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Where Would You Rank Wendy In Your List Of Runner-ups

Hamza Tufail

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Here's the thing about Wendy. No offense to her because that woman can SING, but looking back at her run, she found her footing a bit too late for me. I didn't like her performances as much as I should during the first three weeks of lives. She brought it back during the last two weeks of the show but she never gained the momentum. I would personally give her the win based on the finale night alone however.


As of now (based off of personal taste AND their run on the show during their respective seasons):


(S3 onwards except S5):


1. Ricky Duran

2. Matt McAndrew

3. Addison Agen

4. Lauren Duski

5. Toneisha Harris

6. Britton Buchanan

7. Wendy Moten

8. Jim Ranger

9.  Adam Wakefield

10. Billy Gilman

11. Terry McDermott

12. Kenzie Wheeler

13. Chris Kroeze

14. Gyth Rigdon

15. Jake Worthington

16. Emily Ann Roberts

17. Meghan Linsey


A lot of these are interchangeable.


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