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  1. Will next season be in August? Or will they just skip it and not be back until next February?
  2. Ouch, they are really going to do that with this lockdown prisoner format? Not sure I'm going to watch. Haha.
  3. What's the point if you can vote for all of them?
  4. I hope they aren't keeping this 5 artist finale format. It's awful.
  5. Well, if they are the standard, the music industry is in a sad state currently. No wonder I can't stand any modern music or artists.
  6. Aw, that's dumb. 4 was too many for the finale, now we have 5? And all the coaches guaranteed to be in? The Voice keeps getting worse.
  7. 5? Are they going to eliminate one more next week or will there be 5 in the finale?
  8. Okay, so is this bloodbath week and then next week is the finals?
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