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AIS20 - Top 24 Part 1 - Favorite Performance


Favorite Performance  

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  1. 1. Best Performance

    • Jay Copeland - I Want You Back by The Jackson 5
    • Elli Rowe - Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac
    • Tristian Gressett - With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles
    • Scarlet Ayliz - Levitating by Dua Lipa
    • Sage - Jolene by Dolly Parton
    • Danielle Finn - Your Song by Elton John
    • Mike Parker - Best Shot by Jimmie Allen
    • Emyrson Flora - Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus
    • Dan Marshall - Heaven by Bryan Adams
    • Jacob Moran - In My Blood by Shawn Mendes
    • Huntergirl - Banjo by Rascal Flatts
    • Nicolina Bozzo - Elastic Heart by Sia

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Might be bias playing a role in this but do i care? no not at all


1. Nicolina/Emyrson

3. Jacob

4. Sage

5. Danielle

6. Jay

7. Tristen

8. Huntergirl

9. Mike

10.  Elli

11. Dan

12. Scarlet


i hate that i have Scarlet at last, she's one of my favorites but i hated the song choice. 



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1. Emyrson Flora - I love Nicolina as well, but this performance will be on repeat so Emyrson gets my vote!
2. Nicolina Bozzo

3. Jacob Moran

4. Sage

5. Elli Rowe

6. Danielle Finn

7. Scarlet Ayliz

8. Mike Parker

9. Jay Copeland

10. HunterGirl

11. Dan Marshall

12. Tristen Gressett

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Rough ranking



1. Nicolina

2. Jacob


3. Elli

4. Sage

5. Tristen

6. Hunter

Inconsistent, but decent enough

7. Emyrson

8. Scarlet


9. Mike

10. Jay

11. Dan


12. Danielle

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1. Emyrson (someone who really came out and had a Siobhan Magnus/dark horse emergence moment)

2. Jacob 

3. HunterGirl

4. Nicolina

5. Elli

6. Jay

7. Sage

8. Tristen

9. Mike

10. Dan


11. Danielle

12. Scarlet (stupid song choice not fit for a show like this)

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I know this might sound crazy to the rest of you, but I honestly liked Mike's performance the most tonight. I know he's yet another country singer on the show, but I thought he was totally believable in how he came across as an artist as well as singer. Here is how I would rate the first group of the Top 24:


1. Mike Parker

2. Jacob Moran

3. Nicolina Bozzo

4. Emyrson Flora

5. HunterGirl

6. Elli Rowe

7. Jay Copeland

8. Tristen Gressett 

9. Danielle Finn

10. Sage

11. Dan Marshall 

12. Scarlet Ayliz

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1. Emyrson Flora - I barely recall her before tonight. I'm catching up on YouTube in order and this is the first performance that actually stands out to me in a good way. Nice job.

2. Sage - Lovely tone, I did love her take on the song. A few moments where I wish she would've gone bigger but she definitely deserves to move on.

3. Tristen Gressett - This was the best he's sounded in a while. Still doing too much on stage, but vocally he did manage to keep it in control, so there's that. Sick of this song though.

4. Nicolina Bozzo - Not her strongest, but clearly the strongest vocalist of all tonight. The song's been done better countless times before.

5. HunterGirl - I've liked her better in previous performances, but she still delivered overall. Something about it just felt a bit off for me in comparison. Not a bad job though.

6. Jacob Moran - I was concerned with the song choice but it got better as he opened up more. Pretty solid. I'm confident he'll go through.

7. Mike Parker - I didn't realize that when Mike said he was going country for AI, it meant having to balance how much I like Mike with how much I dislike Jimmie. It was okay.

8. Jay Copeland - Not bad, but not an exciting choice at all. Could've gone for something more unique. 


9. Elli Rowe - She did my favorite song of all time and I was so excited to finally hear it sung, but what a letdown. I didn't like the arrangement at all. Vocally she's capable, but what a shame that this is how it went.

10. Scarlet Ayliz - Now there were moments in here that actually sounded pretty good, but this song choice was such a terrible decision. Any part of it that isn't perfect will stick out like a sore thumb. The last half was so much better overall but she's clearly in trouble. So inconsistent. 

11. Dan Marshall - Yikes? This is a comparably easy song to others tonight and he sounded so out of it. Like I wish it was just boring, but it barely counts as decent.

12. Danielle Finn - Perhaps the biggest crime is doing an underwhelming job on a beloved classic. At least Elli and Scarlet made an impression. Sorry, Danielle.


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3 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

3. Tristen Gressett - This was the best he's sounded in a while. Still doing too much on stage, but vocally he did manage to keep it in control, so there's that. Sick of this song though.


Yeah, for me he was clearly one of the best sounding tonight, idk why most are ranking him at the bottom. Danielle had the weakest vocal.

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1 minute ago, FloorWax said:


Yeah, for me he was clearly one of the best sounding tonight, idk why most are ranking him at the bottom. Danielle had the weakest vocal.

Yeah my concern for him was whether or not he'd be able to rein it in. He did at least vocally. Still a bit more enjoyable while scrolling through comments than actually watching the performance clip, if you catch my drift :haha:


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1. Jacob  -  He's one of the frontrunners now.

2. Nicolina - I think the arragement is a bit calculated, just sing it simply from your heart and follow the original melody which is already the best.

btw, someone form TV Norway sang it better a week ago, and she got eliminated. F@$#$@.


I wasn't totally into the two performances below but vocally both should make it.

3. Mike

4. Jay


5. Sage - For me she's probably got my favorite tone in this season but this  performance was hell boring.

6. Hunter - Okay, this girl is so overhyped from the start. Fortunately she wasn't the worst in this episode.

7. Emyrson - I love this song, HOWEVER, she sounded truly painful when belting every single note.

8. Elli - Forgettable.

9. Dan - Forgetable No.2.

10. Scarlet - Such a mess arragement, and shouted like there's no tomorrow..

11. Danielle - Sigh.

12. Tristen - tbh, I hate everything about this performance.

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1.  Nicolina -- best of the night.

2.  Emyrson -- she's come a long way since her audition.

3.  Jacob -- best of the guys, but there was a little too much wailing for me.

4.  Elli -- I think she did well enough to move on.

5.  Huntergirl -- not her best performance but she'll move on.

6.  Sage -- she began slow but she improved later on.

7.  Mike -- pretty good but I wouldn't recommend doing a song by Jimmie Allen.

8.  Tristen -- he's certainly entertaining but not the best.

9.  Jay -- it was entertaining but he over sang the song.

10.  Scarlet -- if there's a next time for her, she should choose a different song.

11.  Danielle -- boring.

12.  Dan -- boring and uncomfortable.  That's worse.

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I am aware these rankings may seem a bit curious to some- to a point I have to rank based on creativity and which ones I want to listen to over and over.  Lots of great stuff here...


1 Emyrson- glorious, these Miley songs just work so well as covers, and she brought something really special to it

2 Elli- so pretty, I could listen to this every day

3 Nicolina- really wonderful, I could make a case for having her first, for sure. I just liked the other 2 a smidgen more...

4 Jacob- really excellent, probably the only enjoyable cover of this song which I find overwrought and annoying usually


5 Hunter- so fun!  uptempo is hard to do

6 Sage- she is great but also somehow blends in for me, lack of screen time is a huge issue for her right now

7 Scarlet- Levitating is a dumb song lets face it.  She could do anything and she chose this!?  BUT, she did a solid job... the Alanis was SO much better though :(

8 Jay- so he is great and kinda overdoes everything and I feel like we don't know *him*, but I am curious to see more

9 Tristen- I hate this song, like Cameron he is too excited and wants to show us what a performer he is.  But I cannot fully connect with his song choices


10 Mike- so boring.  And he has a great voice but I worry about song choice for him

11 Dan- boring, inoffensive.  He is just out there trying his best but its not gonna happen for me.  Sort of hunky in a weird way, I don't mind looking at him, so there's that.

12 Danielle- I think the judges did a number on her crapping on her Yebba song because now she went mainstream and it didn't fit her voice.  She is incredible but this was a no.  She just needs a little more confidence to know exactly the songs to fit her voice.  I expect she is gone after this though...


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