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  1. Thank you for your interesting answer! I look forward to hear her and see her perform
  2. Someone really sang Damaged by the Danity Kane?? I’m already living for this season!!
  3. I really want to see different genres next season. I'd love to have more spanish singers and R&B singers (not powerhouses) but singers in the lane of Brandy, Usher etc.. this type of R&B
  4. Yes Sylvia's version was amazing!! And thank you for mentionning Dani Moz, she was excellent!
  5. Wow that was an amazing season that I will remember, I'm very happy with the results! I can't wait for season 21. Take care y'all
  6. Hello! I thought that the night was very solid!! I don't know who's gonna win but I hope the top 2 will be 1) Cam and 2) Rachel
  7. OMG I forgot about them. Their battle was amazing and both of them were terribly robbed that season
  8. Hello guys, it’s been a little bit weird on IDF since we’ve got the results. So first of all I’d like to apologise to anyone that’ve been hurt if I said something inappropriate. That said, I love AA powerhouses and honestly it’s getting hard watching the show. I’ve been watching the show for ten years now and we’ve seen so many incredible artists (whether it’s soul singer or any other genre) and after ten years I’ve came to the realisation that an AA woman will never win The Voice. That’s fine by me because I’ve accepted it but still the treatment they get is hurtful. However, I hope that all of you still enjoy the show and I’ll keep watching and commenting with you guys
  9. Where's Pia's studio?? Did we get any information about it?
  10. Any preference? I’d love her to sing « I learned from the best »
  11. I really like your selection!! I wonder how Pia would do singing a Toni Braxton's song!!
  12. I can see Pia totally delivering live but I'm not sure if the public is gonna vote for her... Good luck Pia!!!
  13. My queen Regina Love flopped hard in the lives... She deserved better than that
  14. same but she snatched my wig too
  15. Can you guys stop playing the race card every time someone sings a song??? I’m tired of coming here and seeing you guys arguing about a singer’s skin colour. Being a (big or not) Black woman doesn’t mean you are a powerhouse or a Whitney Houston wannabe. Y’all need to stop
  16. OMG Pia slayed! I love everything about her, I’m so glad she advanced. YOU GO GIRL
  17. Do you guys think that Pia Renee is DOA? Because I love her, she’s very talented and even though her battle song didn’t do her any favour I think she’s gonna shine in the knockouts round. What’s your opinion on this?
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