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Gracee was country, on Team Blake, and straight. No chance the Blakers drop her so quickly the way they did Cali.


Gracee not only didn't get a top two spot on team Blake, she also lost the IS to Hello Sunday. I'm sure she would have gotten farther than Cali, but she wasn't even remotely a contender.

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Fun start to the night with Katie (though not her best, I feel it was good that she did something different, otherwise all her performances were starting to blend together), and then a lovely performance from Kat (NOT perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but great song choice and her best performance since blinds). Then it all sort of went downhill from there, starting with the very bland 80's duet form Ricky & Will (Wonder Woman deserved better!). Ricky redeemed himself on his solo, and delivered the mid-show standout the show sorely needed at that point, yet I was left just wanting that little bit more from his performance (this has been a pattern he needs to break in order to win it all). Then the Rose/Katie duet happened and they blew it out of the park. Yes, it wasn't "Like a Prayer" but in hindsight, that might have been perceived as a controversial choice? So, express themselves they did. And it was FUN with a capital F, and empowering, and kinda eclipsed Ricky like he was a reed in the wind (not completely a knock on Ricky, just that the difference between 99% and 90% is super obvious on a show like this). THEN, after a few more nondescript performances, "I Wanna Know What ROSE Is" happened, and ended the show. Yes, the former front-runner known as The Hoot had the advantage of actually closing the night, BUT also the unfortunate short end of performing after the main act. An afterthought almost, such that "Desperado" (performed nicely/adequately) was an apt moniker.




1. ROSE :wub: : Better than "Big White Room" and "God's Country", yes? Yes, YES! What does it say that she has (measurably) the Top 3 performances of the season, including NOW two in a row? It says WINNER, to me (regardless of whatever happens from this point out, since this is The Voice = Uncertain Outcomes R US). After tonight, color me a ROSEBUD for life.

2. Ricky: It was the right song at the right moment. He delivered so much professionalism, but I want MORE. More raw PASSION from Ricky, more surrender to the song and the moment, more spirit, more x-factor something... that's missing. Is that too much to ask from such an accomplished and talented singer? I think not. Blake needs to help him figure out how to unleashed that final 5-10% that's still stuck in THERE.

3a. Kat :wub: : Loved her tonight, LOVED the song. She'll have her detractors, but for me she has the x-factor that I feel is missing from someone like Ricky. I'll be honest though. I reckon she's 2 or 3 years from the finished article, in terms of going up against the likes of Rose and Katie. The experience gap is just too glaring to ignore, and it's not just performance experience, it's life experience. She did her best tonight, at this stage of her fledgling career, and I'm good with that even if it's not enough to ultimately win.

3b. Katie: It was good, the song was okay and FUN (see general comments above for more).


5. Jake: He did nothing wrong, apart from having to go after THE MOMENT. His song alone will probably earn him the streaming bonus though. So he was in the best position tonight (the pimp spot), then not the best. But when the dust settles, he'll overall probably be in a great position to move forward regardless. The only tiny wrench in his works is potential four-way vote splitting, but I think it's gonna take a lot of that to unsettle him.

6. Will: He did his best impression of Will, but on a song that at the end of the day just wasn't Will enough. I'd like some of the ease of performance, the looseness and authentic raw quirkiness of Will fused with Ricky to create my perfect male Voice contestant.

7. Hello Sunday: Valiant effort. A for that, A for likability, C for everything else. Too many missed notes and too much overall messiness (still, though this was one of their better performances) to be truly worthy of advancing.

8. MaryBeth: She needed to be perfect, or close to that, to even have a chance of advancing, but she choked at critical moments of the vocal. It wasn't bad bad, but this did her no favors. I'd be very surprised if she escapes the bottom 2. MB's capitulation was actually good news for Jake, since she was going country tonight. She didn't even get a country song for their duet though, which thankfully was actually one of the better ones of the night.




1. Rose & Katie "Express Yourself": They DID, splenDIDly. Best duet of the night by a Madonna mile.

2. Jake & MaryBeth: PRETTY vocals from both. Better vocals on this than their solos from both, particularly MaryBeth. This was undeniably just really nice.

3. Kat & Hello Sunday: Again, valiant effort from the girls, all three. Great song fit, especially given the theme and the odd pairing. A for effort, A+ for the set, B for vocals (Kat & the girl without the buns; C for the one with).

4. Ricky & Will: Good song, but TBH this was disappointing for me. Just bland and lacking the required real and raw rock energy of a "live concert" performance, which was what it needed to resemble in order to work as a true moment. Instead, it was a missed opportunity.

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