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  1. I doubt she did because the season was 9 years ago and the standards have changed + I’m not sure John knows her. I might be wrong though
  2. Am I the only who thought that Jershika and Jeremy’s battle song was fast? Hold on is not a song that I know very well but in my memory it’s a little bit slower. Their battle was very strong but the song felt rushed…
  3. Very good battle! I'm so happy that they're back on stage together Kinsey's outfit is gold
  4. I love your answer! So many details that I couldn’t agree more with. We’ll find out after the playoffs if we’re right
  5. I've done the Power Rankings of this season. Tell me your opinion and post your take on what you think the TOP 12 will be 1. Wendy Moten/Peedy Chavis (B) 2. Holly Forbes (A) 3. Girl Named Tom (K) 4. Wendy Moten/Peedy Chavis (B) 5. Bella DeNapoli (A) 6. Joshua Vacanti (J) 7. Gymani (K) 8. Samuel Harness (J) 9. Lana Scott (B) 10. Jeremy Rosado (K) 11. Raquel Trinidad (A) 12. Jershika Maple (J) I've analyzed the odds of them winning by taking into account the public reaction to the artists, their coach, their age and other factors.
  6. Brittany is amazing. As soon as she started I heard the gospel in her voice. Can’t wait to hear more from her
  7. This season is already giving me earlier season vibes. I love it
  8. I can’t believe this performance didn’t air on TV…
  9. Vaughn’s audition was very good, I really like his smooth tone and his outfit was on point. Good job!
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