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  1. I think they sounded way better during rehearsal.
  2. I’m glad Carter pulls through. Gwen deserves this W. She’s been on this show for like what...? 5 seasons and 2 more as an advisor right?
  3. Ian is officially closing. EDIT: Jim... ugh I can’t with Blake’s guys
  4. Lol they probably planned for John to close then he flopped and they had to change I really don’t think that’s the case though.
  5. Wait where is Carter? Will he be the first one to close with an original?
  6. Desz is not having a good night so far. Both of her performances will be forgotten by 10 p.m. EST
  7. The thing is: most people give up on this show because of Blake and his fanbase. We were doing so well the first few seasons. They need a complete redo of the show to attract viewers again, starting by removing Blake. If other singing/talent shows can revive, I don’t see why The Voice can’t. They just can’t expect to do so by serving the same thing every half a year.
  8. Um, Desz deserves this W, but Kelly doesn’t need a 4th win in her sixth season lol.
  9. If they only do two performances, I can’t see Desz has slot 2 and slot 10. Maybe 2 and 8/9, she won’t close.
  10. This show just doesn’t learn lol. They have two Blake finalists last season and this season, three Blake finalists in 16. And they wonder why their ratings are down?
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