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  1. My queen Regina Love flopped hard in the lives... She deserved better than that
  2. same but she snatched my wig too
  3. Can you guys stop playing the race card every time someone sings a song??? I’m tired of coming here and seeing you guys arguing about a singer’s skin colour. Being a (big or not) Black woman doesn’t mean you are a powerhouse or a Whitney Houston wannabe. Y’all need to stop
  4. OMG Pia slayed! I love everything about her, I’m so glad she advanced. YOU GO GIRL
  5. Do you guys think that Pia Renee is DOA? Because I love her, she’s very talented and even though her battle song didn’t do her any favour I think she’s gonna shine in the knockouts round. What’s your opinion on this?
  6. I'm so happy I got to start watching my 17th season!! So let's recap, I really liked the premiere, the singers were great and I really liked Kenzie even though God knows I'm not a big fan of country! Now let's speak in my language: the DIVA language!! OMG Dana was amazing and she reminded me of Kyla Jade, they both sang an underrated Aretha song for their blinds. They have similar high notes, runs and growls! I'm already excited for this new season and I hope that you guys liked it!! Honorable mentions to Raine Sterne, Christine Cain and Cam Anthony.
  7. hey guys! after three months i'm finally back! I'm happy to be here again and I hope there won't be too much drama this season
  8. I think the battles and knockouts would be out of this world!!!
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