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  1. I agree. Honestly, if the curiosity "annoys" people, then maybe we should have waited until the end of 19 to create this thread. Like, what else is there to talk about?
  2. Honestly, the thing that interests me the most about spoilers are the song choices. If anyone's willing, my DMs are open if you want to share what kind of songs you heard you don't even have to tell me WHO sang them, just the titles lol.
  3. Not sure but I think it had something to do with drug possession/dealing.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I love the song. It's one of my favorites off the album. I just don't really see it as a song that would be appropriate to add in big notes or runs. That's just my preference though.
  5. Toia Jones' elimination was an absolute tragedy. Her rendition of "Crazy in Love" was strong in both her vocals and her stage presence. As for Loren, I feel like she's improved since the show. Her KO was good, but her live performance was just average. She would thrive on the show if she did it now though, she's grown into a very strong vocalist. To this day, the obvious bussing of Kyla Jade makes me mad. She could have at least gotten runner-up if the producers didn't screw her over.
  6. These battle songs are NOT it. Exile? Seriously? It's a beautiful song but it doesn't have the intensity to be used between two competitive singers. That'd be like a battle with "Don't Know Why" or "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". It's just not exciting.
  7. Mikalah Gordan has moved on to acting/hosting. She seems to be finding success too. I feel like her charisma makes her great for that area. Antonella Barba is in jail.
  8. Maharasyi's "Tell Me Something Good" was pretty bad for me. I can't believe JHUD forced that poor girl to attempt that last note in full voice (she still didn't hit it either).
  9. OSMC

    Worst performances?

    Reagan James' attempt to make Iggy Azaela's "Fancy" a bubblegum pop song was peak cringe. It was an obvious bussing attempt!
  10. SMH we were robbed of Todd Tlighman cover of this song.
  11. I think it’s silly, but honestly, public voting has always had flaws on this show. I can’t believe how many people got robbed last night.
  12. She’s all over the place. Her high notes were very flat. RIP Cedrice
  13. The live performances during this season were an absolute trainwreck.
  14. Cam is amazing! Zan and Can should go through, with Mandi for wildcard!
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