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  1. That was good, but I still preferred Julia's. This is Ryan's to lose.
  2. I LOVED Julia's performance. She's been my favorite since the blinds.
  3. I preferred Lauren but they were both in the same league for me.
  4. They really should. That song is defined by its high pitch and volume. An indie arrangement just doesn't fit.
  5. Even though there were a few off notes, I'm still very impressed. Cry Baby is a VERY hard song to sing.
  6. I love her tone, but she's missing a few notes. I still prefer this over Bailey though.
  7. Finesse is cursed. Every singer is good until they sing it lmao
  8. John and Julia already upstaging half of the battles in a 3 second snippet.
  9. It's the last battle of the night, so a steal/save is guaranteed.
  10. I agree. Bailey's voice fits in well with the song.
  11. Why are there so many commercials? NBC is NOT that broke.
  12. Dang, that's disappointing. I loved both of their blinds.
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