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  1. I mean, if I get so worked up that I call the show a "farce", I'd stop watching. It's TV and not worth getting that invested.
  2. Every single year people complain about who gets in. At this point, it's tiring. If you can't figure out by now that certain coaches and singers will get voted in over others, then I'm not sure why you are watching the show.
  3. Jim voted through over Ian was a choice. Not sure what happened there. When he didn't get in by votes, he was the obvious choice to be saved.
  4. I'd guess his ultimate path will be Broadway or some sort of musical theater. Agreed that it's not an awful place to land.
  5. The trends are insane for Carter but not surprising. The whole show practically ensured his win. However, he'll be another winner that won't go anywhere once the show ends.
  6. Of course it is. At this point, you just want to argue and be contradictory and try to make my opinion seem out of place when it's clearly not. So this is where I'll leave this.
  7. Even if you don't like my take, read the others above who said the same thing. We have to be fair.
  8. I'd severely question brought down the house. He wasn't even the best of the night. Desz was.
  9. It's beyond obvious that TPTB want Carter to win. However, his performance wasn't nearly as good as they wanted it to be.
  10. Ian is so good. He's another one that must be in the finale.
  11. I want whatever drugs TPTB were on when they gave that trio Pompeii. You are wrong for that and you know it.
  12. Gwen's song is awful. Can we introduce her to another track?
  13. Desz just started the show. She must be in the finals.
  14. Coldplay is a tough task. John almost got there but it felt off.
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