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  1. Aw, I was hoping she'd be here for the knockouts too.
  2. So how long will Kelsea be here? Just this round?
  3. Well, there have only been 3 battles so far so....
  4. This episode tonight was the best this season so far.
  5. But they have a new episode right after it. So why not show the new episode at 8 and the re-run at 9?
  6. Why are they airing last Tuesday's show again tomorrow at 8pm?
  7. Maybe they should move the show to Universal Studios Florida. Then they can have the audience back.
  8. But it spoils if they get picked or not. That's a spoiler.
  9. Do you realize that you have a spoiler in your sig?
  10. Carson really looks sad standing in the back by himself and rooting.
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