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  1. He was still in production then. I'm ruling it out because even the most incompetent producer would not let someone join group events after breaking protocol and it's almost impossible to break protocol Tuesday since he had a live scheduled. The only time unaccounted for is after 3 PM on Tuesday. Until then, he was a contestant in competition and production allowed him to proceed with the group.
  2. There are, but they posted it on Monday and he had an outfit fitting on Monday night. If he broke protocol, why do all that? The timetable doesn't make sense. It would be great if a journalist did a follow up question to explain how all of this happened and when he supposedly broke protocol. All of this is on social media, so it's not even a question of research. A statement from The Voice would also solve this.
  3. Agreed. However, I would just chalk this up to editing to make the best show possible. The Voice is an optimistic show and avoids any harsh criticism. I think in Ryan's case, it's a potential protocol breach, which is different than having a bad performance or creating an optimistic tone.
  4. For the record deal, Republic Records or whichever Universal label gets the winner, is known to not care at all about The Voice. It's a deal in name only and there is zero interest or investment in properly launching the artist. They are also stuck there for a period of time and in neutral while others can try to do something to get further ahead. I can completely understand why contestants wouldn't want to be stuck, especially those who could have other options. It's just a platform to get on, and then off before they get too deep.
  5. Honestly, I can't think of any TV shows legal department which protects the contestant over the show. It's possible, but it would be very rare and against standard legal procedure. The show never really highlighted Ryan (it was the viewers that liked him more than the producers), and I can't see them going out of their way for him.
  6. Ryan would have been a game changer for the show. He was someone who legitimately could have been huge after the show. Michael Buble/Josh Groban has a huge market. If Ryan ever releases anything and finds success, The Voice will be the first to invite him on the show and tout him as a "successful alumni". That will make things even more awkward.
  7. That's what I also wrote. If this was a clear violation, a statement would be written and it would be a finished issue. The fact that it isn't makes people wonder what really happened. Ryan won't say anything. Legal will make sure that he will never be able to talk as I doubt he has the bankroll to fight off some sort of a NDA. It wouldn't surprise me if Ryan makes an appearance in The Voice finale, and that is their way of solving all the issues and easing tension.
  8. The press pulls from the same source, so the statements would be mirror images. It would be better if someone actually put their name to it and we could have an official statement. If not, it's just "rumors" and can't be legally binding, despite being associated with the show.
  9. This! All of this! They wouldn't. None of it adds up. The Voice could easily clarify, but they haven't.
  10. If Ryan broke protocols, then there's not much to say. However, if this was what happened, The Voice would be in the right and would release an official statement. The fact that an "anonymous" source leaked this and The Voice won't go on record with a statement tells me that there's a lot more to the story. When America's Got Talent had issues, they always released statements. Same with American Idol. If legal gets its way, we will never know what else happened.
  11. Taryn wouldn't even be here if Ryan stayed. Payge completely ruined the melody of the song. Madeline was awful tonight. So I can't be surprised by any.
  12. Ryan is trying to say something on his tie, but I can't read it. I got 2020 ______ is an interesting one. I can't read the rest. It's in his Instagram story, last post. Stories • Instagram
  13. No one can release music before the winner does and the window was previously a year to allow the winner to gain traction. If that's the case, we likely won't hear any original music from Ryan in 2021.
  14. Legal is probably making it very hard for him to speak. If he ever says something, it will take weeks to spill.
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