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Rank the Blind Auditions (Night 1)


Rank The Blind Auditions (Night 1)  

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  1. 1. Which audition was your favorite of the night?

    • Todd Tilghman - We've Got Tonight
    • Nelson Cade III - Pride and Joy
    • Tate Brusa - Perfect
    • Tayler Green - Issues
    • Darious Lyles - How do you Sleep?
    • Megan Danielle - Remedy
    • Todd Michael Hall - Jukebox Hero
    • Joanna Serenko - All My Loving
  2. 2. Who has potential to make the finale?

    • Todd Tilghman
    • Nelson Cade III
    • Tate Brusa
    • Tayler Green
    • Darious Lyles
    • Megan Danielle
    • Todd Michael Hall
    • Joanna Serenko

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After watching the auditions again on youtube... And I know it's a controversial list, but it's to my personal taste..

1 Tyler Green - Love her tone. Very warm.

Joanna Serenko - Love her tone too, I expected a little more, but I really liked it anyway.

Megan Danielle - Don't know why nobody liked her audition, but I personally liked it very much. Unique tone and a very nice vibrato. I feel that she has a lot of potential to improve, and can go far in the competition.

Todd Michael Hall - Crazy range.

Todd Tilghman - Cool tone, good audition.

Darious Lyles - Just OK. 

Nelson Cade III - Mediocre audition, didn't deserve a 4 chair turn. Cool rasp tho.

Tate Brusa - Mediocre. I didn't hear anything interesting in his voice.

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1. Darious Lyles - How Do You Sleep?
2. Todd Tilghman - We've Got Tonight
3. Nelson Cade III - Pride and Joy
4. Joanna Serenko - All My Loving
5. Tayler Green - Issues
6. Todd Michael Hall - Jukebox Hero
7. Megan Danielle - Remedy
8. Tate Brusa - Perfect

Who has potential to make the finale? Todd

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Overall, not as good as last season's premiere, I feel like they were all hampered by subpar song choices, except my #2. I do like the raw potential I heard in a couple of people.


08. Tate Brusa

07. Megan Danielle

06. Darious Lyles

05. Tayler Green 

04. Joanna Serenko - her song was very underwhelming, but she is undeniably skilled. Also, she needs to work on her mic technique, proper mic placement can make the difference for an act of her style.  

03. Nelson Cade III - despite his meh song, I like this a lot! Definitely giving me Stevie vibes. 

02. Todd Michael Hall - it's about time we got a legit rocker on this show again! Not my favorite genre and style, but he's very memorable. 

01. Todd Tilghman - he reminds me of a very raw Josh Kaufman. He clearly is new at singing on stage, so hopefully Blake can teach him how to calm himself and improve his breath support. If he does that, he'd be brilliant. 


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I thought it was the weakest premiere in recent memory... Hope the coming weeks will be better.


1. Tayler Green - Fresh take on the song, I LOVED some of the melodic changes. Great tone too. A-

2. Joanna Serenko - She's obviously a great vocalist, and I love all her subtle runs but I think I expected a little more? A-

3. Todd Michael Hall - Not at all perfect,  but it was a blast! I don't think I've ever seen another rocker on here with as much energy as him. And he's 50! B+

4. Megan Danielle - Don't get the hate, this wasn't bad at all. Kelly seems to really like her so she'll probably go far. B+

5. Todd Tilghman - A good audition with a good song choice and good energy, but I just can't shake the feeling he'll be a snowflake killer later on. B

6. Nelson Cade - I don't think this is the right song for him nor do I think he'll stick with this style for the rest of the show. I liked his pre-show stuff so I hope he does better next round. B-

7. Darious Lyles - Not at all an original singer but it was an OK vocal. B-

8. Tate Brusa - Lots of rough patches, and I dislike his breathy tone. However, I see some potential for improvement. C

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Very basic premiere tbh. But here we go.


1. Todd Michael Hall - ended up being my favorite of the night mostly bc he's quite different from what we're used to get on the show. Crazy range as well, very entertaining!

2. Joanna Serenko - something about the way she sings reminded me a lot of Alicia Key's style and that's a huge compliment, bc for me Alicia has one of the most interesting voices in the game rn


3. Darious Lyles - not someone i'd see myself rooting for, but his audition was VERY GOOD and captivating! Very interesting take on the song too.

4. Todd T - very good, not my cup of tea, but super strong and potential finalist cause you know... Team Blake, cute family, etc.

5. Tayler Green - her voice is amazing and way too big for the songchoice she chose. Hope she gets better songs moving on.


6. Nelson Cade II - nice rasp, but very generic and unauthentic.

7. Megan Danielle - not bad, but she should be singing country songs? idk, just think she has the tone and voice style for it.


8. Tate Brusa - cute but why??




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1. Joanna Serenko (9/10) - Smoooooth! I loved what she did with the song and it's clear that she has great control It's a matter of her figuring out how to remain consistent as she progresses on the show.

2. Todd Tilghman (8.5/10) - I really liked it! He oozes cheesy pastor vibes (well... he is one, right?) in an endearing way and I'm glad he made it onto the show. That tone's great and once he works out the kinks, he'll be one to watch.

3. Tayler Green (8.5/10) - I appreciate how she put her own little twists on the song, since it would've been boring if she'd kept it the same. Some of her choices worked out better than others and the beginning was a bit rough, but she gave a strong first impression and I'm rooting for her.

4. Todd Michael Hall (8.5/10) - PLEASE TAKE THIS MAN FAR. Nice to see some genuine classic rock representation on the show! He's got some of the most impressive vocals of the season for sure.

5. Darious Lyles (8/10) - His performance got stronger as the song went on. He has a shot at being one of John's R&B males for the top 17 if he can continue to improve.

6. Nelson Cade III (7.5/10) - He's clearly very great, but the song's been done much better several times. I think with a more unique song choice, he would've grabbed my attention better.

7. Tate Brusa (6.5/10) - I listened to it once and had to play it again because I'd forgotten how he sounded after the first time. It wasn't a good song choice because it's basic and not memorable, but after the second listen, he does have a pretty decent raspy quality. With the right songs, he could improve greatly.

8. Megan Danielle (6/10) - I cannot decide if I like her tone or not, but I do know that Remedy was an awful pick for her audition. She could've scored much higher in my mind with the right song, but I'm not quite sure what that would be yet...


Chrissy Joly (5.5/10) - Her tone is GREAT but this expired song choice never came together for her like it did for Vanessa Ferguson. Please bring her back next season...

Ashley Plath (3/10) - Mix of good and bad moments that never fully came together due to nerves and probably some inexperience.

Emily Bass (3/10) - Wrong song, but we all knew that when we saw "Love Yourself" come up on the screen. Poor girl. I do hope that she gets some redemption.

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  1. Megan Danielle “Remedy”-Wow. Much better on rewatch. Finally an Adele song that’s not done to death on singing completions, and a contestant who makes an Adele song unique/their own. She easily could go far, provided good song choices and coaching.



2.     Darious Lyles “How Do You Sleep?”-Yes, someone covered this song. He has a great unique voice. His style of singing reminds me of maybe a mix of Colton Smith and Patrique Fortson. His voice is raw, and a bit green around the edges, but he has so much potential. 


3.    Nelson Cade III “Pride  & Joy”-Like Issues, this song can sound the same no matter who sings it. Unlike Issues, it’s upbeat, which makes it a little more acceptable. I actually really enjoyed this performance, but this song is a jam, and I love it, so it might just be that. Nelson has a good voice though, and he could use it to go far. I recommend for him to look into AI17’s Laine Hardy song choices. 


4.     Joanna Serenko “All My Loving”-She has an excellent voice and tone. The song was repetitive though 



5.   Todd Michael Hall “Jukebox Hero”-Great song. I had no idea OUAT’s Rumplestilskin could sing. Anyways great choice and great range 


6.    Todd Tilghman “We’ve Got Tonight”- He has a cool unique voice. He could go far. 


7.     Tayler Green “Issues”-She has a good voice don’t get me wrong, and her voice is different. However, there are some songs no matter how unique and different you’re voice is, that most people who sing them, they will sound close to or exactly like the original. That’s what happened here, unfortunately. She has the potential to go far if she picks song choices that will make her stand out 


8.     Tate Brussa “Perfect”-This is better than someone I expect of his age/genre combination. However it was a tad sleepy. It was still good though, just not as good as other contestants. 


No Chairs 


  1. Emily Bass “Love Yourself”- Oh Emily. She has a great voice, but her song choices are why she doesn’t land a chair turn. While “Love Yourself” is a good jam, and ok if you’re far enough into the competition, but not a good idea for the blinds. The song she sang last season, “Blank Space”, is only good for YouTube covers or the actual Taylor Swift singing it. If Emily comes back next season, she needs to be strategic about her song choices if she wants to turn a chair. 


2.      Ashley Plath “Baby It’s You”-This was a good performance but I can understand why it didn’t get a chair turn. We’ve already got a few rockers this episode and her performance wasn’t as good as the rockers who made it.  She has potential though




3.      Chrissy Joly “Don’t Let Me Down”-There is definitely potential here but this song choice never does anyone favors 



Overall feedback: It was a decent episode and definitely not nearly as bad as IDF makes it out to be. Most of the auditions, including the no chair turns were at least somewhat enjoyable, but not sure if anyone is in “snowflake” territory yet, but many if not all  (except Tate, due to my genre preference), have potential to become snowflake potential depending on their future performances. 

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Joanna Serenko: 9 - I really liked her tone, but I was bothered by the way she handled the microphone and how that affected her voice. Especially the part right after Blake turned, where it kinda breaks up the "All my loving" part. Otherwise, really nice, and I hope she goes far.

Todd Michael Hall: 8.5 - His singing was really nice. At first, I didn't like it that much, but listening to it again has made me realize how amazing his range is. Also, it's refreshing to hear an underused and underrepresented genre.

Tayler Green: 8 - I like how she sang this song. The runs kinda reminded me of Whitney Reign's version of this song (on The Four), but it wasn't quite as good. However, I really liked it and hope that she can continue to go farther with good song choices.

Todd Tilghman: 7.5 - Although I don't really like country, I appreciated the rasp in his voice and how he's not a basic country singer (like a season 17 winner we all know...).

Megan Danielle: 7 - Once again, although I don't like country, I enjoyed this performance a lot. Her tone was not something I'm used to, but I, like Kelly, was surprised she didn't get more than 1 turn.

Darious Lyles: 7 - His performance was nice, and I can't find too much to complain, but didn't find this to be particularly outstanding like others. Otherwise, if he stays on pitch in future songs, then I think he can do well.

Nelson Cade III: 6.5 - I don't know, I knew I should like it 'cause it was the leaked audition, but it just didn't seem that amazing to me. Not only did it not seem outstanding, it felt a little bland to me. I don't see why it got 4 chair turns (this might be a little too critical because I guess I was expecting more of the leaked audition).

Tate Brusa: 5 - Not great. I have nothing else to say. 



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