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He did well with the dud of a song. :thumbs:

I'm just proud of Will for being unapologetically himself throughout the whole show. :wub:


And if it's between him and Jake in the instant save, do you REALLY want to support Hoot? Didn't think so.


Actually... Jake is friends with Marybeth sooooo

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1. Katie - Didn't like it. She's starting to seem gimmicky.

2. Kat - She seems like a sweet girl, but it's time for her to go.




1. Ricky/Will - I think Ricky struggled a little, especially at the beginning. I could have done without this performance, honestly.

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I get that he's an "entertainer", but there has to be some vocal ability to go with that, right?


I didn't hear any.

MTE. :yes:


I have to say that John did his entire team dirty with their solo song choices tonight.

Oooh it should have been a sign when we saw John giving Katie "Lady Marmalade." Somehow that still ended up being far better than his songs for MaryBeth and Will.


And this is coming from someone who loves all 3 of those songs. :|


Yikes. Will once again demonstrates his main problem. He focuses way too much on his physical performance, and his vocal performance suffers as a result.



i'm not sure I would ever compare him to Bruno? I must have missed that?


I like will but he shouldn't take a spot from rose, ricky, or katie tbh

He better not. (!)


Tbh, even though Marybeth did the best of them.

Katie says hi. :*


Spoiler alert he did not.

Ugh just saw it. :'(

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