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  1. Nick is being really compassionate to all of the artists. The other judges are goofing off a lot more.
  2. Bringing out the puppy was low. I'd pick a different coach and then take the puppy with me.
  3. Rose looked like she was expecting someone else to be called.
  4. Same. There are some songs I never want to hear on The Voice again.
  5. I seriously thought that was what she'd be singing.... :ermm:
  6. I feel dirty for admitting this, but the HS cover is one of the better covers of Chandelier that Ive heard. Definitely not as good as Jordan's, but still better than 80% of the others. And that scares me.
  7. Oh man. I was hoping for Will. He was so interesting. But I'll be voting for Rose. Go Rose!!!
  8. And yet, this is still the best song of the night so far
  9. No, but they became friends. I think she sent him that song.
  10. There were so many better options than Hoot. I'm just so glad it wasn't HS
  11. There's an instrument in the background that's halfway between a dying seal and a squeeky gate. Whatever it is, it's awful. (and no, it's not will )
  12. Marybeth is doing better in her duet. Very pretty.
  13. Why is the crowd cheering that loud? Are they that glad its over? And yes, they're killing it. That poor song.
  14. Oh Marybeth, honey. This is bad. I don't think she knows how to do "attitude" or convey the necessary bitterness this song needs.
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