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  1. Maelyn. The utter destruction of Team Adam in S16 after the Reagan Strange debacle was a pretty interesting moment too, albeit disappointing.
  2. Pick a coach: Blake Shelton Mega Mentor: Kelly Clarkson Former Voice Winner: Chloe KohanskiContestant from season 17: I didn't really like anybody.Who should have won: Lauren Duski.
  3. If you're speaking on a recent trend, we agree. And I do think Ariana can break that trend, since I don't see her getting country singers away from Blake. Maybe the younger ones, but that's about it. So if she wins, it will be with someone from a different genre.
  4. What? The show has had 19 completed seasons and in only 4 of them the winner has been a country/country-adjacent male. And that is if you count Todd and Swayer, which I don't. If you count the girls, the number rises to 6 out of 19, less than a third and a much lower number than what it would have to be to explain this jadedness. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure Ariana is going to win her rookie season. I can't wait to see IDF fall in love with the idea of voting for coaches, not contestants.
  5. Chloe Kohanski defeated Ashland as soon as she sang the first line. And since I like Blake, I'm glad Miley didn't agree.
  6. Blake taking Dave instead of Michael through was the one time I was mad at his choices.
  7. RJ Collins and Quizz Swanigan still have nightmares about Chris Blue.
  8. I thought Adam would never do something more stupid than letting Josh go. But then there was DeAndre...
  9. Come on, NBC. Be daring and bring Ricky Wilson! America doesn't know him, but they will love him!
  10. All three girls in the season 13 finale deserved the win. Chloe just deserved it more.
  11. Agreed. They got to do better. Maybe we'll have a 50% women in the finale next season, then. Like, you know, last season.
  12. Hoping for a Allegra, Thunderstorm, Joanna, Todd and Megan/Zan finale.
  13. I was going to mention season 5 but I only watched it years after the fact, so the ones I saw week by week and wasn't very engaged with are the last three. Simply because, although the banter between coaches has been consistently entertaining, I haven't loved a single singer in the last few seasons. I'm looking forward to the next Chloe or Kyla.
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