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Which KOs (individual) are you looking forward to?


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I'm excited for pretty much everybody because this is a strong season. I can't wait to hear Wendy and the fact that we don't know what she sang is even more exciting. Also, even though she's good, I want to hear Gymani as well because I'm still not sold 

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Wendy Moten cause it's Wendy Moten. Gymani and Shadale cause it's seem like they can't buss them no matter what crappy song "choice" they give them, they're definitely coming for blood. LiBianca cause her voice is to die for. BrittanyBree, Samara, Jershika too !

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The battles were great but I'm mainly looking forward to those who got questionable song choices for battles to shine on their own (Samuel, Joshua, Raquel, Hailey/Lana, Gymani, Jim & Sasha, lol)

With one or two votes, Samuel and Raquel.

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