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  1. Probably. I'm just wondering if they'll re-air episodes from this season or from one of the first two seasons that the show aired on ABC. Because I don't think it's fair to keep on airing new episodes featuring the current group of contestants, especially if the viewers aren't going to be able to see the show end the way they're accustomed to. But, that's just the way that I feel.
  2. Actually, I was thinking of something more along the lines of viewers getting introduced to the contestants via their auditions. Then, the contestants would start wearing masks/costumes. I think it would be so fascinating to watch and an interesting gimmick for a real singing competition, at least for a season or two.
  3. Geez. I was just stating what my opinion of both American Idol and The Voice is right now. As I wrote, I have really enjoyed The Voice at times over the years. But, right now, it feels very stale to me, while American Idol feels a little bit fresher. That's just the way that I feel, though. And I'm certainly not implying that American Idol is perfect. Because, to be fair, it has its flaws, too. As far as original songs being the worst songs contestants can sing during their auditions are concerned, tell that to Alejandro, Julia and Jonny, just to name a few. Because they all did fine singing their original songs during their auditions and personally speaking, I was happy to hear them over a song that has been covered a lot already.
  4. For whatever it is worth, here is my take on The Voice vs. American Idol situations. Right now, as someone who thinks she has a pretty good idea of what these types of shows need to do to stay relevant, I am definitely enjoying American Idol more than The Voice at the present moment. I really appreciate that contestants are able to showcase original material, which I feel is desperately needed if a singing show is going to be able to stay relevant heading forward. I also appreciate the chemistry that the judges have. Plus, their banter seems a lot less stale than the banter that typically occurs among The Voice coaches these days. I like that the focus still seems to be more on the contestants on American Idol as opposed to The Voice, where it really does seem to be becoming more about the competition among the coaches every season. And I like that, for at least right now, American Idol seems to feel as fresh and current as it possibly can given that it is nearly a 20-year old show, whereas The Voice, at least as far as I'm concerned, isn't feeling nearly as fresh these days. That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed The Voice over the years. But right now, I definitely am more interested to see what happens with American Idol the rest of the season than I am The Voice Season 18. And how can you complain about the fact that there will be more live shows for American Idol this season, which I think will make it more interesting to continue to follow than The Voice as well? With that being said, I do wonder what the future holds for both shows and if eventually, they're ultimately just going to end up solely on streaming services, like Disney+. And I continue to wonder nearly everyday if a real singing competition based on The Masked Singer premise could work. What do you think about that possibility?
  5. Thanks for letting me know if you guys will be providing power rankings of the contestants this season. As I wrote, if you do, I will definitely enjoy reading them, especially since I do find the show to be more interesting to follow with posters' power rankings in mind.
  6. Just wondering since part of the reason why I try to continue to follow this show every season is because of posters who provide their power rankings of the contestants. I greatly enjoy reading them and seeing if the power rankings are on point based on how the contestants do on the show as well as how they do in their post-Idol careers. So if other posters plan on sharing their power rankings this season, I would greatly appreciate it, once again. Thanks.
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