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Best Blind Audition Of Season 11


Who had the best blind audition  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one

    • Courtney Harrell
    • Sundance Head
    • Ali Caldwell
    • Christian Cuevas
    • We McDonald
    • Billy Gillman
    • Aaron Gibson
    • Nolan Neal
    • Whitney and Shannon
    • Dave Moisan
    • Sa'Rayah
    • Darby Walker
    • Sophia Urista
    • Michael Sanchez
    • Jason Warrior

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Felt like I left a quite a few good ones out (Halle, Riley Elmore, Andrew demure to name a few). So if your favourite is not on the poll, mention them in the comments and i'll add them in the OP and count their votes.




Also, the only poll of this series so far to have a unanimous winner is season 15. Every other poll the winner is only up by 2 - 4 votes. Season 12,13,14 and 20. So go vote on those polls if you haven't and care to do so.


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It's a close one between Ali and Wé for me, but went with Ali as I've felt like that was probably my favorite rendition of DW I've heard on the show


Christian's a third though- kinda underrated here. totally love his performance

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Uh... Season 11 is "that" season for me :haha:


I voted for Aaron Gibson but I had to make a list to see whose audition I cared for in the first place.

Dana Harper 100% would've been the winner for me bc she's the only audition from that season I still return to semi-frequently. And I think Brendan Fletcher's blind deserved to at least be on the poll.



Aaron Gibson

Courtney Harrell

Wé McDonald

Darby Walker

Michael Sanchez


Sophia Urista


Didn't care for:

Sundance Head

Ali Caldwell

Dave Moisan

Jason Warrior

Nolan Neal

Whitney & Shannon

Billy Gilman

Christian Cuevas

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