn who all got hosed by Republic rooting for GNT to beat the curse!
  11. Interscope signed Christina Grimmie who had a huge fan base pre and post show. They released one really crappy song wiith no promotion and dropped her. Republic signed Chloe who had a decent shot of a little success and they made her record a horrible song for a movie and then did nothing with her for a year before dropping her. The labels want all the promotion to come from fans of the show just buying whatever they put out. I am not sure why anyone would want to win beyond the cash prize.
  12. Lol no I don't. I think Wendy is a great singer, but on this song I prefer Katharine's stripped down nuanced version.
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