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  1. Nick, Arthur and Sam were the standouts for me tonight. Looking forward to AI this season. I will still watch The Voice but it is wearing me out...
  2. It's early but add me! :) Great tone!
  3. So many talented people in the spoilers so I'm hoping for the best for now. :)
  4. Same. I'm listening for a tone I like and I go with that. Appearance doesn't matter to me. My fave was Ricky last season. :)
  5. Now I have gone over the list twice and I hope Caleb does well. I'm in the mood to stan a young male rocker/singer songwriter this season. I still like most of the list though.
  6. Just saw this...too bad I like Ethan but that's how it goes. I like Caiden Brewer and some other country guys still.
  7. I've listened to the whole list now and I am pleased with it. My faves so far are ZLynn harris, Caleb Kopta, Ashley Coureas, Darius Lyles, Kailey Abel, Tavia and fave country male so far Ethan Stedman. I like pretty much everyone else too. Looks good so far!
  8. Thank you Someone648 for the list! :flowers: I'M halfway through the list and so far I like most of them.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
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