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I’ve been following this season on and off, but I have seen many people said that Kelly has the strongest team going into the playoff. Her strongest competitor happens because of John’s pairing mistake lol.



1. Cami - 8.5/10

2. Madeline - 7/10

3. Desz - 6/10

4. Tanner - 4/10

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Just now, OSMC said:

I felt like we are watching one of those Disney movie scenes where a bunch of bad singers try out for the school musical and then the last girl goes up and blows everyone away :dead:

She sure did...that performance was exactly what my ears needed after those first three.

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2 minutes ago, CDH4 said:

Cami isn't great either.  She can't handle this song.  So off in places.

best of the night so far, but she did mess up some parts. i'm 100% still voting her though, because i know that she can do better on songs that are more within her range. you could tell she needed more breath than she could take in at parts.


it looks like desz and tanner made the least mistakes, but they put out less interesting performances than madeline and cami.

2 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

She's doing good but I think the song is too big for her. Jackie Foster's version was better.

agreed, even though i stan cami 

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