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  1. Yes when Team Blake performed "I Thank You" you can see Kyla tripping on it. Maybe it's a way for them to bless the speaker idk
  2. It’s kind of a mix of everything. And again Jershika and Wendy have nothing in common that we can compare as artists
  3. It is actually weird I don't know where it comes from! If they don't like her as a singer so be it, but bringing her down the way they do is beyond disrespectful. But I know she'll handle these comments elegantly
  4. This is something we know but Wendy isn't the same age we are and I don't think she's used to it. I could be wrong but still...
  5. I've been reading the comments under Wendy's video and it kinda hurts to see some awful comments. I get that we all have different opinions but some people need to chill. I hope she doesn't read them and if she does I hope she doesn't let them get into her
  6. This is what I thought. I think she did amazing with « We can work it out »
  7. Are you guys really unsure about GNT winning?? I don’t see a scenario where they don’t
  8. I don’t know… I just saw the tweet and I didn’t read the replies. Hopefully it because he doesn’t deserve the hate
  9. I was going to talk about it. Apparently they “realised” that Sasha wasn’t a fan of Ariana and that he lowkey “hated” her. They saw that from a tiktok but I haven’t seen it
  10. She’d slayyyyyyyyy but I think Watermelon Sugar would benefit her more
  11. It was a joke lol I was listening to the song and I went “what if…” bus edition
  12. We're so blessed to witness an icon like Wendy on the show... She killed it tonight! Well done Wendy we love you
  13. I'm excited for pretty much everybody because this is a strong season. I can't wait to hear Wendy and the fact that we don't know what she sang is even more exciting. Also, even though she's good, I want to hear Gymani as well because I'm still not sold
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