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  1. I just want to congratulate Just Sam on her victory. I definitely wasn't sure if she could win, given that I thought Arthur or Francisco were a shoo-in to take home the crown, so it was very nice to see happen. And I still think the talent on Idol was pretty good this season. And I think it could have been one of the better seasons of the show if world events hadn't gotten in the way. I still give TPTB at Idol a lot of credit for trying their best given the situation and I am interested to see what will happen with some of these contestants post AI because I really did like some of them.
  2. Thank you so much Muse for providing your power rankings again. I really enjoyed reading them. I, too, really enjoyed Sophia's performance this past weekend, especially since I am actually familiar with that song. I thought she did a great job! I also didn't care too much for Arthur's performance or Dillon's performance. Both had major problems, at least as far as I'm concerned. I thought Just Sam was better this past week than the previous week and agree that Francisco is really positioning himself well, although I still find him to be just a tad bit too cute for my liking. I enjoyed Julia once again, but I, too, wish she had connected a little bit more emotionally with the song. I didn't enjoy Louis that much, once again. And while Makayla, Jovin and Grace all sang well, they just really didn't move me at all. Anyway, I certainly would be interested in reading your song suggestions for the contestants since once again, you really know your stuff and always seem to make good suggestions. Now if only the contestants were willing to take your advice.
  3. Just Sam, Julia, Francisco, Arthur, Jonny, Sophia and Grace
  4. Actually, it's Jonny who I fear is probably going to want to sing "You've Got A Friend In Me". Which I do not think would be a good idea for him to sing at all! Anyway, here are some of my suggestions for the contestants: Just Sam - Almost There from The Princess and the Frog Sophia - Will the Sun Ever Shine Again? from Home on the Range, I'm On My Way from Brother Bear, You'll Be in My Heart from Tarzan Julia - A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella, I've Got No Strings from Pinocchio, Little Patch of Heaven from Home on the Range Francisco - Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Arthur - Friend Like Me from Aladdin Unfortunately, I really wasn't able to come up with any good suggestions for the rest of the contestants. And I do think the contestants I made suggestions for really should consider singing some of those songs. But, we'll see what happens. Updated, but based on spoilers, now I'm worried that no one will consider singing Will the Sun Ever Shine Again? And I still think it's a song that one of the contestants should give some serious consideration to singing. I think it would be such a good song to sing given what's going on in the world right now and maybe in some of the contestants lives as well. I also think Dillon should give serious consideration to singing Heaven's Light from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I think that would be such a good song for him to sing.
  5. Here are my top 11 rankings based on how much I like each of the contestants: Julia Sophia Just Sam Louis Francisco Arthur Jonny Dillon Makayla Jovin Grace
  6. Actually, Coming Home by Skylar Grey would be a good choice for Julia, not Makayla, I feel. And I definitely wouldn't be surprised if the contestants end up singing some of these songs. So good job.
  7. I really hope the spoilers are wrong because I definitely think Lauren Spencer-Smith deserved a spot in the top 10 over some of the contestants that supposedly made it. I know Makayla might have more fans than her, but it's still surprising to me that Lauren didn't advance over her given how much better she sang than Makayla. But, unfortunately, with this format, being popular is probably more important than ever. That's why I truly think Arthur or Francisco is going to win. Right now, my money is on Francisco. But, we'll see what happens.
  8. Muse, Thank you so much for providing updated power rankings after Sunday's show. As I wrote the other day, I really do greatly enjoy reading them and you providing them is honestly one of the main reasons why I continue to follow American Idol after all these years. Anyway, once again, while I like him, I just don't have nearly as much confidence as you do that Dillon is going to make it into the top 10. And that's because as I wrote the other day, Arthur, Francisco, Jonny and Louis all seem to be more popular than he is and unfortunately, I truly believe he's going to have a tough time cracking the top 10. I wouldn't even be shocked if Jovin ends up in the top 10 over him. I do agree with you about Just Sam, though, in regards to the song that she sung. I really hope she chooses a better song next time out. In fact, since the top 10 theme is supposedly songs that remind the contestants of home, I would really like to hear her sing Empire State of Mind. Because I think she could absolutely kill that song! I agree with you about Julia as well and really enjoy her style. However, I still am having a hard time trying to figure out why you're not higher on Lauren Spencer-Smith. Because I think she is fantastic and honestly thought you would like her more, especially since you were such a big fan of Madison last season. I agree with you that maybe she didn't make the best of song choices, either. But, she did so well with it and I really hope she can exhibit a little bit more artistry next time out.
  9. Here are the contestants who I think will make it to the top 10: Francisco Martin Lauren Spencer-Smith Arthur Gunn Julia Gargano Just Sam Jonny West Sophia James Makayla Phillips Jovin Webb Grace Leer
  10. Muse, Thank you so much for providing your power rankings. I've really enjoyed reading through your power rankings for years now, especially since you really seem to know your stuff! So I am so happy that you decided to post power rankings for this season after all. Just seeing the title of your post on the forum brought such a huge smile to my face. Anyway, I agree with you that I'm having a tough time mustering up much enthusiasm for the rest of this season given what the format is going to be like. Simply put, I just don't think shows like Idol work nearly as well virtually as they do in front of a live studio audience, with contestants performing on the stage with a band. I feel the show is going to lose a lot of its luster with the format they'll be using. Plus, I really do think it is a bit unfair to the contestants, especially given that I thought this was one of the most talented group of contestants that the show has had in a long time. I also wonder what will ultimately end up happening with the winner this season. Which is a shame, because I thought there was a chance that Idol could get a pretty good winner this year before the pandemic hit. But, alas. Anyway, I certainly disagree with you about Dillon winning the whole thing. While I really like him myself and find his story to be so inspirational, especially at a time like this, I honestly doubt he's even going to make it to the Top 10. That's because Arthur, Francisco, Jonny and Louis are more popular than he is and as you wrote, with this format, popularity is probably more important than ever if a contestant wants to advance. I agree with you about Julia and Just Sam. I also agree with you about Makayla and Sophia. However, I am surprised that you're not as enthusiastic about Lauren Spencer-Smith. Because I think she is an absolutely incredible vocalist and much better than Madison was last year, who you were really high on! I'm really hoping that she doesn't get lost in the shuffle given her immense talent. But, we'll see what happens. I will say that I am interested to see how everything will come together with this new format, even though I'm not too confident that it's ultimately going to succeed.
  11. Hey guys. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your power rankings since I was really interested in reading them this year more than the previous couple of seasons, especially given how much I really like some of the contestants this year. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts about the contestants. I agree with others that I think it is going to be quite hard for Dillon to make it to the Top 10. I really like him and find his story to be extremely inspirational, especially at a time like this. But, I do think Francisco, Louis and Arthur all have a better chance of making it to the Top 10 than he does. And I believe that Lauren Spencer-Smith could be a dark horse. I think she is a phenomenal singer and even like her more than Makayla, but I worry that she might get lost in the shuffle. Still, I absolutely love her as a vocalist! I think Just Sam is a bit of an underdog, but like others, am hoping that she can go quite far. And I really like Sophia and Julia, but think Sophia is more of a dark horse, while Julia is a front runner. I feel Olivia could be a dark horse as well. I'm really interested to see how it will all play out this season, although, like others, I am obviously fairly bummed about the format they'll be using the rest of the way this season. I realize, though, that they really didn't have any other choice but to finish the season the way they'll be finishing it.
  12. Probably. I'm just wondering if they'll re-air episodes from this season or from one of the first two seasons that the show aired on ABC. Because I don't think it's fair to keep on airing new episodes featuring the current group of contestants, especially if the viewers aren't going to be able to see the show end the way they're accustomed to. But, that's just the way that I feel.
  13. Actually, I was thinking of something more along the lines of viewers getting introduced to the contestants via their auditions. Then, the contestants would start wearing masks/costumes. I think it would be so fascinating to watch and an interesting gimmick for a real singing competition, at least for a season or two.
  14. Geez. I was just stating what my opinion of both American Idol and The Voice is right now. As I wrote, I have really enjoyed The Voice at times over the years. But, right now, it feels very stale to me, while American Idol feels a little bit fresher. That's just the way that I feel, though. And I'm certainly not implying that American Idol is perfect. Because, to be fair, it has its flaws, too. As far as original songs being the worst songs contestants can sing during their auditions are concerned, tell that to Alejandro, Julia and Jonny, just to name a few. Because they all did fine singing their original songs during their auditions and personally speaking, I was happy to hear them over a song that has been covered a lot already.
  15. For whatever it is worth, here is my take on The Voice vs. American Idol situations. Right now, as someone who thinks she has a pretty good idea of what these types of shows need to do to stay relevant, I am definitely enjoying American Idol more than The Voice at the present moment. I really appreciate that contestants are able to showcase original material, which I feel is desperately needed if a singing show is going to be able to stay relevant heading forward. I also appreciate the chemistry that the judges have. Plus, their banter seems a lot less stale than the banter that typically occurs among The Voice coaches these days. I like that the focus still seems to be more on the contestants on American Idol as opposed to The Voice, where it really does seem to be becoming more about the competition among the coaches every season. And I like that, for at least right now, American Idol seems to feel as fresh and current as it possibly can given that it is nearly a 20-year old show, whereas The Voice, at least as far as I'm concerned, isn't feeling nearly as fresh these days. That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed The Voice over the years. But right now, I definitely am more interested to see what happens with American Idol the rest of the season than I am The Voice Season 18. And how can you complain about the fact that there will be more live shows for American Idol this season, which I think will make it more interesting to continue to follow than The Voice as well? With that being said, I do wonder what the future holds for both shows and if eventually, they're ultimately just going to end up solely on streaming services, like Disney+. And I continue to wonder nearly everyday if a real singing competition based on The Masked Singer premise could work. What do you think about that possibility?
  16. Thanks for letting me know if you guys will be providing power rankings of the contestants this season. As I wrote, if you do, I will definitely enjoy reading them, especially since I do find the show to be more interesting to follow with posters' power rankings in mind.
  17. Just wondering since part of the reason why I try to continue to follow this show every season is because of posters who provide their power rankings of the contestants. I greatly enjoy reading them and seeing if the power rankings are on point based on how the contestants do on the show as well as how they do in their post-Idol careers. So if other posters plan on sharing their power rankings this season, I would greatly appreciate it, once again. Thanks.
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