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  1. I think at that point, Team Blake was willing to support Gwen already. Besides, the show wanted a Gwen win, and even Blake was supporting Carter. If Kelly had Carter, they would have given him songs like... “Chains” or something.
  2. Now, the question is: Would Cam have won had Nick not blocked John and Cam went with John instead...?
  3. They’re literally pimping the “8-time Coach champion” until the last minute...
  4. Honestly as a Team Legend supporter, Victor was underwhelming all the way until last night. He gave, personally, the best performance of the season, but it was a performance that had zero appeal to the show’s demographic based on the message, the costumes, etc. Hopefully John will do better next season.
  5. Blake has two duets and none of them sound good... To think he has had a decade of experience to do this...
  6. I went to Ben’s concert when he came to Texas for his first album, and my God the man has crazy vocal runs despite being so tiny in person
  7. The best thing that will happen after tonight is that I don’t have to hear whatever noise Kelly was doing...
  8. Okay that was IT. I was waiting for a performance like that omg I’m so hyped.
  9. Or maybe he’s hinting that he wants her to open for Jonas Brother...
  10. It’s kinda weird, but I only remember Cecia’s “The Chain” performance the most out of all The Chain performances on The Voice. That was a moment lol.
  11. Kenzie then Rachel. I’m confident in Victor closing then.
  12. In Victor’s case, his uptempo sounds way more like a closing song than his dedication song. Even John was kinda hyping it up earlier.
  13. I love Rachel and her performance, but I feel like I have listened to this song every season of The Voice and I don’t think hers will stand out once this season is over.
  14. Cam is singing his dedication song first...? I would have guessed that would have closed the show...
  15. I really think if Blake has two team members then one of them should perform first or second but I guess I don’t run this show.
  16. A good drinking game would be to take a drink every time Kelly makes that annoying sound...
  17. Normally under the three songs format, TCO opened and closed the show at the same time (Carter, Maelyn) but I don’t think the show can get away with doing that with only two songs
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