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Rank the S20 Coach Gifts


Rank the S20 Coach Gifts  

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  1. 1. Which S20 Coach Gave the BEST Gift to the Contestants?

    • Team KC - Jacket
    • Team Legend - wElCoMe tO tEaM lEgEnD
    • Team Nick - Notebooks
    • Team Blake - Bobbleheads

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Jacket > wElCoMe tO tEaM lEgEnD > Notebooks > Bobbleheads


The Jacket is a cool gift. The Legend song is actually pretty cool from the contestants' perspective I'd imagine because it sounds like he's making a song just for them. Notebooks are a little bland. I think Bobbleheads speak for themselves.


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wElCoMe tO tEaM lEgEnD = jacket >>>>>> notebook >> bobblehead


Jacket is probably the actual best, but I wouldn't look good in that jacket tbh 🤣 (Well I guess I get to keep it, so that's a plus)


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The jacket goes to the back of the closet, the notebook in a drawer, the song deep in my memories... but that bobblehead is going in a display case for sure.


(I mean I voted for the jacket but realistically...)

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11 hours ago, KimberlyxKyla said:

going in the trash when i walk off stage:

4. Nick’s notebook



I voted for the jacket though, and I would take the bobblehead over the song :stealth:


I think the best gifts ever were Kelly and Gwen’s jackets during S17 !


Unpopular ? Kelly’s blue jacket during S18 was horrendous 👀

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1 minute ago, Daillon said:

Ah yes, nothing is better than shaking John’s creepy hand :haha:

And also....

Blake's cardboard statue > A bobblehead that doesn't have Blake's face on it

Gwen's T-Shirt Cannon > An empty notebook

Team Kelly purple jackets and mask > Team Kelly gold jackets

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