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  1. Do they retape it with the artist performing in the background or just the coaches?
  2. I'm surprised that the no-chair turn list is so small. Were there others that just weren't reported?
  3. I can already see Dana getting robbed in the finale.
  4. My thoughts exactly, I'm guessing she did a unique rendition of it?
  5. I don't know what shocks me more, the fact that someone chose Dance Monkey or the fact that it actually got chair turns.
  6. Thank you so much for posting the list! Especially this early! I'm gonna have so may tabs open as I try to find my snowflake lol.
  7. I wonder how many returnees we're going to get (I'm just speculating, not asking for info, so don't yell at me).
  8. Someone said on the finale thread that we're not getting them this week.
  9. S19 just finished like a minute ago. I'm already ready to move on.
  10. I want Jim to win. Something to piss the soccer mom voters off. Edit: Oops I jinxed it.
  11. I feel like Carter would excel on Nickelodeon or some other kid's channel.
  12. Honestly I'm numb to it at this point. Kennedy getting fourth will never not piss me off.
  13. Can they announce the winner already so the S20 spoiler thread can get updated?
  14. Desz looked pissed when they announced it. Even SHE knew this was some bullshit.
  15. Girl, tell me how far the artist in your icon made it and then get back to me.
  16. 5th. Jim Ranger 4th. John Holiday 3rd. Ian Flanigan 2nd. DeSz 1st. Carter Rubin
  17. I like country singers but they tend to steamroll all other genres once the public voting begins.
  18. Honestly. The Twitter vote was so easily to manipulate which is why we got our way so many times. I would literally send hashtags to group chats and tell them to tweet it out
  19. I'm more excited about the S20 spoiler thread finally being updated rather than the finale.
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