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  1. lhdang2000

    Songland 2.0

    This is the only episode so far that I’d love for him to do all three songs. I still think Fool’s Gold is the best one though.
  2. lhdang2000

    Songland 2.0

    They’re giving really good advices this episode, you can see the songwriters immediately getting inspired on their faces as they’re commenting.
  3. lhdang2000

    Songland 2.0

    So Ryan is changing 70% of the song again, but it doesn’t make the song sound better this time...
  4. lhdang2000

    Songland 2.0

    I like the first song the most, but the second song fits with B2M’s style more.
  5. I’m glad this proves to IDF that the format change did not favor John/CammWess but Micah/Kelly instead. And that was with Camm did really bad last night.
  6. lhdang2000

    Songland 2.0

    I like that the most. Really thought That’s A Country Song would be picked to the studio round over Hopes High. Boyz II Men next week. Based on Wiki, it’s gonna be B2M —> Bebe Rexha —> Ben Platt and the season finale will be Usher.
  7. Thunderstorm’s cover song is What A Wonderful World
  8. Wow, this has been a pretty underwhelming finale so far. It’s not even the atmosphere, it’s just the song choice and all these performances are bad. Micah is the least bad, but that’s still underaverage. 1. Micah (original) 2. CammWess (cover) 3. Todd (cover)
  9. I don’t think you can do worse than Camm, but Todd proves me wrong. That’s probably one of the worst performances this season, and I love him.
  10. CammWess will open with his cover of Prince Todd after him.
  11. Makenzie Thomas “How Deep Is Your Love” Will Breman “Say You’ll Be There” Maelyn Jarmon “Mad World” Katie Kadan “Pieces of My Heart” Katie Kadan “Always Remember Us This Way:” Will Breman “Style” Marybeth Byrd/Dane & Stephanie “Burning House”
  12. Wow Zan really thought she was gonna make it?
  13. Well thank you Joanna, Zan, Megan and Allegra for participating, I guess.
  14. Omg if Toneisha nails the whistle it’s over.
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