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  1. Thank you for sharing your extensive thoughts about how you think things are going to play out in the finale for the top 3 contestants. I greatly enjoyed reading your write-up, as usual. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of any of the remaining contestants. However, I would honestly like to see Willie win the most just because as you pointed out, he's been the most consistent and I feel that still has to count for something on this show. If he doesn't win, I'd be more than okay with Chayce winning, especially because he's certainly shown more artistry than Willie and Grace and once again, I feel that should still count for something on this show given how much TPTB are okay with original songs being sung, etc., which I greatly appreciate. I'd like to see Grace win the least, especially because of her song choices. While I don't doubt that she'll probably sing a few of them really well, just imagine if another female contestant from this season were going to be singing the same songs, like Madison or Alyssa. They certainly wouldn't get too much of a pass from voters. And I really don't think Grace should, either. But, as you wrote, we'll see how things shake out.
  2. Okay. Thanks for letting those of us who care know.
  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the song spoilers for this week and which contestants you feel made good choices and which contestants didn't. I, too, am definitely worried for Casey this week, which is a real shame given how much I like her. I also think Grace made some very good choices. I agree with you that Chayce will probably do well with the songs he chose as well. I think Caleb will probably end up doing better than Hunter, but both of them might still end up getting into the top 5 at the end of the day. And I agree with you that Willie made some very uninspired song choices, yet again. Sadly, though, he'll probably be just fine, while Casey might end up being a shock boot. And I agree with you about how Disney night was overall. I only really liked about 5 of the performances and felt like it was a bit of a chore to sit through. So I really hope this week will be better.
  4. Maybe Willie? For some reason, I just started to think today that he might be able to do a good job covering that song, especially if he were to slow it down a little bit.
  5. I totally agree with you about that! Personally speaking, I'd like to hear the contestants cover Coldplay songs that haven't been covered to death before. I really wish the contestants would consider singing songs like Clocks, Hymn for the Weekend, Something Just Like This, Speed of Sound, Talk and Adventure of a Lifetime over Fix You and The Scientist. I feel some of the contestants are definitely good enough to make those songs work for them.
  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the eliminated contestants as well. I totally agree with you about what did Madison and Ava in. My problem with Beane was that he, too, struggled to figure out what direction he wanted to go in on the show. And you're right that that might be a problem for several of the remaining contestants as well. What are your thoughts on Grace possibly singing Into the Unknown? Because if that's what she's singing, I really think it's fairly risky, once again. And I agree with you that singing Circle of Life isn't going to do anyone any favors at this point.
  7. I echo IdolFan17's thoughts and am so happy that you decided to post your power rankings for the Top 9 contestants! Unfortunately, I'm going through a pretty stressful time in my own life as well and reading your posts help to take my mind off what I'm dealing with, even if only for a few minutes. I agree with basically all of your rankings this time, although I do think you might have Chayce ranked a bit too high. I still think there is a slight chance that a second female contestant can sneak into the finale over him and I'm really hoping that it will be Grace, despite some of her poor song choices. Will you be providing your input about the Disney song choices the contestants have made once they become official?
  8. DWTS might have been renewed, but a decision has yet to be made regarding the status of several of ABC's scripted shows. So I certainly didn't think that it was a sure thing that American Idol was going to be renewed. And as far as shelling out over $20 million for a possible new judge is concerned, I don't really watch shows like AI for the judges. I watch them for the talent. And I hope TPTB at AI keep that in mind if they're thinking about hiring another big name to judge again. Is Ariana Grande really going to end up worth what she is going to get paid by The Voice at the end of the day? Most likely, not.
  9. Oh I hear you about her most likely definitely going home this week after making such an uninspired song choice. I just don't think she's been quite as bad as you're making out to seem like, even if I don't think her song choices have been so great, either. I'm just curious which contestants might end up reaping the benefits if contestants like Cassandra and Alyssa keep on making missteps. Will that benefit contestants like Casey and Ava? Or will some of the male contestants end up in a better position because of other contestants' missteps, like DeShawn?
  10. Thanks for providing your power rankings for the Top 12. I really enjoyed reading them. I guess the only one I greatly disagree with is the one for Madison. I just don't think she is nearly as bad as you're making it seem like. While I agree that she doesn't have the clearest of artistic identities, I feel she has made some better song choices the past 2 shows. If she keeps on performing the way she has been and others continue to make some missteps, I could see her finishing higher than you think. Although, to be fair, I can't see her lasting for more than 2 more weeks, tops, especially given that she's supposedly singing a Whitney song this week. And given how I felt about Grace Vanderwaal and Courtney Hadwin when they were on AGT, I can't believe how much I actually enjoy Ava and Casey as well. I'm looking forward to reading your song suggestions, as usual, too.
  11. I actually think Skyfall would be a better song for Casey to sing than Grace. I also actually think that Grace could do a great job with My Heart Will Go On, if that's the direction she wants to go in this week. I wonder if the Rainbow Connection might be sung again this week. I could see Ava doing a great job with that song. I do think I Don't Want to Miss a Thing is probably going to be covered again this week. Chayce will probably be the one covering it, although I think the song Vanilla Sky from the movie Vanilla Sky would be a much better song for him to cover. I definitely think either DeShawn or Willie are going to end up singing Glory, too. Although if Willie wanted to do something a little different, possibly covering Happy by Pharrell Williams could be interesting. I think Madison might be wise to sing Grateful by Rita Ora. I don't really have good suggestions for Cassandra, Alyssa, Caleb, Hunter and Beane, unfortunately. Although, I wouldn't be shocked if Alyssa ends up singing something from Dreamgirls again. And I do think someone will most likely end up singing Falling Slowly as well. I do wonder if any of these contestants might be bold enough to sing Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith and actually do a good job singing it to boot.
  12. I just want to congratulate Just Sam on her victory. I definitely wasn't sure if she could win, given that I thought Arthur or Francisco were a shoo-in to take home the crown, so it was very nice to see happen. And I still think the talent on Idol was pretty good this season. And I think it could have been one of the better seasons of the show if world events hadn't gotten in the way. I still give TPTB at Idol a lot of credit for trying their best given the situation and I am interested to see what will happen with some of these contestants post AI because I really did like some of them.
  13. Thank you so much Muse for providing your power rankings again. I really enjoyed reading them. I, too, really enjoyed Sophia's performance this past weekend, especially since I am actually familiar with that song. I thought she did a great job! I also didn't care too much for Arthur's performance or Dillon's performance. Both had major problems, at least as far as I'm concerned. I thought Just Sam was better this past week than the previous week and agree that Francisco is really positioning himself well, although I still find him to be just a tad bit too cute for my liking. I enjoyed Julia once again, but I, too, wish she had connected a little bit more emotionally with the song. I didn't enjoy Louis that much, once again. And while Makayla, Jovin and Grace all sang well, they just really didn't move me at all. Anyway, I certainly would be interested in reading your song suggestions for the contestants since once again, you really know your stuff and always seem to make good suggestions. Now if only the contestants were willing to take your advice.
  14. Just Sam, Julia, Francisco, Arthur, Jonny, Sophia and Grace
  15. Actually, it's Jonny who I fear is probably going to want to sing "You've Got A Friend In Me". Which I do not think would be a good idea for him to sing at all! Anyway, here are some of my suggestions for the contestants: Just Sam - Almost There from The Princess and the Frog Sophia - Will the Sun Ever Shine Again? from Home on the Range, I'm On My Way from Brother Bear, You'll Be in My Heart from Tarzan Julia - A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella, I've Got No Strings from Pinocchio, Little Patch of Heaven from Home on the Range Francisco - Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Arthur - Friend Like Me from Aladdin Unfortunately, I really wasn't able to come up with any good suggestions for the rest of the contestants. And I do think the contestants I made suggestions for really should consider singing some of those songs. But, we'll see what happens. Updated, but based on spoilers, now I'm worried that no one will consider singing Will the Sun Ever Shine Again? And I still think it's a song that one of the contestants should give some serious consideration to singing. I think it would be such a good song to sing given what's going on in the world right now and maybe in some of the contestants lives as well. I also think Dillon should give serious consideration to singing Heaven's Light from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I think that would be such a good song for him to sing.
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